The Sony 1000X series produced three wireless earphones: over-ear headphones (WH-1000X), neckband earphones (WI-1000X), and true wireless earbuds(WF-1000X). As a Bluetooth earphones with high technical requirements, the launch of Sony WF-1000X has been sought after by many music lovers and has high expectations from the market. At the same time, this also marks the wireless earphones entering the era of true wireless. True wireless bluetooth noise-cancelling earphones are very popular, and more practical sports wireless noise-cancelling earphones have been derived. If WF-1000X is the only choice for business people, then Sony WF-SP800N is the best choice for sports enthusiasts.

The re-upgrading of sports beans has recently evolved into the more fashionable and smart sports beans WF-SP800N. For many headphone players, Sony WF-1000XM3 has a very high degree of completion, and it has a nearly perfect experience in terms of wireless noise reduction and sound quality. However, the WF-1000XM3 has some shortcomings, that is, it lacks in waterproof performance and does not have sports functions. Therefore, the introduction of Sony WF-SP800N greatly compensated for this. Of course, we can also think of WF-SP800N as a sports bean to meet the needs of more sports fans.

Sony WF-SP800N inherits the classic pea design, the biggest change lies in the charging case. WF-SP800N continues Sony’s traditional true wireless earphones design style, and is equipped with a dedicated curved silicone support frame for sports, so that users can choose appropriate earwings according to the size of the earhole when wearing them, giving a comfortable wearing experience.

The curved silicone support frame of Sony WF-SP800N is not afraid of being soaked by sweat, and it fits the auricle very well, so it can be worn firmly even during strenuous exercise. The left and right earphone bodies of Sony WF-SP800N earbuds are equipped with mirror touch sensing devices. We can realize easy control of the earphones through gesture operation. This design not only makes the WF-SP800N earphones look more fashionable, but also fully reflects the black technology. All in one. Sony WF-SP800N uses a newly designed charging case, the overall grip is very prominent, much smaller than the previous generation product, easy to carry when traveling.

The Sony WF-SP800N earphones also offers a variety of colors, including white, blue, orange, and black. The one I got is black. The surface of the headset body is matte and frosted to look very cool, and the smooth and flat line design is This sports bean adds a sporty element. The first impression of Sony WF-SP800N’s pea-shaped appearance is very delicate and compact, and it also reflects the outstanding features of ergonomic design, whether it is commuting or sports, it can maximize the stability of wearing.

Sony WF-SP800N earphones have IP55 dust and water resistance, which is undoubtedly the best guarantee for sports enthusiasts. During this period of use, my WF-SP800N earphones are more used for mountaineering and running. They are steadily worn and have good waterproof performance, so that I don’t have too much worries during use. After the earplugs are soaked, rinse them with water.

Since it is a sports true wireless Bluetooth earphones, in addition to wearing it comfortably and protecting it, I am more concerned about whether it is comfortable to use. Of course, here I am referring more to the issue of battery life. As a sports true wireless Bluetooth earphones, it is different from commuting earphones. I generally use about 15 hours a week, and I don’t charge more than twice a week, and sometimes I forget to charge the earphones, which leads to going out. Looking at the earphones without battery, I lost the motivation to exercise.

Sony WF-SP800N provides a very long-lasting battery life. When the noise reduction is turned off, it can be used continuously for about 26 hours, including about 13 hours provided by the charging box; when the noise reduction is turned on, the total playback time can reach 18 hour. But the one thing that makes me most concerned is the fast charging function of the Sony WF-SP800N earphones. After charging for ten minutes, it can be used for about 60 minutes. This also solves the problem of finding that the earphones is out of power before going out.

The Sony WF-SP800N also attracted me a little bit, the experience of the hands-free function under the touch sensor function mentioned earlier. Sony has basically added a hands-free experience in a series of wireless noise-cancelling earphones recently launched, that is, during sports listening to music, someone greets you or talks to you, we only need to press and hold the left earphone touch panel, namely The volume can be lowered and the ambient sound can be amplified to make our communication more enjoyable. At the same time, Sony WF-SP800N also has a built-in microphone and provides hands-free call function. When we answer a call during use, we can easily pass it by double-clicking on the earphones touch panel, and more importantly, we can choose to use one or Two earphones units to answer calls.

