SOUNDPEATS Air 3 Review: Small and light, outstanding performance


In recent years, with the continuous development of true wireless bluetooth headphone technology, many powerful and inexpensive headset products have emerged on the market, greatly reducing the threshold for consumers to get started with true wireless bluetooth earbuds. Today’s protagonist has pushed the price-performance ratio to the extreme. It is the latest SoundPeats Air 3 earbuds from SOUNDPEATS.

SoundPeats Air 3

Brand Introduction

As a headphone manufacturer focusing on foreign markets, SOUNDPEATS sells well in more than 30 countries and regions around the world such as Japan and the United States. With its high-quality sound quality and outstanding configuration, it has captured the hearts of more than 10 million users worldwide.


Since its establishment in 2010, SOUNDPEATS has been focusing on creating high-quality bluetooth headsets. Relying on 11 years of acoustic experience and long-term cooperation with many acoustic research laboratories and tuner at home and abroad, SOUNDPEATS uses technology to integrate music into life, bringing the ultimate audio-visual experience to every user. SoundPeats Air 3 earphones, as an upgrade of SoundPeats Air 2, condense the technology accumulation of SOUNDPEATS over the years.

Product packaging

The outer packaging of SOUNDPEATS Air 3 is made of coated paper. The packaging is printed with high-definition renderings of the headset and photos of the model wearing, and the production information of the product is on both sides.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

The inner lining is a pull-out design. Open the inner lining and take out the sponge plate of the upper cover, and the SOUNDPEATS Air 3 earphones appear in front of you. In addition to the headset, it also comes with a multi-language manual and a Type-C data cable.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

The overall design is quite satisfactory and there are not many bright spots. This is also to save costs, spend money on product research and development, and provide consumers with better products.

SoundPeats Air 3

Appearance Design

Take out SOUNDPEATS Air 3, the first feeling is “small” and “light”. The volume is much smaller than the AirPods in my hand, the shell is matte black, and the touch is delicate. There are not too many decorative elements on the surface, only the charging case has a striped decoration.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

The top is the “SOUNDPEATS” brand logo, and the front is a setting button and indicator light. Long press the setting button to pair or restore factory settings.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

Open the charging case cover, the indicator light is on. SOUNDPEATS Air3 supports Hall switch, open the box and pair devices automatically, and the interactive experience is very convenient.

SoundPeats Air 3

As a semi-in-ear earphone, SOUNDPEATS Air3 is much more integrated than in-ear earphones. The whole body is black, and the back of the headset is the “S” logo of the SOUNDPEATS brand. This logo is the decoration and the touch area of ​​the headset.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

Daily experience

One of the advantages of semi-in-ear headphones is that they are comfortable to wear. There is no squeezing feeling and there is no pressure to wear for a long time. SOUNDPEATS Air 3 is equipped with QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip and 14.2mm bio-diaphragm, and uses aptx-adaptive audio decoding to ensure low power consumption while bringing good sound quality.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

SOUNDPEATS Air 3 supports dual MIC+cVc noise cancelling for calls. You can also enjoy high-definition and clear voice calls without environmental interference on the commute.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

Another highlight is the game mode of the earbuds. By triple-clicking the left headset to enter the game mode, the latency can be reduced to 60ms. As an amateur player, there is no delay at all in shooting games such as Knives Out and Game For Peace, and the game experience is very good.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

The earphone also has an in-ear detection function. After you connect your phone via bluetooth, when you take off the headset, the music will automatically pause, and the song will be played automatically when you bring it back on. You can even switch the calling device according to whether the headset is in your ear or not when you are making a call.

SoundPeats Air 3 SoundPeats Air 3

In terms of battery life, due to the compact charging case size, it is generally not as good as SOUNDPEATS Air 2, but it is still excellent. It can be used for 5 hours at a time, the charging case can provide 2.5 times of earphone charging, and the total battery life is 17.5 hours. There is no problem in daily use.

SoundPeats Air 3


SOUNDPEATS Air 3 made me see the persistence and determination of Chinese headphone manufacturers in pursuing the ultimate cost performance. Such a small and lightweight headset has good performance, coupled with a comfortable wearing experience and excellent sound quality performance, but the price is only $45. Putting this price on the market is enough to overshadow many products.

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