True wireless bluetooth earphones are springing up in the current market. Major manufacturers have continuously introduced their own new wireless earphones. In the past, when walking on the street or in the bus, most people wore wired earphones. Nowadays, true wireless bluetooth earphones have long been the trend of people now. It is also one of the essential digital products for modern young people. After all, wireless bluetooth earphones really bring us more convenience than wired earphones. So in many brands, how to choose is not an easy task. But today I recommend a earphones with a good price-performance ratio “Skullcandy Sesh EVO“. The youthful appearance of color, coupled with the function of sound insulation and noise reduction, but also has a good sound quality performance. Maybe it is the one you want.

First of all, the classic black and white color scheme is used in the outer packaging, and the mint green of the earphones product rendering gives a sense of vitality. English fonts are used throughout the box, because the brand Skullcandy comes from the United States. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been pursuing sound quality, fashion, quality, and design, so it is very popular in the European and American markets.

On the back of the box are product features and parameter information.

Open the box, Skullcandy is relatively simple in terms of internal accessories. It is basically the standard configuration of wireless bluetooth earphones, and there are 2 pairs of eartips of different sizes to meet the needs of different people. All accessories include: earphones, charging box, 2 pairs of earplugs, Type-c charging cable, manual and card.

At first glance at Skullcandy Sesh EVO, the mint green color scheme is very vitality. The charging case design is also small and light. The round box has a fine matte texture and a good grip. The charging case also has a battery indicator design. Through the round physical buttons next to it, it is convenient for us to intuitively understand the battery status.

The back of the charging case adopts the mainstream Type-C charging interface, which can be charged with the data cable of the Type-C mobile phone, eliminating the trouble of multiple data cables.

The charging case cover adopts the widely used magnetic suction type, and a racetrack-shaped protrusion is also designed on the front end of the box cover, so that we can easily open the box cover without slipping by hand.

Open the charging case cover, you can see that the Skullcandy earphones are shaped like broad beans. There is also a skull logo design on the front of the earphones, which is very cool. In the design of the earphone, it accords with the ergonomic design, plus the skin-friendly material. It fits the cochlea very well when worn, and has a very comfortable experience. And whether you are shaking your head or running sports, it is very firm and will not fall off easily. The overall appearance of the detailed design, personally feel that it is very suitable for our young people, without restraint and completely bid farewell to the shackles of the earphones cable.

Inside the charging case is a white one-piece injection-molded earphone slot, which is also magnetic. And marked with “L” “R” left and right logo. The charging is designed with 2 metal contacts each, and the earphone will be touched when it is put in for automatic charging.

The skull logo on the front of the earphones is the control area, which can be operated by pressing. In operation, you can click to pause playback and answer/hang up calls, click twice to increase or decrease the volume (left earphone volume -, right earphone +), and long press for 2s to switch between up and down tracks (left earphone on top, right earphone down a). Tap 3 times to switch the voice assistant, tap 4 times to switch the balance mode. The overall operating functions are still relatively rich, the only downside is that the buttons rebound hard.

There is also a working status indicator on the side of the earphones, which is convenient for us to understand the status of the earphones. There are two metal contact grooves, and there are also “L, R” marks in the middle to distinguish the left and right ears. For eartips of white mushroom type, you can choose to replace eartips of different sizes according to your ear holes.

The Skullcandy Sesh EVO earphones uses bluetooth 5.0 technology in terms of connection, which can achieve fast connection, and the transmission is relatively stable. After successfully connecting with the mobile phone for the first time, the next time you only need to open the charging case and take out the earphones, it will automatically connect, which is very fast in use. Unlike traditional bluetooth earphones, which are divided into primary and secondary earphones, this earphones can be used alone, making seamless switching more flexible.

In terms of sound quality experience, there is not much difference in the sense of hearing that the three modes give people. But in terms of sound quality performance is quite good, I personally like the bass of this earphones. The low frequency is strong and shocking, which can be clearly felt through the drum sound in the music.

In terms of resolution, this earphones can distinguish between human voice and instrument sound. In music, the sounds of various instruments can be truly displayed. The level is clear and the details are rich. The high-frequency sound quality is clear and translucent, not harsh, and no popping phenomenon appears. For me, the overall performance has achieved the desired effect. Whether it is listening to music or watching movies, we can have a shocking experience that external speakers can’t give.

The Skullcandy Sesh EVO earphones has one-click switching of three different scenes in terms of functional use. Music mode, movie mode, and broadcast mode can be selected according to your needs, and you can achieve the best experience in different scenarios. In the experience, by performing the operation of switching mode, click 4 times to achieve accurate switching. However, for 4 presses, the pressure of the ears is a bit unbearable. It is recommended to improve the way of switching modes to reduce the number of clicks.

Regarding the three scene modes, music, movie, and broadcast, I personally feel that the distinction between music and broadcast is not obvious. When I try to listen to a movie, I can feel that the bass effect is heavier in the music and radio modes, while the movie mode feels very balanced and the human voice is clearer. Therefore, if the distinction between these three modes is more obvious, it would be better.

In terms of battery life, for designers (I am a designer). At work, I often find inspiration by listening to music. Therefore, the use time is relatively long, at least more than 3 hours in the morning. It also happens to be a single battery life of this earphones, plus its 18-hour charging box, which is enough for a day’s use. In addition, this earphones also supports charging for 10 minutes, you can use 2 hours. This speed is really great, it doesn’t delay things at all.

Skullcandy Sesh EVO has CVC sound insulation and noise reduction, which can ensure clear call quality even on noisy roads. It is recommended not to wear them at the same time in special places, such as crossing the road. In ordinary bus or subway, this earphones has a good noise reduction performance experience.

Go to the park for a run after dinner every day, put on Skullcandy Sesh EVO and let the music accompany you. Even if you sweat, there is no need to worry about the earphone being soaked, because this product has IP55 waterproof and sweat-proof functions. In terms of overall commuting sports, whether it is battery life, noise reduction, waterproofing or wearing, it has a good performance.

Through the experience of this time, the Skullcandy Sesh EVO earbuds as a whole has a fashionable trend in appearance, which is very suitable for young and energetic young people. The compact and lightweight design combined with the comfort in wearing can make us feel free from pressure when using it for a long time. Using bluetooth 5.0 technology, it has a good performance in terms of connection stability and power consumption, thereby ensuring better battery life.

CVC sound insulation and noise reduction are more practical and can have a clear sound quality experience in a noisy environment. One-key multi-mode function can bring us the best experience effect for different usage scenarios. However, in the actual sound experience, the distinction is still not obvious enough, and subsequent optimization and improvement are recommended. There is also a shortcoming, that is, the buttons are hard, and the ears are oppressive in operation. The overall performance is still good. For established manufacturers that have been committed to the earphones field for many years, this earphones launched by Skullcandy is still worth having.

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