QDC 8 Pro review: Three tuning styles, one against three

QDC 8 Pro has three tuning styles and performances at the same time. QDC still prepares tuning settings for them, but it’s not a low, mid and high frequency switch – it’s a sound style selection, and what users need to do is choose the sound rather than adjusting it themselves.

QDC 8 Pro specs and features:
  • Carbon fiber headphone shell
  • Single side 8 armature driver
  • 12-core copper-silver hybrid braided cable
  • 3-in-1 interchangeable straight plug
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, headphone cable, storage box, 3.5 to 6.35 adapter, user manual

Appearance Design and Configuration

QDC 8 Pro uses an 8 armature drivers design and a three-tube (three-way) approach as the underlying acoustic structure. The standard version’s shell is made of carbon fiber, and the acoustic filter is still made of CNC metal.

There is a switch on the earbud cavity with three sound style options: H/S/L – HiFi Mode, Studio Mode and Live Mode. Users can switch the sound style they want.

The 12-core copper-silver hybrid braided cable is very soft and has almost no stethoscope effect. In addition, the storage case is also made of carbon fiber material.

The Fun Part – 3 Tuning Styles

HiFi Mode: Very transparent and fast high-frequency. Slightly less low-frequency depth and a huge soundstage with precise imaging.

Live Mode: The high-frequency quantity will be reduced and will not be as exciting as HiFi Mode. The low-frequency will be significantly supplemented, especially the ultra-low-frequency. Live Mode is the mode I recommend most, and it’s also the mode I’m most satisfied with the sound.

Studio Mode: This is a mode similar to the monitoring style. Compared with the first two modes, the Studio Mode is more balanced overall. It has more low-frequency than HiFi Mode but less than Live Mode, and it has brighter high-frequency than Live Mode but less than HiFi Mode. But in terms of overall style, it will have fewer overtones and be faster, which is close to the hearing of traditional over-ear monitoring headphones. The purpose of this mode is to work.


For consumers, perhaps balance is a very good answer, but for enthusiasts who like to pursue the process, imperfection, personality and unique style are truly interesting products. What’s more, among the three modes of QDC 8 Pro, the Studio Mode can meet the user’s requirements for it to be neutral and balanced.

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