Sometimes, life needs some sense of color. A special sense of color not only represents fashion, but also brings a pleasant mood. This is a good way for modern people under great pressure to relax.

In fact, modern people prefer to relax by listening to music, listening to their favorite music. Before listening to music, at the moment when you take out the headphones, you can appreciate the color full of personality in your hand, which can make you feel relaxed. This sense of color continues to be worn on the ears, which is an invisible sense of confidence.

In fact, I’m talking about the OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington Joint Edition. The name seems a bit long, but it can be remembered all the time. At least the one you remember is OnePlus. What you remember is this cute and novel sense of color.

As we all know, OnePlus is not only sincere in its mobile phones, it also has its own trendy set of headphones, which has always been loved by users. OnePlus earphones are characterized by beautiful appearance and good sound quality, and this time it is another success. In the unique appearance of OnePlus Buds Z, it incorporates pleasant and unique colors, which is the trendy choice.

Steven Harrington is an artist, his works are wild and unconstrained, they are both funny and can bring you endless joy. He is very good at combining colors and patterns, and can always create strange images full of psychedelic charm.

OnePlus Buds Z is OnePlus’ brand new sincere work, with 10mm strong bass, 20 hours long battery life, waterproof and sweat resistant, stylish cool design, seamless interconnection. And more bright spots can continue to emerge in the actual experience, which will give people more surprises.

Of course, the biggest surprise this time is the color and pattern of the headset, because it is the Steven Harrington joint edition!

At the moment of opening the box, I believe everyone will feel the same as me-it is really trendy, cool and charming!

OnePlus’ sincerity can already be felt on the packaging, not only fills the headset with Steven Harrington’s style, but also matches both inside and outside of the packaging, giving people more pleasure.

On accessories, one can also feel the sincerity of OnePlus. The red and white charging cable is in the style of OnePlus, beautiful and durable.

Take a closer look at eartips, it also gives a cool color sense, and the left and right eartips are in different colors, which can match the color style of the headset.

It can be seen that the charging case cover of OnePlus Buds Z is similar to OnePlus 8T in terms of color.

On the charging case cover, the ONEPLUS logo is very conspicuous, surrounded by various cartoon elements, and very symmetrical.

More cartoon elements still surround the entire charging case. This is a positive cartoon element, which seems to have a story background. As for what a story is, it is still up to users to think about it.

On the back, there is also a “story”, and the cartoons here look more interesting and dynamic.

On the back is the Type-C interface, and there is a function button next to it. These are all “hidden” in the cartoon elements. Maybe users haven’t found it yet. It is worth mentioning that this Type-C interface can be connected to a variety of fast charging chargers, just because the OnePlus Buds Z supports fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can satisfy 3 hours of listening music.

At the bottom of the charging case are various parameters. Of course, the 450mAh battery is of more concern. The battery life is 5 hours of music playback. When used with the charging case, it can have 20 hours of battery life, which is enough for travel experience.

Because the charging case is so beautiful, I studied it a little longer. Now that I officially opened the cover, I saw two very stylish earphones, and they are still matched with a charging case design. The left and right earphones can be more recognizable and look cooler.

The OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington Joint Edition is really different. Not only is the charging case covered with interesting patterns, but also on the two headphones. The cartoon elements on the headset are different, which can give people more imagination.

Especially the inside of the earphones, it looks like there are eyes and mouths. Every time I wear the earphones, I see these two “little cute”, it feels interesting.

Due to the in-ear + long earphone handle design, it combines the advantages of pea-type and semi-in-ear earphones. The long earphone handle is more stable to hold, the ear fixation is more stable, and the wearing comfort is better.

In terms of calls, the clarity is very good, after all, it is dual MIC call noise reduction.

In terms of functions, it is relatively simple, that is, the previous/next can be realized by double-clicking the touch area, as well as functions such as play/pause and voice assistant. Although the function is simpler, it avoids more false touches.

OnePlus Buds Z supports bluetooth 5.0, which is also compatible with all smartphones on the market. However, users of OnePlus phones also have a “value-added experience”-finding headphones.

I believe you don’t have this special function in your headset, right? Although most people don’t need to search for headphones, this feature is quite useful for some users. On a desktop full of files, you can use the “Find Earphones” function to call the earphones to start the alarm without having to go through the files.

In addition, in the settings of the OnePlus mobile phone, there is an introduction to the functions of the OnePlus Buds Z, which makes it more convenient for users who do not like to read the manual to have a way to understand the operation of the headset.

In terms of sound quality, the 10mm high-quality dynamic driver brings a stronger bass effect among similar products. This is how I can feel the first note after connecting to the phone. Therefore, I now prefer to use OnePlus Buds Z to enjoy those bass music, especially the electronic type, especially Alan Olav Walker.

Although OnePlus Buds Z does not have active noise reduction, its in-ear design has achieved an ideal sound insulation effect. Especially when listening to music with obvious left and right layers, you can also deeply feel the real strength of the 10mm high-quality dynamic driver.

In addition to listening to songs, playing games with OnePlus Buds Z is no problem. Especially in real-time battle games that everyone likes, the sound delay is almost negligible, and the important thing is the sound effect, especially in the scenes of gunfire, engine sound, etc., which brings a sense of shock.

It is worth mentioning that users with OnePlus 7 and above models should remember to turn on Dolby Atmos, so that they can instantly obtain cinema-level effects and have a more immersive experience.


OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington is already on the market. It has conquered the vision of many young people with hip-hop art, and conquered the sense of hearing of young people with its powerful bass effect. After some experience, OnePlus is very sincere to create this special edition headset, from the packaging to the product, it is young, fashionable and trendy. Whether it is taking out the charging case or putting headphones on your ears, you can instantly become a street fashionista.

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