Honor Earbuds 3 Pro Teardown: TWS flagship sound quality + world’s first AI body temperature monitoring


In the current smart wearable market, the noise cancelling function represented by TWS earbuds and the health monitoring function represented by smart watches/smart bands are the most popular, which have become important considerations for consumers when purchasing products. Recently, the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro was officially released, equipped with ultra-wideband coaxial dual units, supporting scene-based intelligent noise cancelling, and for the first time integrating AI body temperature monitoring into TWS earphones, providing users with a wealth of application scenarios.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless earphones, as Honor’s annual high-end TWS earbuds, are equipped with 11mm ultra-large amplitude dynamic and ceramic tweeters in the acoustic configuration. To achieve a solid and powerful low frequency, clear and natural mid frequency, high frequency pure and rich audio experience. In the noise cancelling function, it supports mild, moderate and deep noise cancelling modes, and supports adaptive environmental noise intelligent switching. The maximum noise cancelling depth can reach 46dB. Support AI bone voiceprint call noise cancelling, providing clear voice call effect.

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro is also the world’s first TWS earphones that support body temperature monitoring. Through the equipped high-precision sensors combined with AI algorithms, accurate measurement of “no disturbance, no burden, and no sense of operation” is achieved. Through the negative screen of the Honor Magic4 series mobile phone or the “Honor Smart Space” App, you can view or monitor body temperature data at any time. In terms of battery life, it is the world’s first to support 5C fast charging. 5 minutes of charging, you can listen to music for 2 hours. It also supports wireless charging for a more convenient charging experience.

52audio’s previous teardown Honor products include: Honor Earbuds 2 SE, Honor FlyPods 3, Honor Earbuds X2, Honor Earbuds X1, Honor FlyPods TWS, etc. Let’s take a look at the appearance design and internal structure configuration of this product.

01/ Honor Earbuds 3 Pro earbuds unboxing

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro box adopts a simple design, with the overall appearance design of the product, as well as the “HONOR” brand LOGO and product name displayed on the front.

The back of the box introduces the detailed functional characteristics of the product, including ultra-wideband coaxial dual-unit, scene-based intelligent noise cancelling, AI body temperature monitoring, intelligent switching of dual-device connections, and 5-minute charging for 2 hours of listening to songs.

Inside the box are earbuds, charging cable, eartips, product manual and warranty card.

The charging cable adopts the USB-A to Type-C interface, which has wider compatibility at present.

Two pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes, one pair is pre-installed on the earphones. Three types of eartips meet the individual needs of different users and achieve better noise cancelling effect and audio experience.

The charging case is provided with a protective film to prevent damage during transportation. On the side of the protective film, there is a guide for picking up gestures.

The other side is printed with a display of the touch area of ​​the earphone.

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro charging case has a rounded square design, smooth and rounded texture, and comfortable to hold. An indicator light is designed on the front to feedback bluetooth pairing status and remaining battery information.

The back of the charging case uses a silver hinge, and the “HONOR” brand LOGO is designed on the hinge. At the same time, the back is also the wireless charging receiving area.

The Type-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the charging case.

There is a bluetooth pairing function button on the side of the charging case.

Open the charging case, and the earphone placement status is displayed. The earphones protrude from the cockpit and can be easily removed and worn according to the gesture guide.

Some parameter information of the product is printed on the side of the charging case cover, model: IRO-B10, charging case: 410mAh, headphone input: 5V-210mA, charging case input: 5V-1.5A, charging case output: 5V-430mA, Honor terminal Ltd., Made in China.

Remove the earphones from the charging case.

The metal connector for charging the earphone is located at the bottom of the cockpit of the earphone handle.

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro earbuds have a handle-shaped in-ear design, and the texture is consistent with the charging case. Based on ergonomic design, it has been verified by hundreds of wearing tests to provide a light and comfortable wearing effect.

The middle of the two microphones on the back of the earphone handle is the touch area. The flatter earphone handle design, combined with a large area of ​​​​the touch area, realizes a precise touch operation experience.

The noise cancelling microphone hole on the back of the headphone handle is used to pick up external ambient noise.

Call noise cancelling microphone, used to pick up human voice in voice calls.

The metal contacts at the bottom of the earphone handle for charging the earphone.

The pressure relief hole on the inside of the earphone is used to ensure air circulation in the cavity and improve wearing comfort.

The earphone temperature sensor fits the ear canal and is used to collect human data information.

The sound mouth of the earphone is protected by a fine dustproof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity. There is a feedback noise cancelling microphone inside, which is used to pick up the ambient noise inside the ear canal.

The earphone tuning hole ensures the air circulation inside the sound cavity and improves the acoustic performance.

The overall appearance of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless earphones.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless earphone is about 53.7g.

The weight of a single earphone is about 5.5g, which is consistent with the official promotion.

Using a portable power tester to test the wired charging of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless noise cancelling earbuds, the charging power is about 3.19W.

Using a portable power tester to test the wireless charging of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless noise cancelling earphones, the charging power is about 4.53W.

