SONY WF-C500 true wireless earbuds released: support EQ adjustment, have longer battery life


Sony recently launched a brand new WF-C500 TWS headset. Compared with SONY WF-XB700s, although the price is cheaper, it has brought many obvious improvements. Including support applications (EQ), longer battery life, easier control experience and more. The headset is priced at 99.99 USD.


The SONY WF-C500 TWS headset provides a more compact appearance, but maintains the IPX4 waterproof and sweat-resistant features of the SONY WF-XB700s. The battery life is increased to 10 hours of continuous playback (previously 9 hours), including 20 hours (18 hours) of charging case playback. Somewhat surprisingly, the new earbuds abandoned the SONY “extra bass” sound tuning.

However, since the WF-C500 is used with SONY’s mobile app, you should be able to use the adjustable equalizer to boost the bass to achieve a similar effect. The company did try to position these products as ideal for those who bought the first set of truly wireless earbuds.


The new headset also has SONY’s DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) to enhance audio. More usefully, it also supports Fast Pair for Android system and Swift Pair for Windows system.

SONY WF-C500 earbuds are available for pre-order today, and there are a variety of exclusive colors depending on where you buy them. SONY will sell black, Amazon will have black and white, BestBuy will have black and green, and Target will sell black and orange.

Check lowest price of Sony WF-C500:


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