SoundPEATS Air 3 Pro Review: Isolate the noise and enjoy the music



SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro earbuds are stylish, lightweight and portable, with Qualcomm 3046 Bluetooth 5.2 chip, hybrid ANC, 12mm dynamic driver, aptX-Adaptive audio decoding, etc., allowing you to isolate the noise and enjoy music quietly. SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro is not necessarily the best choice for everyone, but it must be a product of conscience. It is a pity that the Air3 Pro has not yet been connected to the SOUNDPEATS App, and the experience is still slightly lacking.

Accessories & Specifications

The package includes charging case, earbuds, 2 pairs of eartips, Type-c charging cable and a multi-language instruction manual.

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro specifications:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX-Adaptive
  • 12mm Dynamic Driver
  • 5-6 hours playback for earbuds (ANC ON/OFF)
  • 20-24 hours battery life for charging case (ANC ON/OFF)
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling
  • 60ms game delay
  • -35dBnoise cancelling depth
  • $60 – Check latest price on: AliExpress, Amazon US, other Amazon countries

Appearance Design & Comfort


The overall appearance of the charging case adopts the same flat design as SOUNDPEATS Air3. The rounded pebble shape makes it very comfortable to hold, and the matte material is not easy to stain fingerprints. At the bottom is a Type-c port for charging. Unlike SOUNDPEATS Air3, the bluetooth pairing button is moved to the back of the charging case, and the indicator light is also hidden and installed at the front opening and closing.

At the same time, the design of the Hall switch can ensure open the box and pair devices automatically, which is also very convenient in daily use.


The SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro earbuds have an in-ear design with a good fit. While ensuring wearing comfort, it can also isolate external noise. After turning on the noise cancelling mode, the deep noise cancelling effect of 35dB allows us to have an immersive music experience.


It is worth mentioning that SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro also supports transparency mode. When I switched to transparency mode on the road and listened to music, I could still get the surrounding sounds clearly, which truly achieved both music and communication. And the earbuds are also very light in weight, so there will be no discomfort even if you wear them for a long time.

Game Latency & Battery Life & Calling

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro uses Qualcomm 3046 Bluetooth 5.2 chip, and the latency of the earphones can be as low as 60ms in game mode (triple tap left earbud to enter game mode). It brings more accurate audio and video synchronization effects during the game, and at the same time, the stereo sound of the headphones can also be enhanced.

In terms of battery life, earbuds can be used for 6 hours in normal mode and 5 hours in ANC mode. The charging case can charge the earbuds 3 times, with a total battery life of up to 24 hours in normal mode and 20 hours in ANC mode.

In terms of calls, SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro also has a good noise cancelling performance. The design of MIC+cVc double call noise cancelling can realize clear call without interference in noisy environment. It can help you automatically block out the outside noise part and retain the human voice. In the transparent mode, the external ambient sound can enter the ear through the microphone of the earbuds, which is also safer. Even wearing earphones can communicate normally with people face to face.

Sound Quality of SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro


SOUNDPEATS Air3 Pro uses a 12mm bio-diaphragm dynamic driver, with a wide sound field and delicate sound quality. Support aptX Adaptive audio decoding, which is the latest and strongest audio decoding format of Qualcomm, which can support high-definition 24bit 420khz high-definition sound quality. When I listen to music, the timbre is restored very well, and the performance of vocals and low frequencies is also very satisfying to me. And the overall also has a good sense of space, the sound is mellow, the low noise control is also quite good, and the music sounds clean and clear.

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