02/ Honor Earbuds 3 Pro charging case teardown

Through unboxing, we have a detailed understanding of the overall design of the Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless noise cancelling earbuds. Enter the teardown section below to see the internal structure configuration information.

Pry open the charging case and take out the cockpit structure.

The inner structure of the charging case shell.

Bluetooth pairing button small board, connected through metal contacts.

Internal test indicator light guide structure and foam pad for battery protection.

The structure on one side of the cockpit, the battery unit is arranged in the frame, and the exposed part contacts the sponge pad of the charging case shell, which plays a good protective role. There is an FPC cable under the battery, and there are indicator lights and Hall elements on the cable.

The other side of the cockpit is provided with a wireless charging receiving coil.

The motherboard unit is set inside the frame, and the Type-C socket at the bottom of the motherboard is provided with a sealing rubber ring for dust and water resistance.

The front and rear frames are fixed to the earphone cockpit by screws.

Uncover the wireless charging receiving coil and FPC cable set on the outer layer of the frame.

Remove the screws and remove the cover to see the motherboard unit.

The bottom structure of the cockpit is equipped with many magnets to attract the charging case cover and earphones.

Li-ion polymer battery inside the charging case Model: HB681636ECW, capacity: 410mAh/1.56Wh, voltage: 3.82V, charging limit voltage: 4.4V, made in China.

The silk-screen information on the cell has model number: 671534, energy: 1.58Wh, rated voltage: 3.82V, from ATL.

The battery is equipped with a circuit protection board, and the components on the protection board are protected by black hard glue, and no specific information can be obtained.

BTB connector on the battery cable for connecting to the motherboard.

An FPC cable circuit inside the charging case.

The charging case indicator is used for pairing status and remaining battery information feedback.

Metal shrapnel used to connect the bluetooth pairing button board.

The hall element of the silk-screen AAP 93 is used to sense the magnetic field change when the charging case cover is opened/closed, and then notify the charging case MCU to control the earphones to pair or disconnect from the connected device.

The metal shrapnel that charges the earphone on the cable.

The FPC cable is also connected to the motherboard through the BTB connector.

The charging case motherboard circuit, the wireless charging receiving coil is welded on the motherboard and fixed by UV glue.

The wireless charging receiving coil is fixed on the magnetic shielding sticker.

The circuit on one side of the motherboard, and the charging socket is provided with a rubber cover for protection.

circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

Remove the rubber cover of the charging base and the motherboard circuit.

TYpe-C charging socket, sink board welding, reduce the thickness of the motherboard.

Nations N32G4FRHE MCU microcontroller, N32G4FR series adopts 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 core, the highest working frequency is 144MHz, supports floating-point operations and DSP instructions, built-in cryptographic algorithm hardware acceleration engine, integrates up to 512KB encrypted Flash memory, 144KB SRAM, can be used for security Store fingerprint information, support mainstream semiconductor fingerprint and optical fingerprint sensors, support up to 18-channel capacitive touch buttons, integrate a wealth of U(S)ART, I2C, SPI, QSPI, USB, ADC, DAC, SDIO and other general purpose Peripheral interface.

Screen printing EE’s voltage regulator IC.

Silkscreen P5 IC.

Silkscreen 6UA IC.

Silkscreen 7RV boost IC.

Silkscreen J7LJ IC.

Female BTB connector for connecting battery cells.

Silkscreen N6S IC.

Silkscreen 1224 IC.

Cellwise CW2218B 5μA single-cell lithium battery fuel gauge chip, supports current detection. The chip monitors the voltage, current and temperature of the battery in the state of charge and discharge, runs the patented “FastCali” power calculation method, and combines the battery modeling information to accurately calculate the remaining power of the battery. The CW2218B is suitable for many types of lithium battery applications including lithium manganese, lithium cobalt and polymer. Application areas include smart watches, TWS earphone boxes, IOT devices, etc.

According to 52audio, audio products of Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, Honor, Libratone, DJI and other brands have adopted Cellwise chips.

Screen printing 8Q=8L IC.

The second silkscreen P5 I7 IC.

ConvenientPower CPS3008 high-efficiency wireless charging receiver chip, single chip supports 5W wireless charging receiver, using WLCSP30 package.

ConvenientPower CPS3008 detailed information.

Female BTB connector for connecting FPC cables.

03/ Honor Earbuds 3 Pro earphones teardown

Go to the earphones teardown section. Pry open the earphone along the parting line, and the internal components are provided with transparent plastic parts for fixed protection.

The cable extending from the motherboard in the rear cavity is connected to the components in the headphone head through the BTB connector.

Remove the plastic parts and battery, the internal structure of the front cavity.

The 11mm ultra-large amplitude dynamic and ceramic tweeter inside the earphones are on the back.

dynamic with ceramic tweeter front.

After actual measurement, the size of the dynamic driver is about 11mm.

After taking out the loudspeaker, the internal structure of the cavity is also provided with a plastic cover plate for isolation between the loudspeaker and the lower components.

Take out the plastic cover, and there are in-ear detection sensors and a feed-back noise cancelling microphone below.

Internal disassembly of the headphone head. All components in the front cavity are connected in series on an FPC cable.

