Motorola moto razr 2022

The Motorola RAZR 2022 improves the overall experience of the mobile phone through flagship hardware configuration. With the help of Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 and 144Hz high refresh rate OLED screen, the experience of folding screen mobile phones has been qualitatively improved. The newly upgraded ready for 3.5 forms a benign interconnection between mobile phones and PCs, eliminating the process of file transfer in business office scenarios. And Moto razr 2022 can be used as an external camera for PC. With the blessing of high-performance hardware, the mobile phone experience is greatly improved, and it is more than enough to be used as a main mobile phone.

Motorola RAZR 2022 specs and features:

  • 2.7″ external screen + 6.7″ 144Hz screen
  • 8GB/12GB+256GB/512GB
  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor
  • 5000mAh battery + 33W fast charge
  • 50MP+13MP dual camera
  • $1080 – Check latest price on AliExpress (Official Store)

01/ Appearance

Different from the rounded appearance of other vertical folding phones, the moto razr 2022 adopts a unique wedge-shaped design. The visual experience is lighter and thinner, and it also reminds people of classic models such as the razr V3. At the same time, the transition between the upper cover glass on the bevel of the edge of the fuselage and the metal middle frame is also very smooth, which not only brings users an excellent hand feeling, but also effectively improves the texture of the product.

In order to achieve this design, moto razr 2022 uses 7B10 aviation aluminum as the metal middle frame material, which is integrated with 3D gorilla glass, bringing a refined visual perception. At the same time, on the back glass, the Motorola razr 2022 uses a micro-nano optical coating process. It also has a very delicate feel when touching, which makes the texture of the mobile phone to a higher level.

02/ Display

After unfolding the inner screen, a complete 6.7-inch screen was displayed in front of me. It has a 144Hz high refresh rate and 10bit color depth. It supports full-link HDR 10+, 100% DCI-P3, and has passed the SGS low blue light, low smear double eye protection certification, and the visual look and feel is very good.

The performance of the Motorola razr 2022 surprised me a bit in terms of the most concerned crease of folding screen phones. Compared with the previous folding screen mobile phone, it can only achieve a level where the crease is not obvious when the screen is bright. The moto razr 2022 can only see a slight crease in the middle of the screen even in the extreme case of direct light when the screen is off. The crease is almost invisible when the screen is bright.

The ability to achieve such screen flatness is inseparable from the third-generation star orbit shaft scheme adopted by moto razr 2022. It is composed of up to 122 miniature custom parts, bringing stronger screen support and stability. Using multi-dimensional linkage double-axis water drop hinge design, the axes of the two rotating shafts are on the same center line, and the opening and closing of the mobile phone is completed under the action of a unique sliding structure.

When the inner screen of the mobile phone is unfolded, under the action of the sliding structure, the two rotating shafts advance together to drive other components in the hinge to complete the screen unfolding. When the inner screen of the mobile phone is folded, the two rotating shafts will push back to drive the entire set of hinges to close.

For folding screen mobile phones, the in-axis space is one of the key points to alleviate the crease problem. The Display R (axis bending coefficient) of the Motorola razr 2022 reaches 3.3mm, and it has a larger space in the shaft to allow the screen to be easily stored when the phone is closed, avoiding creases to the greatest extent.

In addition to creases, durability is also a big problem for folding screen phones. The OLED inner screen of moto razr 2022 has as many as 6 layers of deep support structure, covering UTG ultra-thin glass, which achieves a balance between permeability, flexibility, toughness, and durability, and further reduces creases. The use of pattern SUS ultra-tough steel mesh and the gabion grid structure of the rotating shaft is conducive to the rapid folding of the mobile phone, reducing the uneven subsidence of the inner screen, and achieving an overall similar to mirror-like smooth effect.

In general, while continuing the classic design language of the razr series, moto razr 2022 takes into account the feel by optimizing materials and design. At the same time, thanks to the third-generation star orbit hinge scheme, it also has a good performance in crease and durability, reaching a high level in vertical folding mobile phones.

03/ Performance & System

In terms of basic configuration, the moto razr 2022 uses a combination of the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ processor + LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1. In the current mobile phone market, this combination is definitely a flagship level. In terms of running points, the Motorola razr 2022 AnTuTu running score can reach 1.08 million, and the 3D Mark score is 10368, both at the level of the first echelon.

