Recently, at the OPPO K9 series ultra-dimensional conference, OPPO’s new true wireless earphones——OPPO Enco Air officially released. The charging case cover of this product adopts a translucent jelly warehouse design, and the earphones is a handle-type semi-in-ear design. Bluetooth 5.2 chip, support call noise reduction and flash charging, the initial price is only 249 CNY.

OPPO intends to build OPPO Enco Air into a trendy true wireless earphones for young people. Today I will talk about this product with you. Everyone is welcome to express their views on this product.

Let’s first take a look at why OPPO chose to launch OPPO Enco Air true wireless earphones at this time on May 6.

First of all, OPPO will have a comprehensive layout of the Bluetooth earphones market in 2020. A total of 7 Bluetooth earphones products will be released throughout the year. The layout is wide and the positioning is accurate, covering entry-level and mid-to-high-end products. Each product is eye-catching. Familiar OPPO Enco W31 , OPPO Enco W51 and OPPO Enco X true wireless headphones, etc.

After a year, OPPO’s true wireless headset product line has reached the time of updating, and the launch of new products at this time represents a new beginning. OPPO Enco Air, which was first released, needs to supplement OPPO’s competitiveness in the mid-range TWS headset market.

On the other hand, we have also seen that OPPO true wireless earphones products that use semi-in-ear design are relatively few. In addition to OPPO Enco Free, the newly released OPPO Enco Air is actually OPPO’s second semi-in-ear design. Designed true wireless earphones. For a product without active noise reduction, the semi-in-ear design can greatly improve the wearing comfort.

So from the perspective of product release rhythm and product positioning, the launch of OPPO Enco Air true wireless headphones is a new starting point for the OPPO audio product line in 2021. Whether OPPO can win at the starting line, let’s take a look. What is the actual experience of using this product.

Translucent jelly warehouse, stylish and comfortable design

The appearance design of true wireless earphones is an important factor that affects consumers’ purchases. OPPO’s TWS earphones have always been designed with a simple solid color design, and this time it is no exception for OPPO Enco Air.

The design of the charging case of OPPO Enco Air is similar to that of OPPO Enco X. The oval shape is very round, the body is frosted, and the hand feels comfortable. At the same time, OPPO designed the charging case cover in a translucent style, you can vaguely see the earphones inside. Unique, many netizens call it “Jelly Warehouse” because it looks like a jelly packaging.

The hinge on the back of the OPPO Enco Air charging case also continues the classic design of OPPO Enco X. The “OPPO” brand name is printed on the hinge shell, which does not occupy other positions and improves the aesthetics.

It is worth mentioning that the design of the shaft of the OPPO Enco Air charging case is very simple, and it can also support the body when the lid is opened, which makes it more reassuring to use compared to products with a loose lid design.

OPPO Enco Air’s earphones is a handle-shaped semi-in-ear design. The handle-type design allows the call microphone to be closer to the mouth, improving the pickup capability and voice clarity; compared with in-ear headphones, semi-in-ear headphones will not be completely blocked. Living in the ear canal has a certain sound leakage problem, but it will not cause pressure on the ear canal and can improve the wearing comfort, which can be said to have advantages and disadvantages.

A strip pressure relief hole on the earphone shell balances the air pressure inside and outside the earphone.

Another pressure relief hole on the front housing of the earphone is close to the mouthpiece, which also has a tuning function.

The charging contacts of the earphones are made of metal sheets, which are relatively expensive. Pogo Pins are mostly used for products of the same price.

The R&D team of OPPO Enco Air obtained a natural curve that fits the ear by establishing a human ear model. I noticed that there is a transition from high to low on the outside of the shell at the ear, and the shell at the output mouth also has a slight curvature. Extending inward, it is more comfortable and stable to wear during actual use, and the center of gravity is concentrated on the angle between the earphone and the ear. In addition, OPPO Enco Air has passed the IPX4 life waterproof certification, and it is no problem to use it in daily exercise or humid environments.

In terms of color matching, OPPO Enco Air has four colors of white, black, cyan, and blue. Its charging case cover also corresponds to the color of the body, which are all popular colors in recent years.

Not only that, OPPO Enco Air also cooperated with a well-known animation IP to launch a customized “Wu Liuqi” model. The earphones is equipped with four super cute earphone sets, sold in the form of blind boxes, to further meet the needs of young consumer groups.