As a sports noise reduction earphones, Sony WF-SP800N has a wireless noise reduction function comparable to Sony WF-1000XM3, and has added an intelligent noise reduction experience. Combined with stable wireless connection, built-in microphone system and high-performance Bluetooth chip, the WF-SP800N presents more active sports performance. The core of Sony WF-SP800N is active noise reduction. Whether it is commuting or sports fitness, Sony WF-SP800N can exert excellent noise reduction effects in various scenarios, and it also incorporates intelligent noise reduction functions compared to the previous generation.

In actual use, when I put on the Sony WF-SP800N in the gym and turned on the noise reduction function, I felt the original noisy gym, as if I had entered my own world, and the sound of equipment and roars were all blocked. In daily use, Sony WF-SP800N can still feel the excellent noise cancellation effect as a commuter plug in crowded areas. Speaking of sports performance, the best experience that Sony WF-SP800N brings to me is that it has excellent control of wind noise, including the natural wind generated during running.

In Sony’s latest series of wireless noise reduction earphones, AI adaptive sound is a feature worth looking forward to. However, it is not added to the Sony WF-SP800N, but it is bound to the earphones through the Sony earphones Connect APP, and it also has personalized customization, including the choice of ambient sound mode or noise reduction scheme, and customize up to 20 ambient sound levels or Turn on the “wind noise reduction” mode and so on. The combination of software and hardware slowly penetrates into each earphones. Users can easily set various functions through the APP during the use of Sony wireless noise-cancelling earphones. At the same time, the 20-level ambient sound also brings a more complete experience.

The positioning of Sony WF-SP800N earphones tends to be sports enthusiasts, but there is no shortage of black technology blessings. Since the Sony WF-1000XM3 is considered to be the new benchmark for true wireless noise reduction earphones, the Sony WF-SP800N can also be regarded as the leader in sports true wireless earphones. As a wireless noise reduction earphones that combines fashion and technology, WF-SP800N not only inherits Sony’s excellent noise reduction technology, uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, and is equipped with its own exclusive LDAC wireless transmission technology, but also upgrades the sound quality experience. Sony WF-SP800N retains Extra BASS low frequency technology, while supporting NFC fast connection function. For music lovers, the Sony WF-SP800N earphones has 360-degree surround sound effects, combined with surging low-frequency performance, and the sense of presence is triggered at any time.

Sony WF-SP800N is not only a sports true wireless noise reduction earphones, but also a high-quality music earphones. Combining the above-mentioned low-frequency technology and 360-degree live sound effects, the sound and listening experience brought by WF-SP800N tends to be more dynamic and passionate. The sense of surging and energy can relieve tight nerves during exercise, thus allowing users Relax yourself during exercise to ensure a quiet and efficient fitness. So how is the sound experience of Sony WF-SP800N? Next, let’s talk about the sound quality of this earbud in combination with daily exercise.

During the exercise, I personally tend to listen to some passionate and motivational songs, such as “ALL About That Bass”. With the support of low frequency technology, the track “ALL About That Bass” brings ample energy impact and a sense of speed. Sony WF-SP800N low frequency dynamic performance is very fast and solid, although the volume is not very large, the overall texture is tight Really full, so that the low frequency dive and rebound are in place.

For the vocal part, I tested and listened to 《?@色舞うころ》. Sony WF-SP800N not only presents a balanced sound, but also has a good sense of hearing in terms of density and thickness. The open sound is the main reason why the Sony WF-SP800N brings a natural and comfortable sound experience, and the emotional expression of human voice is delicate and smooth, and the sense of hearing will not show dryness or straightforwardness. The overall sound reproduction is more realistic, restore the subtle emotions and details in the 《?@色舞うころ》 track. The wide sound field is displayed in the high frequency part. The Sony WF-SP800N’s sound extension ability is outstanding, and the extension is wide. The high volume of the human voice in the track can not be suppressed, and the extremely high sound released also has good control. In general, the Sony WF-SP800N as a sports noise-reducing earplugs, the part that surprises me is the passionate and dynamic sound performance.

When sports and noise reduction run through life, fashion and intelligence are integrated, the Sony WF-SP800N brings a good experience of daily commuting and a passionate listening experience for sports and fitness. From performance to sound quality, to experience to hearing, Sony WF-SP800N brings us the most simple and exquisite side, and its positioning is more suitable for sports lovers and music lovers who like to pursue high-standard sound quality. If you have a higher standard of noise reduction experience and sound quality for commuting, you might as well choose Sony WF-1000XM3, and if you prefer sports and fitness, then Sony WF-SP800N will also become your noise-canceling earphones, enjoy it with you In the gym.

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