NOBLE FoKus Mystique Review: Comfortable HiFi Earbuds with Good Sound

NOBLE FoKus Mystique should be an upgraded version of FoKus Pro. They have raised the upper limit of sound quality of TWS earbuds, and they are also a niche “dessert” – more suitable for audiophiles who need sound quality.

NOBLE Audio FoKus Mystique specs and features:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC/AAC/aptX Adaptive codec
  • 8.2mm dynamic + Knowles armature driver *2
  • 7 hours playback of per charge
  • 31 hours of total battery life
  • Comes with 6 sets of eartips, storage bag, usb-c cable, user manual
  • $359 – Check latest price on Amazon US or other Amazon countries

Appearance Design, Comfort and Battery Life

The charging case is made of metal, the upper cover is light blue, and the lower part is black. The overall rough matte texture, the look and feel are good, and the size is relatively small – the only drawback is that it is a bit heavier.

NOBLE FoKus Mystique adopts 3D resin printing technology, and the panel introduces the elements of “Galaxy & Stars” – the whole is transparent and without air bubbles.

The earbud cavity is relatively large (built-in one dynamic driver and two armature driver), but the wearing comfort is very good. The reason is that the designer referred to the ear mold data of 10,000 pairs of customized earphones, calculated the public model shape suitable for most people, and optimized the center of gravity – so the comfort is very good. There will be no obvious burden on the ear canal after long-term use.

The battery capacity of the charging case is 500mAh, and the total battery life is up to 31 hours. The earbuds have a single battery life of up to 7 hours. Mystique doesn’t have wireless charging, but support fast charging – charging for 15 minutes, and listening music for 70 minutes.

Basic Performance: (Connection Stability, Latency and Control)

NOBLE FoKus Mystique uses Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, supports Bluetooth 5.2 and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive dynamic coding, and is a very stable bluetooth solution.

Because NOBLE clearly stated that it will not add the “Active Noise Cancellation” function (the manufacturer believes that it will degrade the sound quality), so it did not use the QCC5100 series chip.

The connection stability of FoKus Mystique is good, and the resin case will not block the signal. During two weeks of normal use, there was no disconnection phenomenon.

Because the functions of FoKus Mystique are not many, the control is relatively simple. The touch control scheme is adopted – long press, single-tap, double-tap and triple-tap, which can customize control in the App.

NOBLE FoKus Mystique does not have an in-ear detection function (take off pause/play) – it’s a pity.

Extended Functions: (App, Transparent Mode, OTA Upgrade, Auxiliary Functions)

The official app of NOBLE TWS earbuds is – NOBLE FoKus, which supports iOS and Android systems.

NOBLE FoKus APP can carry out OTA upgrade, touch control customization and equalizer setting for the earbuds. Among them, the equalizer is divided into 10 levels, which can be customized – the playability is very high.

There is also a hearing test program in the app, which will test the sensitivity of the user’s ears in different bands under low decibels. Then an exclusive optimization EQ curve is generated through the algorithm, which can greatly optimize the listening experience of FoKus Mystique.

Press and hold the left earbud for 3 seconds to turn on the transparent mode, and you can also switch it on and off in the App. The effect is not bad, and it is enough to use.

Noise Cancellation Performance: (ANC, Passive Noise Cancellation, Anti-Wind Noise, Ear Pressure)

FoKus Mystique does not support Active Noise Cancellation function, because NOBLE positions it as HiFi TWS earbuds, not an All-In-One device.

3 pairs of normal eartips, 3 pairs of double-layer eartips

The passive noise canceling effect of FoKus Mystique is acceptable. In addition to ear tips sound insulation, the special design of the cavity can also enhance the shielding effect of the external auditory canal – the overall performance is above average.

Sound Performance: (Audio Coding, Acoustic Architecture, Subjective Hearing)

Qualcomm aptX Adaptive is an adaptive variable encoding that automatically transmits high-bit rate signals to ensure the best sound quality when the environmental signal interference is small. In the case of mobile or strong signal interference, it will reduce the bit rate, improve the stability of transmission, and avoid disconnection – it is an advanced Bluetooth encoding with high adaptability and no need for manual adjustment.

The basic sound quality of FoKus Mystique is guaranteed, and the bluetooth encoding will not compress the original signal too much. Unfortunately, aptX Adaptive is currently only compatible with the Android system and does not support the iPhone. Also, Mystique also supports AAC and SBC codecs.

The acoustic structure of NOBLE FoKus Mystique is very “rude”, which is to copy the “hybrid drive architecture” and “frequency division technology” on NOBLE wired HiFi earphones to wireless earbuds. FoKus Mystique has a built-in one 8.2mm dynamic driver and two Knowles armature driver, which is currently the TWS earbuds with the most drive units. And give full play to the advantages of the hybrid drive architecture, the sound quality can match some mid-high-end wired HiFi earphones.

In addition, the circuit part is well optimized, and the background noise is very slight, which can only be distinguished when switching songs late at night.

Sounding: The mid-frequency density is high, the resolution and details are restored well, and the vocal is pleasant to listen to. High-frequency and extremely-high-frequency sound are delicate and have a good sense of line. High transparency and gloss – these two points are the sound characteristics of the armature driver unit and the advantages brought by the principle of transduction.

The low-frequency quantity is sufficient and the intensity is full, which can perfectly enhance the atmosphere. Low-frequency extension is deep and bouncy. The transient is moderate, and the restoration of low-frequency instruments is better – that is, the low-frequency overtones will be more natural and full of emotion.

General, FoKus Mystique continues NOBLE’s consistent tuning characteristics, taking into account power and fineness. The vocals are slightly warm, with good density and many details restored. The low-frequency is full and powerful, the extension is deep, the elasticity is good, and the atmosphere is strong. The high-frequency is bright, not harsh, with rich details and obvious lines.


NOBLE FoKus Mystique adopts a very mature “1x dynamic + 2x armature driver” architecture, and its advantages in acoustic architecture are still very obvious. FoKus Mystique is suitable for users and audiophiles who have high requirements for sound quality.

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