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OPPO Enco X2

After less than a year and a half, OPPO once again released a big move to the true wireless market. This time OPPO even invited international music master Joe Hisaishi to personally tune the OPPO Enco X2 and use the “musician’s ear” to polish the product. The second-generation SuperDBEE coaxial dual unit jointly developed with Dynaudio and the new LHDC4.0 technology blessing bring studio-grade sound quality to this true wireless headphones, and truly reproduce the original sound.

Comfortable fit, anti-bacterial and anti-scaling eartips are the highlights

OPPO Enco X2

In terms of appearance, the OPPO Enco X2 basically continues the design language of the previous generation. In terms of details, the charging case has removed the metal frame of the previous generation, which has a stronger sense of integration and a more rounded feel, while bringing a texture close to ceramic. A single earphone weighs only 4.7g, and after two continuous polishing of the professional human ear database, the wearing experience of this earphone is very good, with both comfort and stability. IP54 dustproof and waterproof support, you can calmly deal with sweaty sports scenes.

OPPO Enco X2

We know that for in-ear earphones, it is easy to breed bacteria in the ear canal after wearing it for a long time. The antibacterial and anti-earwax eartips equipped with the OPPO Enco X2 use an antibacterial coating. OPPO officially stated that the antibacterial effect can reach more than 99.8%, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. At the same time, the anti-earwax compartment prevents earwax from blocking the sound outlet and makes cleaning easier.

OPPO Enco X2OPPO Enco X2

As far as daily use is concerned, I think the fit of the eartips to the ear canal is quite comfortable. The eartips are very soft, and there is no obvious pressure on wearing for a long time. The 3 sizes are matched with earbuds fit detection, which allows eartips to better fit different human ears, ensuring sound quality and noise cancelling experience. Next, let’s talk about the control experience of earbuds.

Pinch and slide, gesture operation is more convenient

The pressure-sensitive keys of the OPPO Enco X2 are my favorite. The advantage is that it can better balance the sensitivity and false touch rate, while avoiding the pressure on the ear caused by the physical buttons, and the “dong dong sound” that is easily generated when the touch buttons are operated. In addition, this earbuds has an additional sliding volume adjustment function than AirPods Pro. Slide your finger up and down the earphone handle to adjust the volume.

OPPO Enco X2

Pinch to control  music

OPPO Enco X2

Swipe to adjust volume

It can be said that the gesture operation of OPPO Enco X2 has taken over the virtual buttons and physical volume buttons on the phone very well. All multimedia control can be done through gesture operation, which is definitely a very useful and convenient feature in my opinion. In addition, the gesture operation control volume function has been applied to more and more true wireless headphones, and the AirPods series should pay close attention to this.

Tuned by music master Joe Hisaishi, “Golden Hearing Sense” builds your ear canal sound model

It is a small attempt to say that OPPO Enco X brings users an innovative coaxial dual-unit design and Dynaudio tuning. This time on the OPPO Enco X2 it was really in the full effort. The second generation of SuperDBEE coaxial dual unit, the diaphragm thickness is 76% thinner than the previous generation, bringing faster transient response. Tuned by music master Joe Hisaishi, the earbuds brought studio-quality reproduction of the original sound.

In addition, LHDC 4.0 high-definition transmission (the highest bit rate can reach 900kbps) and the “golden sense of hearing” that will be highlighted later, all provide strong support for the excellent sound performance of this earbuds.

OPPO Enco X2

In terms of hearing, the tone of the OPPO Enco X2 is very appealing to your ears. For the popular music most often heard by the public, the low frequency of earbuds is sufficient and elastic, especially the bass sound and drum sound will be more prominent. At the same time, it will not cover up the details of the mid-high frequency, and it has a richer sound expression as a whole. In addition, the newly designed second-generation coaxial dual-unit, whether it is the sound layering, details, or the transparency of the mid-to-high frequency, also impressed me deeply. In my opinion, the sound quality of the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds is absolutely excellent among the current in-ear tws earbuds.

OPPO Enco X2

In the “Enco Master” setting of OPPO Enco X2, “Joe Hisaishi Master Tuning” and 3 styles of “Dynaudio Tuning” are preset. For this reason, I specially found Master Joe Hisaishi’s representative works “Summer”, “Castle in the Sky”, “The Valley of the Wind”, etc., and the feeling brought by “Master Joe Hisaishi Tuning” is that the OPPO Enco X2 shows the performance The degree of reduction and presence that is rare in wireless headphones. The depiction of music lines is clearer and brighter, and at the same time, it can restore the real and natural sense of hearing. The “Dynaudio tuning” has richer applicability and more balanced tri-frequency, which can meet the general needs of mass music lovers.

I would like to add one more thing about the sound quality. In the function settings of the earphone, users can turn on the “Golden Hearing Sense” to personalize and enhance the sound quality of earbuds. Turning on this function requires about 3 minutes of “ear canal scan” and “listening test” in a quiet environment. Simply put, it uses advanced algorithms to compensate for the sound, and finally builds a sound model of your ear canal to improve the sound quality.

