OPPO Enco Free2 brought me a different personalized experience


If the category of technology products in the past two years has developed the fastest, TWS headsets should undoubtedly be in the forefront. As the market matures and users’ demand for TWS continues to increase, the field of wireless headsets has ushered in a wave of new products not long ago.

Among the many new products, the first one I paid attention to was the new work of the OPPO Enco series——OPPO Enco Free2. I have experienced OPPO Enco X in depth before, and the design, noise reduction, and sound quality of this product have left a good impression on me. Therefore, the arrival of OPPO Enco Free2 once again ignited my curiosity to explore new products. After purchasing, I also focused on experiencing many new features of OPPO Enco Free2.

OPPO Enco Free2

| Classic appearance, comfortable to wear

OPPO Enco Free2 continues the usual features of the OPPO Enco family in appearance design, which looks like a white pebble. The charging case uses a polished texture as a whole, but the transition zone in the middle is connected with a matte texture, so that it does not appear monotonous visually.

OPPO Enco Free2

There is also a slight convex-concave transition at the opening of the charging case, allowing the thumb to easily push open the lid. It is an intimate and clever small design.

OPPO Enco Free2

Of course, the beautiful appearance is only an additional attribute of a headset, and more importantly, the wearing experience. The single earphone of OPPO Enco Free2 is very light, the actual weight is only 4g. Not only that, the headphone shape also uses a low-pressure streamline design, which is comfortable and fit after wearing.

OPPO Enco Free2 OPPO Enco Free2

In the past few days of using OPPO Enco Free2, I have been wearing headphones most of the working time, often listening to nothing but turning on the noise reduction. Even after wearing it for a long time, I didn’t feel very stressed. On the contrary, I forgot to wear the earphones a few times and realized that I couldn’t hear the sound around me until I remembered that I didn’t take the earphones off.

| Noise reduction also has a personalized experience

As a noise reduction headset, the feature I pay more attention to and look forward to is the 42dB noise reduction capability of OPPO Enco Free2, but OPPO does not stop there. In addition to enhancing the depth of noise reduction, OPPO Enco Free2 also added a personalized noise reduction function.

OPPO Enco Free2

When the headset is first turned on, the headset will detect the user’s ear canal and headset wearing condition, and adjust the noise reduction algorithm according to each person’s ear canal structure, reminding the user to wear more suitable eartips, etc.

I wore OPPO Enco Free2 to different environments such as offices, subways, outdoors, shopping malls, etc., to test its noise reduction ability, especially to test the performance of the headphones in the subway. This is where I use the highest frequency of noise reduction headphones. And the place where the noise reduction ability of headphones is most tested. OPPO Enco Free2 has a very good suppression effect on the roar and friction of the train, and it can also accurately hear the content when playing podcasts dominated by human voices. In other scenes, the noise reduction of OPPO Enco Free2 is even more okay. When wearing it, I almost never encountered situations where I needed to adjust the volume of my phone by more than 50%.

This result surprised me a little bit, because according to my previous tests, the overall performance of the TWS headphones in the subway is not good, so my main headset for commuting has always been the Bose QC 35 head-mounted headphone. However, the performance of OPPO Enco Free2 allowed me to see the improvement of TWS noise reduction ability. In a noisy environment, the noise reduction depth of 42dB also showed its significance. At the same time, personalized noise reduction monitors and compensates for earphone wearing and sound leakage in the ear canal, which further eliminates excess noise and enhances the noise reduction effect.

In use, I also noticed a detail: OPPO Enco Free2 also controls wind noise well. Especially when standing on the street, the difference brought by the switch noise reduction function is very obvious. Later, I learned that OPPO has optimized the design of the anti-wind noise duct for this earphones, and with the cooperation of the algorithm, the wind noise is also reduced to a level that does not affect normal wearing.

