Qualcomm QCC5151 flagship bluetooth audio SoC adopted by Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro


Xiaomi recently released a new flagship noise-canceling headset——Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro, which is the world’s first TWS headphone product equipped with Qualcomm QCC5151 flagship chip. It is bluetooth 5.2 certified and supports Qualcomm aptX Adaptive dynamic codec, bringing games, audio and video to users. With the dual low-latency experience, let’s take a look at this bluetooth audio SoC together.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Earbuds

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones are processed by high-gloss nano-NCVM coating process, presenting a streamlined light feeling like a mirror. The earphones adopt an integrated handle-shaped in-ear design with smooth curves. The headset is equipped with an independent noise reduction chip that supports three different noise reduction modes for daily, office and travel. The maximum noise reduction depth is -40dB, and there is an environmental sound enhancement transparent mode and a separate vocal enhancement. It can also be worn when wearing the headset Obtain external information clearly.

Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro Earbuds

The inside of the earphone handle is a double-layer PCB board stacking design, which is connected through FPC, and the side pressure-sensitive small board is connected to the upper PCB board through the BTB connector.

The motherboard circuit display where the bluetooth main control chip is located, under the foam on the far left is Qualcomm QCC5151 bluetooth audio SoC.

Qualcomm QCC5151

Qualcomm QCC5151 adopts WLCSP package, 4*4mm-94pin, supports bluetooth 5.2, and is designed to support the new generation of bluetooth audio technology standard LE Audio. The chip has a built-in quad-core processor, dual-core 80MHz 32-bit application subsystem, dual-core 120MHz programmable Qualcomm Kalimba DSP audio subsystem, DSP has 112K program memory and 448K data memory, the operating frequency can be flexibly adjusted, and supports 2MHz to 120MHz.

QCC5151 supports Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring connection technology, which can bring a stable user experience; the chip supports voice-activated/key-activated digital assistants, including Amazon Alexa voice service and Google Assistant; the software architecture of QCC5151 is compatible with QCC512X and QCC514X series, which is convenient for rapid development ; Built-in embedded ROM and RAM, support external SPI Flash, support connection of external SRAM or a second flash memory, on-chip cache is used for audio buffering.

Qualcomm QCC5151

The chip block diagram and model differences of Qualcomm’s QCC51xx series flagship bluetooth audio SoC are shown in the figure above. The latest model is QCC5151, which has been adopted by Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones. Recently, Edifier also announced that it will release NeoBud S true wireless headphones using this chip in August.

Qualcomm QCC5151 combines high-performance audio with low power consumption, supports 24bit/96KHz high-resolution audio, supports Qualcomm aptX audio coding, including aptX™ Adaptive technology; supports aptX™ Voice to optimize call voice, and eighth-generation Qualcomm cVc echo cancellation And noise suppression technology; integrated Qualcomm adaptive active noise reduction, including feedforward, feedback, hybrid and adaptive, and support third-party innovation through Qualcomm’s extension program.

Qualcomm QCC5151 supports bluetooth BR, EDR, BLE and dual-mode bluetooth, supports up to 3Mbps bluetooth rate; supports stereo single-ended linear input, provides USB audio support; playback supports up to 24bit/192kHz, playback supports stereo DAC, supports three 192kHz/2bit SPDIF output, stereo class D output, stereo class AB output, power consumption is less than 5mA, supports 24-bit audio interface; internal integrated power management unit, built-in two switch mode step-down regulators, integrated 200mA current lithium battery charger, It can support 1.8A charging current through an external expansion tube. (The above product information comes from the details page of Qualcomm’s official website)

In addition to TWS headsets, Qualcomm QCC5151 bluetooth audio SoC can also be applied to wireless audio devices such as head-mounted bluetooth headphones and portable decoding amps.

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  1. My headset supports Qualcomm Aptx adaptive and uses Qualcomm 5151 chip, with snapdragon sound technology, it can go up to 24bit/96kHz.
    aptx adaptive
    aptx HD
    Which of these provides the best sound quality?

    • Although it cannot be said to be the best, the sound quality of Xiaomi Flipbuds Pro is very good among headphones of the same price.

      After all, everyone has different requirements for sound quality and everyone’s sense of hearing is also different.


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