OPPO Enco X2

My feeling in this part is that after enabling the “Golden Hearing Sense”, the sound quality has indeed been further improved, the most obvious being that the sound is richer and fuller. Therefore, I always chose to enable this function by default, and friends who have purchased OPPO Enco X2 in the future can try it out for comparison.

The new intelligent all-scenario noise cancelling brings a more comprehensive noise cancelling experience

Before I used OPPO Enco X2, the benchmark for true wireless noise cancelling earphones in my heart has always been AirPods Pro. However, using the OPPO Enco X2 in the past few days, I found that the noise cancelling experience of this earbuds has indeed surpassed that of the AirPods Pro, mainly in the depth of noise cancelling and the control of ear pressure.

OPPO Enco X2

The noise cancelling depth of OPPO Enco X2 using the hybrid ANC solution can reach -45dB, and the effective noise cancelling bandwidth can reach 4kHz. For daily commuting, headphones can eliminate low-frequency noises such as the roar of engines in subway and bus scenes to the greatest extent, and this part of the experience is significantly better than AirPods Pro. After my repeated comparisons, the latter will have problems that are difficult to eliminate low-frequency noise in some subway tunnels. In addition, the ear pressure of the OPPO Enco X2 is weaker than that of the AirPods Pro, especially when used in a relatively quiet environment, the OPPO Enco X2 is more suitable for long-term wear.

Like the OPPO Enco X, the OPPO Enco X2 adopts the full-scene noise cancelling scheme (at the same time, the maximum noise cancelling depth is 10dB higher than that of the previous generation), and provides three kinds of noise cancelling effects: depth, medium and light. Of course, users can also choose intelligent dynamic noise cancelling (which automatically matches the appropriate noise cancelling effect according to the ambient noise) without frequent manual switching.

OPPO Enco X2

“Personalized noise cancelling” is also a unique feature on the OPPO Enco X2 this time. When you wear headphones, the headphones will intelligently optimize the noise cancelling curve according to your ear canal structure and correct the noise cancelling deviation, so as to obtain the best noise cancelling effect.

OPPO Enco X2

Voice calls are another feature that wireless earphones use more frequently on a daily basis. OPPO Enco X2 adopts a 3-mic noise cancelling solution, and each earphone has 3 built-in high-sensitivity microphones. Among them, the two microphones outside the ear form “beam forming”, which can accurately identify human voices while avoiding the interference of surrounding noises.

There is also a microphone in the ear, which is used to pick up the human voice conducted by the inner ear canal. Unlike air pickup, the algorithm can distinguish speech and ambient sounds by collecting vibrations of bones, further improving call quality. For daily use, especially in noisy scenes such as subway and bus traffic, OPPO Enco X2 can also provide clear call quality.

Up to 40 hours long battery life, 5 minutes fast charge

In terms of battery life, OPPO Enco X2 can use earbuds for up to 5.5 hours in a deep noise cancelling mode, and 22 hours with charging case. When noise cancelling is turned off, earbuds can be used for up to 9.5 hours, and with the charging case, it can be used for up to 40 hours. This endurance performance is suitable for daily commuting use without worrying about power problems.

OPPO Enco X2

Of course, no matter how long the battery life is, there will still be occasional battery shortages. However, OPPO Enco X2 supports fast charging. After 5 minutes of charging, you can get 2 hours of music battery life, which can easily meet the needs of commuting. The charging case also supports Qi wireless charging.

Cross-platform dual-device switching, seamless sound flow

Today’s wireless headphones are used in a variety of scenarios. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. are the most commonly used device combinations. For headphones, the convenient experience of seamless switching between multiple devices is particularly important. Almost all wireless headphones of mobile phone manufacturers now support seamless switching between ecological devices, and OPPO Enco X2 is no exception. The earbuds support connecting two devices at the same time, easily switch audio output between devices, and are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows systems.

Take the two cross-platform devices I tested, the OPPO Find X3 Pro Photographer Edition and the MacBook Pro. When earbuds are connected to two devices at the same time, it is still easy to switch seamlessly without disconnecting and reconnecting. And when the phone calls, the earbuds will automatically switch to the phone and complete the call, which is also a very practical and useful feature in my opinion.


To be honest, after experiencing a lot of true wireless earphones in the past two years, I have been a little numb, and I found that it is still difficult to find products in the industry that can directly compete with the industry benchmark AirPods Pro. But this time OPPO Enco X2 did bring me a lot of surprises. Excellent full-scene noise cancelling effect, better sound quality, convenient operation experience and seamless switching between cross-platform dual devices. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly a very comprehensive headphones, or earphones that you can hardly find any shortcomings. For the true wireless market that has fallen into serious competition today, the OPPO Enco X2 is undoubtedly a product that can surprise you again.

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