The first time I saw the brand “Skullcandy” was when I was in high school. At that time, I always felt that the Skullcandy brand, like beats, was too trendy. It seemed that only musicians, hiphop singers, and sports stars would play these things.

However, as I gradually learned about Skullcandy, I found that it will also make a lot of consumer-grade headphones, and the price is not too expensive. Even the student party can buy branded headsets that are very cost-effective. So in September of last year, I bought a Skullcandy Sesh EVO for only $49. The biggest feature of Skullcandy Sesh EVO is that it has good sound quality and built-in EQ balance adjustment. It can be switched freely in different scenarios such as sports, indoors, and outdoors, and is no longer restricted by music apps.

On December 17th, a new headset was launched in Skullcandy’s official flagship store. It is currently on pre-sale and the price is 21 US dollars more expensive than Sesh EVO. But from the official parameters, the bluetooth version has been upgraded from 5.0 to bluetooth 5.2, and the new Skull-iQ smart voice assistant has been introduced.

You only need to shout “Hey, Skullcandy” to switch songs, increase or decrease the volume, and accept calls. Or switch to Stay Aware’s ambient sound transparent mode. Compared with last year’s product, many features have been added in terms of functionality.

In order to be able to give bluetooth headset enthusiasts some buying guidance, I also contacted the staff of Skullcandy as soon as possible, and got this Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones in advance. Next, I will share with you my experience of using it this week.

Skullcandy Push Active charging case can be said to be not small. After opening it, I discovered that the reason why the charging case is larger is because the shape of the Skullcandy Push Active headphones adds an “ear hook” compared to the traditional TWS headphones. It can be seen that Push Active is clearly designed for sports enthusiasts. The addition of ear hooks is more conducive to stability during running and fitness.

Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones are specially designed with “Stay Aware” mode. What does that mean? In fact, it is equivalent to the ambient sound mode and transparent mode of other TWS headphones. When the Push Active headset Stay Aware function is turned on, the headset will actively pick up external sounds and transmit them to the ear more clearly, facilitating communication with the outside world or hearing external sounds.

In terms of control, Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones use physical buttons, which may be slightly inconvenient for the popular touch operation. However, the error rate and failure rate of physical buttons are significantly less than the failure rate of electronic touch controls.

The specific usage method is: click the left earphone or right earphone to play/pause, double-click the left earphone to decrease the volume, double-click the right earphone to increase the volume, and triple-click the left and right earphones to share and join music with friends who also wear Push Active earphones. Of course, the operation of the buttons can also be modified on the Skullcandy App.

In terms of sound quality, Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones also continue the EQ function of Sesh EVO. For example, in the music mode, you can enjoy the more balanced music mood of the three bands. The movie mode is to strengthen the low frequency, let you feel the atmosphere of the analog cinema sound. The broadcast mode is more suitable for listening to cross talk, sketches or e-books with audio. Of course, for professional music lovers, you can also customize the EQ to find a style that suits your habit of listening to music.

Skullcandy Push Active supports master-slave mode, single earphone and dual earphones can be switched at will. Bluetooth 5.2 technology also makes sound transmission faster and more stable. In terms of battery life, the headset has a single battery life of 10 hours, and the charging case provides an additional 34 hours of battery life. The total usage time can be as long as 44 hours. There is no need to worry about battery life when traveling or on business. You can listen for 2 hours after charging for 10 minutes.

Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones introduced Skull-iQ intelligent voice assistant. Play/pause, previous/next, volume-/volume+, and turn on the Stay-Aware mode can all be achieved through voice commands without touching the phone, which greatly increases the convenience. In addition, Skullcandy Push Active also supports IP55 waterproof and sweatproof. No matter how intense the exercise is, there is no need to worry about sweat erosion, so you can exercise and listen to music at ease.

Currently, Skullcandy Push Active sports earphones are already on sale on Amazon. There are three colors: dark blue/green, light grey/blue, and true black/orange. For friends who need sports, listening to music, safety, and sound quality, you may wish to pay attention to this Skullcandy Push Active sports headset, which is worth recommending.

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