The OPPO TWS headset product line has continued to exert strength in the past two years. In 2020, it has launched 7 products in a row, covering all gears. In 2021, 4 new products have been released so far, and three products went on sale throughout May. The three products have their own characteristics and are positioned for different user groups.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise cancelling headphone is a TWS earphones product launched by OPPO at the OPPO Reno6 series new product launch event on May 27. A lot of details have been optimized in the design to further enhance the comfort of wearing. In terms of functional configuration, it focuses on two personalized customization technologies, one is personalized noise reduction for noise reduction function, and the other is personalized listening experience for music experience; in other aspects, free listening to songs has been added. , Double-tap remote shooting and other interactive functions with mobile phones. Let’s use and experience this product in detail below!

Appearance: In-depth optimization, greatly improving the wearing experience

The OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headset packaging box also adopts the new design that the OPPO Enco Air series began to use. The new packaging adopts black and white color matching, highlighting the “OPPO ENCO” series product logo, and the right side shows the appearance of the product, as well as the OPPO brand LOGO and product model Free2.

The shape of OPPO Enco Free2 charging case continues the design voice of OPPO Enco X, and the product is slightly larger. Oval cobblestone shape, round and smooth to the touch. A newly designed gradual pushing surface is newly designed for opening and closing of the lid, which is more convenient for one-handed opening and closing; the status indicator in the middle position helps users better understand the charging case status.

The integrated shaft on the back of the charging case is designed with OPPO LOGO.

The charging case also adopts the design of the waistline, and through different process treatments, the layering and texture of the product are improved.

The Type-C charging interface is located on the waistline at the bottom of the charging case. Compared with OPPO Enco X, the wireless charging function is cancelled.

There is a function button on the right side of the waistline, which is used for Bluetooth pairing and connection.

Open the charging case cover, you can find that OPPO Enco Free2 has a significant change in appearance curve compared to OPPO Enco X, and the placement of the earphones has also been changed. Take it out and you can wear it directly without adjustment.

The overall appearance of OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones, the headphones continue OPPO’s simple and clean dual-track circular geometric splicing design.

The back panel of the earphone handle is treated with an optical coating process, showing different gloss from different angles, which improves the texture and fashion sense of the earphone. The touch area is designed with a striped runway circular plane, which is easier for users to operate blindly and improve the accuracy of touch.

Compared with OPPO Enco X, the head of the OPPO Enco Free2 headphone is also significantly reduced. According to the official introduction, the appearance curve is designed with a low-voltage sense of streamline, which is used to improve the position of the earphone on the tragus, concha cavity, ear canal, etc. The pressure sensation improves wearing comfort.

The shape of OPPO Enco Free2 eartips has also been improved, which can effectively reduce the feeling of dull ears and help release ear pressure; and provide three different specifications of eartips to provide personalized wearing requirements.

The wearing effect is displayed, the overall wearing is very comfortable, and the curve of the earphone perfectly fits the auricle, making the wearing also very stable.

At the bottom of the headset is the call microphone interface, which is used for voice call pickup. It is equipped with two noise-reducing microphones, feed-forward and feed-back, and call noise reduction algorithms to provide a clear call effect.

The charging interface still uses a metal tail plug.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-canceling earphones feedforward noise-canceling microphone moved to the side of the headphone handle.

There is a circular pressure relief hole on the front of the headphone head, which is covered by an internal dust-proof net to maintain air circulation in the earphone and balance the air pressure inside and outside the earphone.

A small pressure relief hole is also provided at the bottom of the oval sound mouth.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction earphones is about 48.3g.

The weight of the two earphones is about 8.9g, which is relatively light and has no obvious weight-bearing feeling.

In terms of color matching, there are two colors of classic black and white for consumers to choose.

In terms of overall appearance design, OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-cancelling headphones continue the design language of OPPO Enco X. The waistline design of the charging box and the optical coating process of the back plate of the earphone handle enhance the texture and recognition of the product. The adjustment and optimization of the charging case cover, earphone pick-and-place, earphone appearance curve, ear cap design, touchpad and other aspects have further improved the user’s use and wearing experience.

Interaction: All-round control, new remote shooting

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise canceling earphones are used with OPPO mobile phones, support pop-up mode, and the connection is very fast and convenient. After a successful connection, you can automatically reconnect after opening the cover.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise-canceling headphones are very rich in control functions. It not only supports single-click, double-click, triple-click, and long-press control modes, but also supports sliding volume adjustment/up and down song switching functions.

OPPO mobile phones can be individually set for the left and right ears within the Bluetooth connection, and other brand mobile phones can be adjusted through the HeyMelody APP, and various operations can be performed without the intervention of the mobile phone.

OPPO Enco Free2 also has two new control options. The first is the double-tap remote shooting function, which allows you to control the phone to take pictures and videos through the headset. However, it currently only supports OPPO Reno6. We look forward to future updates of other mobile phone models; the other is Xpress. Listen to the song function, after setting, you can quickly open the music application and play a personalized recommended playlist with three clicks.