In addition, OPPO Enco Free2 also improves the noise reduction experience during voice calls. The headset has built-in 3 high-sensitivity microphones, with a call noise reduction algorithm, which can enhance the human voice while reducing environmental noise during voice chat. For scenes such as walking on the road and taking the subway, the voice call noise reduction of OPPO Enco Free2 can effectively remove background noise and avoid noisy sounds from causing discomfort to the callee.

| Good sound quality, can also “thousands of people and thousands of faces”

There is a term in the Internet industry called “Thousands of People and Thousands of Faces”, which usually refers to the platform recommending different content or products according to different user preferences. For a headset, the biggest problem it faces is that each user has different listening levels and personal preferences. However, the headset is a mass product, and it is impossible to design an acoustic structure for each user from the hardware level.

The answer given by OPPO Enco Free2 is to add a personalized sense of hearing. This system is similar to personalized noise reduction. It focuses on testing the difference in the listening sensitivity of the user’s ears, and the sensitivity of each ear to the sound of different frequency bands, and finally generates a personalized sound enhancement solution based on the listening sensitivity of different users.

OPPO Enco Free2

At the same time, like OPPO Enco X, OPPO Enco Free2 has also been tuned in conjunction with Dynaudio. OPPO Enco X has gained a good reputation because of its excellent sound quality, and OPPO Enco Free2 continues to maintain the sound quality characteristics of OPPO headphones, standing firmly in the “first echelon” of TWS headphones.

OPPO Enco Free2

In actual use, I listened to all styles of music in the music library. On the whole, OPPO Enco Free2 can cope with all kinds of music styles, especially for vocals, strings, etc., which are more transparent. The overall style is as clean and light as the design style of the earphones. I also especially tried to switch on and off the personalized listening experience during the playback. The difference in the middle and low frequencies is quite obvious, and the level of sound and the sense of space are also different. However, the personalized listening experience varies from person to person, and the sound frequency band that the algorithm compensates for each person is different. If you also get the headset, you can compare it according to the frequency spectrum in the enhancement plan, and the experience will be more intuitive.

In addition to personalized listening experience, you can also choose more equalizer settings and choose the sound effects that are more suitable for you.

The sound quality of TWS earphones is still inferior in many people’s impressions, but OPPO Enco Free2 has the opportunity to change your understanding of the sound quality of wireless earphones. As a brand that started with Hi-Fi business, OPPO has always had its own accumulation of sound quality, and OPPO Enco Free2 also embodies a clear sound style.

| More optimization, hidden in the details

In addition to the above core functions, OPPO Enco Free2 has also made different optimizations in some details.

Among them, the one I care about most is the full support of the HeyMelody app for the earphones supporting the iOS platform. Friends who have used TWS headphones should have this experience: TWS headphones launched by many Android mobile phone brands do not have a high degree of support for iOS, and some functions and settings cannot be adjusted, causing the headset features to not be fully utilized. OPPO focused on solving this problem through HeyMelody, so that iPhone users can also fully control the functions of the headset.

HeyMelody App can fully adjust the functions of the headphone and upgrade the firmware for the headset.

OPPO Enco Free2 uses bluetooth 5.2, which has lower latency and better gaming experience. You can also directly turn on the headphone game mode in HeyMelody to increase the speed of audio and video synchronization.

Another thing I like is that the headphones supports IP54 dust and water resistance. My ears are always sweating and oily, and I like to wear headphones for a long time, and even wear headphones for exercise, so I always worry that the headphones will have problems when they are soaked in sweat for a long time. With dust and water resistance, it is no longer a problem whether you sweat during exercise or put dust in your pocket.

In addition, OPPO Enco Free2 also added a “double-tap remote shooting” function. Double-tap the earphone to activate the shutter when taking pictures, which can be used as a free camera remote control. Currently this feature is only available on OPPO Reno6 series phones, and will be updated to more OPPO phones in the future.

| Summary: The best in TWS

After a period of experience, OPPO Enco Free2 gave me the biggest feeling that “this is a product designed by people who really understand headphones.” After several generations of product iterations and optimizations in the TWS field, OPPO has now become stable and mature. From appearance design, product details to noise reduction algorithms, sound quality performance, etc., certain advantages and styles have been formed.

OPPO Enco Free2

On this basis, OPPO Enco Free2 controlled the price at 599 RMB, giving more users the opportunity to get the dual experience of “personalized noise reduction + personalized sense of hearing”. If you are looking for a good pair of practical headphones, OPPO Enco Free2 is worth a try.


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