SONGX SX10 Review: Gaming TWS earbuds more like a light factory than Razer



The SONGX SX10, as earbuds under $60, has enough sound quality to surprise us. The opening and closing method of the charging case is also very novel, especially with the RGB lighting effect. The simple operation mode can be switched between music and game modes at will, and the sound and picture synchronization under low latency brings an excellent gaming experience. Wireless charging and IPX4 waterproofing are very practical configurations in life. On the whole, this is a very sincere product. If active noise cancelling can be added in the future, it will be more perfect.

SONGX SX10 Specifications:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC/AAC
  • 13mm composite diaphragm dynamic
  • 60ms gaming latency
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • Support wireless charging
  • $60 – Check latest price on: AliExpress

Appearance Design & Accessories


As an earbuds that mainly focuses on low frequency+esports, the appearance of this earbuds looks very playable. The silicone-covered charging case adopts a hexagonal shape, and the ring in the middle also continues the unique opening and closing method of rotary opening and closing.

When you turn the disc in the middle, the light effect will turn on. In addition to the two sides of the disc, the light effect area also has obvious light effects on the earbud cavity, and the light effect is still green. Does it have the visual sense of Razer earbuds? More importantly, its lighting effect did not make me feel inconsistent or exaggerated.


SONGX SX10 back cover and headphone handle. There is no lighting effect at the LOGO at the bottom of the headphone handle, and the microphone is located at the X LOGO on the back cover. Below the microphone is the control area, which is probably one of the few shortcomings of the SONGX SX10. The touch area is not clearly marked, and it is still arc-shaped, which makes the operation a bit difficult.


The standard standard of semi-in-ear TWS: Type-C cable, charging case, earbuds, manual.

Battery Life & Calling


The charging case also supports Qi wireless charging, which is a rigid configuration for enthusiasts who are keen on wireless charging. The earbuds can last up to 5 hours a single time, and the charging case can fully charge the earbuds 4 times.


Call quality is an important part of commuting scenarios, so call noise cancelling must be indispensable. Each earbud has an independent directional microphone, which uses the built-in beamforming algorithm to pick up the ambient sound in the call, analyze the noise and cancel it. There is also a significant improvement in wind noise.

Connectivity & Controls

The SONGX SX10 uses the Bluetooth 5.2 protocol. I have personally tried Huawei Mate 20, iPhone12 and OPPO FIND X3. The signal is stable, and the partition effect can easily reach the current first-line level.

Controls of SONGX SX10:
  • Double tap L or R earbud: play/pause music
  • Triple tap L/R earbud: previous/next song
  • Double L or R earbud: answer call
  • Triple tap L or R earbud: wake the voice assistant/hang up/reject
  • Long press L or R earbud: game mode

Sound Quality of SONGX SX10

The addition of the Bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol supports SBC and AAC decoding, and the power consumption and latency are further reduced. A 13mm PET+carbon-gold composite diaphragm dynamic unit is used, which can feel better sound quality when listening to songs.


In terms of sound quality, although this is a TWS that focuses on mobile games, its sound quality is still worth mentioning. Mainly because its style is a warm and comprehensive tuning direction. The middle and low frequencies have a good sense of hierarchy, the vocal analysis is not violent, loose without losing thickness, and with the natural brightness of the intermediate frequency, the human voice is comfortable and durable.

For a pair of TWS earbuds that focus on games, in addition to the excellent layering in the mid-low frequency, the low-frequency performance is also tested. The low frequency of SONGX SX10 is not really strong, but the extension depth is sufficient, the elasticity is better, and the quantity is moderate. It has the rare thickness of similar semi-in-ear earbuds, so its low frequency is also more relaxed and atmospheric.

Gaming Experience

Gaming experience, I use the Razer Hammerhead X for comparison. The Razer Hammerhead X is more directional in audity position discrimination, such as judging where there is a fight by the sound of explosions and gunfire in the distance. But at close range, its resolution is not as clear as that of SONGX SX10. (mainly a comparison of FPS games)


In addition, in terms of game atmosphere, if the SONGX SX10 does not turn on the game mode, it is obviously not as immersive as the Razer Hammerhead X, after all, the low frequency of the latter is more concentrated. However, when the SX10 turns on the game mode, its low-frequency quantity will increase significantly, and at the same time, it also has a better mid-low frequency layering, plus the overall comfort, its effect can be better than the Razer Hammerhead X.

After turning on the game mode, you can obviously feel the significant reduction in the latency, and the smooth sound and picture synchronization can bring a better game experience. The unique game space sound effect can restore the sound more realistically by partition, and present various detailed sounds in the game one by one.

In terms of latency, both are as low as 60ms, which is already the benchmark in the field of mobile game TWS earbuds, and most of them cannot be perceived.

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