Noise reduction: personalized noise reduction technology, welcoming the era of customized noise reduction

Noise reduction is a main feature of OPPO Enco Free2, and it is not stingy in configuration. The use of two noise-reducing microphones of feed-forward + feed-back, combined with a built-in three-core noise reduction chip, and a personalized noise reduction algorithm, makes the noise reduction depth of this headset reach 42dB, which belongs to the current TWS reduction in the data. The highest level of noise in headphones.

From the actual experience, the extreme configuration also brings better noise reduction effect. After turning on the noise reduction, the steady-state noise control of the low and medium frequencies can be said to be played to the extreme. In commuting places such as buses and subways, the roar of transportation is greatly eliminated, while in the office, all you can feel is the faint conversation of “quiet” and colleagues.

This time OPPO also applied a new technology on OPPO Enco Free2——personalized noise reduction. Different from adaptive noise reduction technology that intelligently adjusts the noise reduction effect according to environmental changes, personalized noise reduction is to intelligently optimize the noise reduction curve according to the user’s ear canal structure and the state of wearing it, so as to help users obtain the best noise reduction effect.

OPPO Enco Free2 also supports transparent mode, you can easily get information about the surrounding outside world without taking off the headset. And the experience has been greatly improved. After turning it on, the external environment sound is greatly restored, and even when the headset is taken off in the transparent mode, the change is not obvious. With a comfortable wearing effect, the presence of headphones is even ignored in the transparent mode.

In terms of call function, OPPO Enco Free2 uses a three-microphone call noise reduction solution. The left and right ears 6 can work together with microphones, which can effectively enhance the human voice to reduce environmental noise and achieve a clear call effect.

In terms of wind noise resistance, the microphone located in the ear can effectively improve the sound reception in wind noise and strong noise environments. Compared with the previous generation OPPO Enco X, the anti-wind noise duct has been optimized to further improve the anti-wind noise ability, effectively reducing the impact of wind noise when the noise reduction mode is turned on in a high wind environment, and improving the user experience.

Music: Personalized listening + Dynaudio tuning

For the hearing loss and sensitivity decline caused by the age of the human ear, OPPO has equipped OPPO Enco Free2 with personalized hearing technology. Through the three-minute listening test, the user’s listening sensitivity is obtained, and the algorithm is used to calculate and compensate, and the audio curve is customized privately to provide a clearer and more immersive music experience.

OPPO cooperated with Dynaudio for the first time on OPPO Enco X in 2020, and the Hi-Fi-level sound quality jointly tuned has been greatly recognized by users. This time, OPPO Enco Free2 is also combined with Dynaudio tuning to provide highly restored sound quality performance.

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones are configured with a 10mm dynamic driver and support AAC audio codec. In terms of the effect of the noise reduction function on the sound quality, a noise reduction processor combined with a sound quality compensation algorithm is used to compensate for the sound quality damage caused by the noise reduction to the greatest extent.

In terms of sound effects, OPPO Enco Free2 presets four modes: classic, dynamic bass, clear vocals and bright and transparent, which can be set according to personal preferences. It also supports Dolby Atmos, which can intelligently match three different modes of theater, games, and music according to the functions used by the user.

In the music mode, there are three styles of balanced, gentle and delicate for users to choose personally. For audiophiles, you can also customize the frequency response curve through the graphic equalizer to meet the needs of different groups of people for sound quality.

HeyMelody APP: Open all platforms, extend more functions

OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones also support the headphone fit detection function, which can help users achieve the best wearing state, thereby assisting other functions such as noise reduction and music to achieve the best results.

The earphone search function is to release the earphone volume to the maximum extent through the mobile phone, so that the earphone can play the sound of “jingle bell” to determine the position. This function cannot be used when wearing headphones to avoid hearing damage.

For non-OPPO users, you can use the HeyMelody APP to use the extended functions and update the subsequent firmware version. The iOS version has also been officially launched, with the same functions as the already released Android version.

Battery life: 30h long battery life, 1.5h fast charging

Fast charging has always been the strength of OPPO products. OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones use a USB Type-C charging interface and support the fast charging function. It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the headphones.

In the fully charged state, the headset has a single battery life of 6.5 hours, and the overall battery life of the charging case has reached 30 hours; in the noise reduction mode, it also supports a single battery life of 4 hours and an overall battery life of 20 hours, which fully meets daily use. But compared to OPPO Enco X, the wireless charging function is removed.


OPPO Enco Free2 true wireless noise reduction headphones are another masterpiece of OPPO in 2021. Although they continue the design language of OPPO Enco X in appearance, they have their own characteristics in many aspects and have been optimized in many aspects to improve users. Experience.

In terms of functional configuration, it is equipped with a number of new OPPO technologies, and the personalized noise reduction function blazes a new trail. Starting from the user, the noise reduction effect is maximized; three-microphone noise reduction, with optimized wind and noise duct design, enhances voice calls Sharpness, reduce the influence of wind noise in noise reduction mode.

In terms of sound quality, Dynaudio is once again tuned, and can be optimized for the impact of noise reduction on sound quality and the user’s listening sensitivity, providing a clearer and more immersive music experience.

In addition, there are a variety of preset sound settings, earphone fit detection, search earphones and other functions to enrich the earphone experience. For non-OPPO Android and iOS users, you can also experience the full functionality through the HeyMelody APP.

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