Headphone sound mouth dust filter.

Laser carving G242’s MEMS feed-back microphone is used for noise cancelling function to pick up the noise inside the ear canal.

The circuit on one side of the FPC cable in the front cavity.

The circuit on the other side of the FPC cable in the front cavity.

earphone body temperature sensor.

The back of the sensor is provided with a silk-screened DF sensor chip.

The BTB connector female socket where the FPC cable is connected to the motherboard.

Silkscreen 031 IC.

Silkscreen AAP 93 IC.

The bone conduction sensor of the laser carving G053 1D54 collects the voice of the caller through bone conduction, enhances the voice pickup, and optimizes the noise cancelling of the full-link AI call to achieve a clear call effect.

There is also a small IC on the cable, which is coated with hard glue for protection and cannot obtain information.

The earphone is equipped with a steel case button battery.

Some parameter information of the battery is silk-screened on the external label, model: HB1054EFW, nominal voltage: 3.87V, charging limit voltage: 4.45V.

Battery rated capacity: 42mAh, typical capacity: 45mAh.

Peel off the outer label, one side of the steel case button battery.

On the other side of the battery, laser engraving QR code.

Pry open the back plate of the earphone handle, and a cover plate is also arranged in the cavity, and a large-area LDS laser antenna is printed on the cover plate for wireless signal transmission. There is a touch detection sensor in the middle position for touch operation function. The openings of the microphones at both ends are sealed with sponge pads to improve the radio performance.

The inner structure of the cover plate and the opening of the microphone are provided with a fine dust-proof net for protection.

The inner structure of the cover plate in the cavity, the bluetooth antenna is connected to the main board through the contacts.

The earphone motherboard adopts a combination of soft and hard boards, which can better utilize the internal space of the earphone.

The BTB connector male socket at the end of the motherboard cable is used to connect with the inner cable of the earphone head.

circuit on the motherboard side.

circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

The MEMS feed-forward microphone of the laser carving G244 is used for the noise cancelling function to pick up external environmental noise.

The same is the MEMS call microphone of the laser carving G244, which is used to pick up the human voice for voice calls.

The resettable fuse of silk screen S is connected to the charging contact side.

Silkscreen IC for bR and LS.

BES BES2600Y bluetooth audio SoC is a new generation of BES ultra-low power bluetooth audio SoC. Bluetooth + noise cancelling + in-ear detection three-in-one single-chip solution, supports dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3 and multi-point connections, and integrates dual-core ARM STAR-MC1 cpu and ultra-low-power Sensor Hub subsystem, with powerful application processing capabilities. Supports open adaptive noise cancelling and AI noise cancelling. Supports functions such as assistive listening and spatial audio, voice wake-up and interaction.

According to 52audio, the audio products of Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Honor, Soundcore, UGREEN, ZTE, Nokia, JBL, 1MORE, Baidu, OnePlus and many other brands have adopted the BES bluetooth audio solution.

ICs for which detailed silkscreen information cannot be obtained due to gluing issues.

Silkscreen Z5E3W IC.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Metal dome for connecting the bluetooth antenna contacts.

The earphone touch sensor is used to control various functions of the earphone.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro true wireless noise cancelling all components of earphones.

04/ Summary

The Honor Earbuds 3 Pro charging case adopts a rounded square design, with a smooth and rounded texture, comfortable to hold, compact and easy to carry. The handle-shaped in-ear earphones are ergonomically designed and come with three pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes for user personalization. Provides a light and comfortable fit, noise cancelling and audio experience.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the components in the charging case are fixed by the cockpit and the frame, and the overall look and feel is simple and clear. The charging case has a built-in ATL 1.58Wh lithium battery, which supports both wired and wireless input power. ConvenientPower CPS3008 wireless power receiving and charging management chip, CellWise CW2218B 5μA single-cell lithium battery fuel gauge chip and Nations N32G4FRHE MCU microcontroller are used for overall control.

In terms of the internal circuit of the earphone, the components in the headphone head are connected in series to an FPC cable, and then connected to the main board in the headphone handle through the BTB connector. The earphone adopts a unique coaxial dual unit of 11mm super-amplitude dynamic and ceramic tweeter, built-in 42mAh steel shell button battery, single earphone is equipped with 3 MEMS microphones + 1 bone conduction sensor for active noise cancelling and calls noise cancelling function.

The earphone motherboard adopts a combination of soft and hard boards, which makes better use of the earphone’s internal space. The main control chip of earphone is BES BES2600Y bluetooth + noise cancelling + in-ear detection three-in-one single-chip solution, which has powerful application processing capabilities and supports Bluetooth 5.3 and multi-point connections. Supports functions such as open adaptive noise cancelling, AI noise cancelling, voice wake-up and interaction.

As Honor’s annual high-end flagship TWS earbuds, Honor Earbuds 3 Pro has reached the industry’s first echelon level in terms of design, sound quality experience and functional applications. And the innovative function application based on AI body temperature monitoring further enriches its application scenarios and is a very good choice in the current TWS earphones market.

Source: 52audio

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