Shokz OpenFit Air review: Lighter and more comfortable

The Shokz OpenFit Air is positioned as “full scene sports headphones” – they are characterized by “lightweight”. On the basis of maintaining excellent sound, the air-type earhook structure further enhances wearing comfort.

Shokz OpenFit Air specs and features:
  • 6 hours playback of per charge
  • Charging case can charge earbuds fully 3 times
  • Bluetooth 5.2 & Multipoint connection
  • IPX4 waterproof rating & Fast charging
  • DirectPitch technology & Clear voice capture
  • $142 – Check latest price on AliExpress

Appearance Design and Comfort

The shape of the Shokz OpenFit Air charging case adopts a rounded rectangular design, and the size is consistent with the Shokz OpenFit – it can be easily stored in the pockets of clothes and pants.

The charging case has a matte texture as a whole, and the Shokz logo is on the lid. There are grooves and indicator lights on the front of the case, and a USB-C charging interface on the back.

The OpenFit Air headphones are an earhook design, which can be roughly divided into sound chamber and earhook structures – the shape is in the same vein as Shokz OpenFit. However, the frosted metal structure at the sound cavity is more conspicuous, the end of earhook structure (battery) has been eliminated, and the hollow design is used to further reduce the weight of the earhook.

There is a microphone hole on the outside of the cavity and a balance hole on the bottom. There are speakers, charging metal contacts and L/R logos inside the cavity. Compared with Shokz OpenFit, the sound cavity part is more slender, and the earhook structure using “air earhook” technology is also significantly different.

The Shokz’s first flexible titanium wire “air earhook” further improves comfort. The “air feeling” of OpenFit Air is stronger when worn, but the stability of wearing has not been reduced. The ear hooks made of flexible titanium wire form a curve that fits the auricle – and with the anti-slip silicone material on the surface, they will not fall off easily.

I conducted jogging and skipping tests, and the OpenFit Air remained stable on my ears even under strenuous exercise. Plus, the headphone cavity is not thick, and there is not much protruding part of the auricle – combined with the soft earhook structure, it will not cause a strong sense of pressure on the ears when sleeping on the side.

Connectivity, Control and App Support

Open the charging case lid and the headphones will automatically enter pairing mode. At this time, connect “OpenFit Air by Shokz” via the bluetooth settings of your phone to complete the connection. Also, Shokz OpenFit Air supports multipoint connection and can connect mobile phone and computer at the same time.

OpenFit Air supports Shokz App, where you can see the headphone battery level, adjust sound effects, multi-device connections manage, control settings, and more.

The control area of the headphone is set on the Shokz logo on the outside of the sound cavity, and supports recognition of double-tap and long press. Under default settings, double-tap to play/pause and switch tracks. Long press can adjust the volume, which basically meets the control needs when listening to music when going out.

Sound Quality and Leakage

Compared with Shokz OpenFit, the high frequency and spatial openness are weakened, and the energy of the sound is more concentrated downwards. On the premise that the high-frequency energy is weakened, the mid-frequency and low-frequency are more prominent, and the atmosphere is richer.

In terms of sound details, low-frequency quantity is relatively abundant among open-ear headphones. The elasticity and rounded processing of the low-frequency are just right for popular listening. The vocals are moderately thick, and the female vocals are clear and bright – suitable for listening to pop vocals and some instrumental tracks. The disadvantage is that the sound airiness is slightly weaker and lacks a certain openness.

Also, there are preset EQ modes to choose from in the Shokz App. In addition to the standard mode, there is also vocal mode, bass enhance, and treble enhance. These sound modes will enhance the performance of specific frequency bands and are generally more stylized, suitable for listeners who have preferences in listening to music.

Thanks to Shokz directional sound transmission technology, after turning on the maximum volume, the sound will not leak out within half a meter in a quiet environment. Plus, OpenFit Air also has the cVc8.0 noise cancelling algorithm, which can suppress external noise even in noisy environments.


Comfort and listening are both the advantages of Shokz OpenFit Air – it is very cost-effective for a younger consumer group. It is very competitive among open-ear headphones and will become an exercise choice for many users.

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