Philips T8505 true wireless noise canceling earphones review


The sound quality and noise reduction effect can show the true strength of a high-end noise reduction earphones. Some time ago, I experienced a Philips noise reduction true wireless earphones T8505, which is a relatively high-end TWS earbuds, but its sound quality and noise reduction effect really convinced me.

Philips T8505

The appearance is very textured

The first impression of Philips T8505 is exquisiteness. The shiny letters on the silver-gray touch panel and the decoration of the ring texture are very advanced. The charging case is simpler, with a matte black oval design, suitable for portability.

Philips T8505

Oval design is comfortable to wear

Philips T8505 uses an ergonomically designed oval sound guide, which conforms to the shape of the normal human ear, and also ensures the stability and firmness of the earphones. Coupled with 3 pairs of soft silicone eartips, users can enjoy the best wearing experience.

Philips T8505

Support touch

Philips T8505 supports touch operation, right earphone click to play/pause, double click to answer/hang up call, triple click to next song, long press to turn on ambient sound mode, and switch to noise reduction mode every 2 times. By default, long press the left earphone for 2 seconds to wake up the voice assistant, and click to exit the voice assistant.

Philips T8505

Excellent noise reduction effect, three noise reduction modes

Philips T8505 uses ANC hybrid active noise reduction technology, with noise reduction mode, ambient sound mode, and adaptive mode. Philips T8505 eliminates mid- and low-frequency noise obviously, can completely shield the subway running sound, and the surrounding human voice is also very well filtered. Adaptive noise reduction can automatically adjust the noise reduction level according to the environmental noise.

Philips T8505

Use a single earphones independently

In terms of bluetooth, Philips T8505 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, playing games and watching videos are very stable and smooth. When you only want to use one earphone, put the other one in the charging box.

Professional sound quality

In terms of sound, Philips T8505 is equipped with a 13mm diameter dynamic driver, which can bring richer sound details and more surging music effects. The style continues Philips’ usual neutral and natural tuning. The treble is clean, bright but not exciting; the middle frequency is clear and the vocals are full of emotion; the low frequency is rich in volume, but not fuzzy. Listening to popular music is very good, and the rhythmic expression is very good. Compared with the thousand-yuan HiFi headphones I have used, the sound quality of the Philips T8505 is not significantly different. In addition, the sound style of T8505 can be adjusted through a dedicated APP.

Outstanding calling experience

Philips T8505 uses enhanced dual microphones, even on the street, the clarity of the call is very high, suitable for users with high call requirements.

Philips T8505

Support sports waterproof

The Philips T8505 has IPX4 waterproof protection, so it’s no problem to wear it for running or fitness.

Philips T8505

All day battery life

Philips T8505 can be used for 6 hours at a time, for a total of 24 hours of battery life. During the two weeks I used it, I used to listen to music for 2 hours on and off work, and basically only charged it once, and the Type-C charging interface was also very convenient.

Philips T8505


As a flagship product with a relatively affordable price, Philips T8505 is good in every aspect from function to experience. Coupled with the amazing noise reduction effect and HiFi-level sound quality, it will be unforgettable after use. If you also need a high-quality noise-cancelling true wireless earphones, and have high requirements for sound quality, then Philips T8505 flagship earphones is very suitable for you.

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