Sony WF-C500 Review: A must-have true wireless headset for young hipsters


Recently, Sony officially launched the WF-C500 true wireless earbuds.

Sony WF-C500

With a brand-new look and Sony’s unique colorful color scheme, the Sony WF-C500 maintains a sense of youth and is also very good-looking and versatile. Accepting the excellent design of the flagship product, the Sony WF-C500 has a very good sense of wearing. The hardware update also allows WF-C500 to have stronger connection performance and audio processing effects. With the newly launched unit, the sound output of Sony WF-C500 is guaranteed.

Sony WF-C500

Coupled with the very affordable pricing and the upcoming Black Friday, the WF-C500 is one of Sony’s best youth products for young people at the moment.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of appearance, the Sony WF-C500 uses a long oval charging case design. The upper and lower layer design and overall style are similar to those of the Sony WF-XB700 launched by the EXTRA BASS series last year.

But the more slender body of the Sony WF-C500 is more convenient to put in a narrow pocket.

The Sony WF-C500 charging case has added a grainy and delicate matte design, which makes the hand feel smoother and more comfortable.

Sony WF-C500

More importantly, the overall look and feel of the Sony WF-C500 can be improved through the matte texture processing, allowing it to have a visual effect close to the h.ear series, and its positioning and value have been upgraded a lot.

In terms of color, the Sony WF-C500, which is the main colorful design this time, naturally also provides four colors of orange, green, black and white.

Sony WF-C500

The green Sony WF-C500 on my hand looks like a light mint color, and it looks more refreshing. If you wear light-colored clothes in summer, it can highlight the feeling of youth and vitality. The frosted part can improve the look and feel of the transparent parts, and the transparent top cover can also see the internal earphone charging lamp through the light, and quickly determine the charging status.

Sony WF-C500

In this way, there is no need to reserve the position of the indicator light on the front of the charging case, and the space can be further compressed.

Sony WF-C500

Sony WF-C500 earbuds also use the same texture treatment as the charging case, and the delicate matte texture is very comfortable to use and wear. Moreover, this frosted design is not easy to get dirty and discolored, and the headset can maintain its original color and texture.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of headset shape, Sony WF-C500 looks more like Sony WF-1000XM4. Thanks to the wearing design of the Sony WF-1000XM4, the Sony WF-C500 also uses an “ergonomic surface design” to replace the three-point support structure of the previous generation. This finally inherited the stability and comfort of the flagship.

The largest round design on the outside of the earbud is the physical button design that Sony added to the WF-C500 this time.

It may be considered that it is used on in-ear headphones. Sony deliberately adjusts the pressing feeling of the buttons to make the buttons easier to press on the premise of ensuring that there will be no unnecessary false touches. When the user presses it, the wearing will not be affected by too much force. At the same time, the user can recognize that he has pressed the button through the feedback of the physical button, avoiding the embarrassment of touching the button without feedback.

The volume of the Sony WF-C500 headset is not large, and the curved surface on the headset surface can just fit the structure of the ear. As long as it is worn in the normal direction, the headset can be fixed on it. The advantage of this is that it will not cause wearing swelling and reduce wearing fatigue.

The weight of Sony WF-C500 earbud is only 5.4g, and there is no too much pressure to wear them, which further relieves ear fatigue. With a single battery life of 10 hours, the Sony WF-C500 is a good choice for users who are used to wearing it for a long time.

Sony WF-C500

Yes, the Sony WF-C500 can achieve 10 hours of playback in a single battery life. Putting it in a headset of the same price, this battery life is also in the forefront. With the 10-hour battery life provided by the charging case, the overall 20-hour time is completely enough.

More importantly, the Sony WF-C500 does not require frequent charging. If you encounter long-distance travel, this endurance advantage is still very good. The headset also supports a fast charge mode of “10 minutes of charging and one hour of playback“.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of connection performance, Sony WF-C500 also supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Saying goodbye to the previous “master-slave connection” design, it now also supports left and right earphone synchronization and single earphone switching operations. The user only needs to pick it up to enter the single earphone mode, and the response speed of the earphone is also very fast.

After switching to synchronous connection, the connection stability of Sony WF-C500 is also much stronger. Whether you are connecting to a computer in an office environment with a complex wireless environment, or at an intersection with a lot of people, the WF-C500 can remain stable.

Watching videos and playing games, Sony WF-C500’s latency control is very good, as long as it is not an FPS game with extremely high sound accuracy, then the WF-C500 is sufficient.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of software, Sony WF-C500 also added support for the Sony Headphones Connect application this time.

Through the Sony Headphones Connect APP, users can adjust the equalizer of the WF-C500. Sony comes with 8 preset tunings and two custom tunings. The customization also supports 10 levels of adjustable, which is convenient for users to adjust the sound they need.

More importantly, Sony WF-C500 supports DSEE digital enhancement engine technology. When encountering music with insufficient specifications, the WF-C500 can also use DSEE to compensate for the sense of hearing similar to lossless audio, thereby satisfying users who are interested in sound details.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of sound configuration, Sony WF-C500 uses a new generation of 5.8mm driver unit, and the sound performance is also based on a comprehensive and balanced sound style.

Sony WF-C500

Sony WF-C500 gives a refreshing feeling like ice green. Three-frequency balance, not too obvious warm and cold tendencies, it is a kind of sound tendencies that can be handled by any style of music.

When listening to Jason’s “本能寺”, the regular drum performance can set off the song, and the primary and secondary are distinct.

Sony WF-C500

The low frequency of the environment is also wrapped to ensure the thickness of the sound. Although the overall resolution is not outstanding, there will be no vague between the instruments, between the singer and the background, and the sense of distance that should be retained can still be retained.

Sony WF-C500

When listening to a fast-paced song like “Loser”, the intensive output did not mess up the pace of the Sony WF-C500. At this time, the drum in the center will be a little more prominent, and the user can also hear the rebound effect. With a slightly warm package overall, the Sony WF-C500 feels comfortable in the ear after maintaining a balance.

In general, Sony WF-C500 is a high-quality, affordable youth product. It is also the best fashion product worth buying at the price of $100.

In terms of youth, I’m talking about the color scheme and design of WF-C500. Since the launch of the h.ear series, Sony has shown a fashionable touch of color and shape design.

Sony WF-C500

In terms of high quality, we can see Sony’s accumulation of headset technology. Sony uses a new ergonomic design and a lightweight body to ensure the wearing comfort of the headset. Then use its own accumulation in the new drive unit and audio technology such as DSEE to bring a comfortable and refreshing sound line to the Sony WF-C500.

Really, in this era when there are only “good” and “better” products, Sony, which has not had a flagship strategy for a long time, has such a performance in entry-level products. Sony WF-C500, whether it is pricing or product completion, is several grades higher than others. You can say that it is the “optimal solution” at this price level.

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