For vertically foldable mobile phones, due to the limited size of the external screen, it is impossible to directly run ordinary apps, so it is a test of the optimization ability of manufacturers. The 2.7-inch OLED external screen of moto razr 2022 has 9 large touch panels, including camera, weather, schedule, fitness, communication, smart travel, commuting advice, smart express and application list. Users can quickly switch by swiping left and right. At the same time, swipe up to view notification information, swipe down to enter quick settings, and long press for detailed settings.

Thanks to the folding screen form of the Motorola razr 2022, it realizes the practical function of taking selfies on the external screen. When shooting with an external screen, users can directly use the main camera with better effect to shoot, combined with the stronger photosensitive ability of the main camera, the Selfie effect will be improved to a higher level.

In addition to the optimization for the external screen, the new myui 4.0 system pre-installed in moto razr 2022 is also worth talking about. For a long time, myui has been well received by users for its simple and smooth properties, and the almost ad-free experience is also rare in the industry. On the basis of adhering to these features, myui 4.0 introduces a new concept of “intuitive interaction” to reduce the cognitive burden and thinking path of users during use. Make the required functions at your fingertips, further reduce the sense of intervention and interruption when using, so that every step of the user’s operation on the mobile phone is a product of intuition.

In addition to the simple and easy-to-use design, myui 4.0 also has many functional highlights. The first is ready for, the iconic feature of moto phones. The new ready for 3.5 adds support for multi-screen running of applications and the function of an external screen mouse. At the same time, it has also comprehensively upgraded the connectivity of products such as display screens, PCs, and tablet computers. Such as trackpad optimization for large display screens, application view mode for PC, clipboard for mobile phone and tablet interconnection, file transfer optimization, etc.

In addition, myui 4.0 also brings fully optimized functions such as “real-time subtitles”, “document scanning” and “slideshow shooting” for office scenarios such as meetings. The Live Caption feature can automatically generate subtitles on top of the application when system sound is detected on the device. The moto recording and document scanning and slideshow shooting functions allow users to take a photo of the mobile phone camera, and then the document can be taken as a scanned file, and the slideshow can be clearly photographed and saved, which is convenient for office workers.

myui 4.0 brings a custom app partner function for apps that are frequently used by users. It can be realized such as recording information with sticky notes while making a call, chatting with friends on social apps while watching videos, etc. These operations can be achieved simply by opening the corresponding combined application and displaying it in a split screen. Simplify all processes and make it more convenient and direct.

04/ Batter Life

In addition to performance, battery life is equally important. The moto rzar 2022 is equipped with a 3500mAh battery, which is at the mainstream level in vertical folding mobile phones. To test the battery life of the moto rzar 2022, I tested it with a 5-hour battery life model. The experimental results are as follows:

As can be seen from the results, after 5 hours of testing, the remaining power of the moto rzar 2022 is 49%. The overall performance has reached the mainstream level, which can basically meet the needs of users for a day.

In addition to battery life, the fast charging performance of mobile phones has also received more and more attention from users in recent years. The moto razr 2022 uses a 30W fast charge. In the 30-minute fast charging test, the mobile phone can be charged from 1% to 69%, which can meet the needs of users for fast charging.

From the overall experience, the overall performance of the Motorola razr 2022 in terms of battery life and fast charging is at an acceptable level, and it can basically be charged once a day in daily use.

05/ Photography

In terms of photography, the moto razr 2022 uses a dual-camera combination of 50MP OIS anti-shake main camera + 13MP ultra-wide-angle macro lens. The main camera has a 1/1.55″ super-sensitive sensor. The front selfie camera is 32MP. As for the specific performance of this combination, let’s take a look at the proofs.

Main camera proofs

Ultra wide-angle lens proofs

The first is a well-lit environment during the day, and the 50MP main camera of the moto razr 2022 performs very well. The picture resolution is excellent, the color of the picture is real and natural, and the style is fresh, which is very suitable for users who want the photos to be close to the look and feel of the human eye.

Main camera proofs

In terms of night scenes, thanks to the blessing of OIS optical image stabilization, the moto razr 2022 can take a photo with a good overall effect even in a low-light environment. The overall picture does not blindly increase the brightness, but takes care of the overall look and feel of the picture. Details in highlights and shadows are preserved, and the amount of noise is well controlled.

In general, the image quality of the Motorola razr 2022 can fully meet the needs of users for daily photography. The color of the proofs is natural during the day and pure at night, and the overall imaging effect is more competitive among similar products.

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