Daily use experience: comfortable to wear and full-featured

In terms of hardware configuration, the OPPO Enco Air true wireless earphones is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.2 version of the main control chip. In theory, it has the characteristics of faster and more stable connection, lower latency, and stronger anti-interference. The effect will be better when used with mobile phones that support Bluetooth 5.2. Better; the earphones also supports functions such as call noise reduction, open lid flash connection, custom smart touch, voice assistant wake-up, and fast charging, which greatly improves the convenience of use. We can look forward to the follow-up disassembly of the chip material information. Let me talk about the daily use experience first.

OPPO Enco Air supports AAC audio encoding and SBC audio format. The built-in 12mm earphones uses a composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver. The official promotion has added the acoustic design of the bass duct, and it is tuned by OPPO Blu-ray technology research and development experts. After experience, the vocals and mid-to-high frequency sounds are loud and clear, and the three frequencies are distinct. The low frequency will be a little dull when encountering drums. The overall sound quality is still good; limited by the semi-in-ear structure problem, the experience is in a quiet environment better result.

In terms of call noise reduction effect, the official publicity OPPO Enco Air supports AI deep call noise reduction, using DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm to simulate the binaural hearing system, which can intelligently and dynamically track human voices. Two microphones are located at the top and bottom of the earphones handle. The measured OPPO Enco Air has a good noise reduction effect on calls. It can effectively suppress the noise and highlight the human voice in a noisy environment. In a quiet environment, the wearer can clearly hear the other party when speaking softly, which does not affect others and facilitates communication.

OPPO Enco Air supports three interactive modes: double-click, triple-click and long-press. The specific functions can be customized in the HeyMelody APP. The earphones can also be used to upgrade the firmware of the earphones. It can also be used on other Android phones except OPPO.

In terms of charging and battery life, the OPPO Enco Air true wireless earphones was tested with a portable power tester for wired charging. The input power reached a high 4.1W, and the fast charging function was activated, that is, charging for 10 minutes, earphones + charging case music The battery life can reach 8 hours, and its total battery life is about 24 hours.

Third-party certification is a trend, the test process and results look forward to detailed content

At mobile phone conferences, we often see brands endorsing their products with the evaluations or ratings of third-party testing agencies. On the one hand, these third-party testing agencies often have rich testing experience and high credibility in data and results; on the other hand, these third-party testing agencies often have rich testing experience; On the one hand, quantified data is more intuitive, making it easier for consumers to compare and choose. However, no test agency has yet given a public and objective test and scoring system for TWS earphones products. There are many reasons behind it, such as the fast update speed of TWS earphones products, the number of products, and the strong subjectivity of acoustic performance. The problem is difficult to reproduce, etc.

A major selling point of OPPO Enco Air true wireless earphones is that it has obtained the TWS earphone high-performance certification issued by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, and it is also the world’s first true wireless earphone to obtain this certification. TÜV Rheinland has accumulated nearly 30 years in the wireless field. It has established a laboratory in Shenzhen and has a testing and certification system for TWS earphones. The specific test indicators include interoperability, delay, stability, call clarity, and noise reduction effects (the product does not have The active noise reduction function will not be tested) These five points.

However, I did not inquire about the specific test methods and test results of TÜV Rheinland, which may not be so convincing for ordinary consumers. However, under the strong market demand for certification and testing, I believe that more testing institutions will join in. Provide a more comprehensive and open testing process to promote the development of the industry.

| Summary:

The appearance of the charging case of OPPO Enco Air continues the classic design of OPPO Enco X. The oval shape is very round, the matte body feels comfortable, the translucent cover “Jelly Warehouse” is light and translucent, and different colors present different textures, which is very dynamic; The earphone adopts a handle-type semi-in-ear design, which is light in weight, and the shell fits the auricle for comfortable wearing. OPPO Enco Air is slightly inferior to the OPPO Enco W31 at the same price in terms of quality, but it has a novel design, fresh color scheme, and the chip supports Bluetooth version 5.2. For more configuration differences, you can look forward to the follow-up disassembly article.

In terms of functions, OPPO Enco Air is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.2 main control chip, which has the characteristics of fast and stable connection, low latency, and low power consumption. It has a better experience with OPPO’s new mobile phones this year or other brands that support Bluetooth 5.2; the earphones also supports Call noise reduction, tap control, fast charging and other functions improve the convenience of use, but compared with popular products at the same price, OPPO Enco Air lacks in-ear detection, wireless charging and other functions, and there are trade-offs in configuration.

On the whole, OPPO does not intend to build OPPO Enco Air as an alternative to existing products, but has opened up a new product line and launched new solutions in appearance design and hardware to attract more young users’ attention. Also pave the way for follow-up products, looking forward to OPPO’s audio products in 2021 to bring us more surprises.

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