Honor Earbuds X2 wireless bluetooth earphones teardown


Honor Choice is Honor’s ecological brand. It plays the role of “+N” in Honor’s “1+8+N” strategy. It focuses on various smart home products and aims to create an AIoT ecological chain belonging to Honor. In the field of TWS headsets, Honor Choice focuses on entry-level products. The Honor Earbuds X1 launched in mid-2020 has long occupied the e-commerce platform TWS headset sales list.

Recently, Honor Choice launched its iterative upgrade product Earbuds X2 wireless earphones, which adopt a lightweight semi-in-ear design to provide a more comfortable wearing experience. As soon as it went on the market, it attracted a lot of attention, and sales were hot during Double Eleven in 2021.

Honor Earbuds X2 true wireless earphones use a custom 12mm bio-diaphragm dynamic driver in functional configuration to provide surging bass and open sound field. Upgrade bluetooth 5.2 technology, support AAC audio decoding, provide richer sound details and stable connection with lower power consumption. A neural network call noise reduction algorithm is also applied, with dual microphone units to achieve a clearer call effect. It has a single battery life of 6 hours and an overall battery life of more than 28 hours.

52audio also disassembled Honor Earbuds 2 SE, Honor FlyPods 3 true wireless active noise reduction earphones, Honor Earbuds X1, Honor FlyPods TWS, Honor FlyPods Youth Edition   true wireless bluetooth earphones. Let’s take a look at the appearance design and internal structure configuration of this product.

|1. Honor Earbuds X2 wireless earphones unboxing

The Honor Earbuds X2 wireless earphone packaging box uses the structure of the upper and lower cover, and the design is simple. Only the overall appearance rendering of the product and the product name are displayed on the front.

The product features are introduced on the back of the box: lightweight and semi-in-ear, 28-hour long battery life, and dual-mic call noise reduction.

The side of the box is the three functional characteristics of graphic display.

The contents of the box include earphones, charging cable and product manual.

USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable.

The Honor Earbuds X2 charging case adopts a rounded square design. The front opening of the cover is provided with a clasp position for easy opening. There is an indicator light below to feedback the headset pairing status and power. The charging case has a built-in 500mAh battery, which can provide an additional 22 hours of battery life for the headset.

The appearance on the back of the earphone has an integrated hinge structure.

The TYpe-C charging interface is located at the bottom of the headset, and there is a bluetooth pairing button on the right. The information on the label has model number: ALD-00, CMIIT ID: 2021DP11800, S/N: 21ALD0001A19048077, made in China.

Open the charging case cover and display the headset placement state. The headset is about 9.8mm high in the cockpit and can be easily taken out with two fingers. The placement sequence of the earphones is consistent with the left and right wearing directions. It is very convenient to take out the earphones and wear them without adjustment.

Honor Earbuds X2

The overall appearance of Honor Earbuds X2 wireless earphones.

The appearance of Honor Earbuds X2 earphones adopts a handle-shaped short rod semi-in-ear design. The overall body adopts a white color scheme and a silver tail plug is designed at the bottom.

The earphone handle uses an oval cylindrical design.

The touch area is designed with a flat surface, which is convenient for blind operation. Above is a noise reduction microphone, used for voice calls to pick up external environmental noise.

The appearance of the inside of the earphone.

There is an L/R logo on the inside of the earphone handle, which is convenient for users to distinguish.

The earphone tuning hole keeps air circulation in the sound cavity.

The earphone pressure relief hole balances the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the earphone and improves the wearing comfort.

The sound mouth of the earphone is covered with a fine dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity.

The tail plug at the bottom of the earphone handle is provided with a metal charging contact and a call microphone opening.

Use a portable power tester to perform a wired charging test on the Honor Pro Choice Earbuds X2 wireless headset. The input power is about 2.23W.

|2. Honor Earbuds X2 charging case teardown

After unpacking, we learned about the appearance design of this product in detail. Let’s enter the disassembly section to take a look at the internal structure configuration information in detail.

Pry open the charging case shell.

The front of the cockpit internal structure.

The battery unit is fixed on the back of the cockpit.

The motherboard is fixed by screws at the bottom.

Remove the motherboard and battery.

There are three magnets on the bottom of the cockpit, which are fixed by UV glue and used to absorb the charging case cover and earphones.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

The charging case built-in polymer lithium battery model 702334, capacity: 500mAh, production date: July 16, 2021, from Novel.

The battery is not provided with an independent protection board, the wires are directly welded to the battery tabs, and the protection circuit is located on the main board.

2R2 boost inductor, used to boost the battery output to charge the earphones.

ETAsolutions ETA1061 1A synchronous boost converter with 1μA quiescent current, used to boost the built-in battery to charge the earphones.

ETAsolutions ETA1061 details.

The input protection IC of the silk screen N3010.

Type-C charging interface female socket.

The motherboard is coated with white silica gel around the USB socket to protect the anti-burnout circuit on the motherboard.

SinhMicro SS881A microcontroller. The SS881X series is one of the products of SinhMicro POWR MCU series. The MCU has rich interface functions and flexible configuration modes. It supports different low-power options and is suitable for portable electronic products that require battery charging and intelligent control. The charging voltage and current of the battery can be flexibly configured through software. It also has built-in complete protection functions, and the chip itself has passed IEC62368 certification. Using SinhMicro MCU can bring streamlined peripherals, excellent performance and flexible and convenient development to TWS headsets and other products.

SinhMicro SS881X input supports 14V withstand voltage, high voltage version supports 40V withstand voltage, supports multiple reset methods, built-in 8-channel 12-bit ADC for current and voltage acquisition. Built-in capacitive touch button sensor, support I2C and UART interface, integrated programming/debugging interface, support upgrade of the whole machine. Built-in four-channel PWM signal output, which can be used to drive breathing light.

It is understood that for the application of TWS smart charging warehouse, SinhMicro provides a complete developer kit, including the two-way communication function with the mainstream headset platform, to meet the needs of customers for the rapid implementation of projects. SinhMicro SS881 series has 5 models in total, which are packaged in SOP16, SSOP24 and QFN24 to meet a variety of product applications.

According to 52audio, a variety of TWS headset charging cases including Xiaomi, OPPO, 1MORE, Edifier, Redmi, ZMI, realme, FIIL, Anker, Lenovo, LINNER, Astrotec, Nubia, Razer, HTC, Soundcore and other brands All have adopted SinhMicro’s scheme in large quantities.

Bluetooth pairing function button on the motherboard.

Winsemi WSDY06 series lithium battery protection chip is a highly integrated solution for the protection of single-cell lithium-ion/lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs. It has the protection functions required by all batteries such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit.

It is understood that Winsemi provides a complete set of protection solutions for TWS smart wear, including a small-size DFN1x1 packaged lithium battery protection chip and OVP/OCP protection solutions.

According to 52audio, there are currently Transsion TECNO Buds 2 true wireless bluetooth earphones, FIIL CC Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones, Edifier NeoBuds Pro true wireless noise-cancelling earphones, Edifier FunBuds true wireless noise-cancelling earphones, Meizu POP2s True wireless bluetooth earphones and other brands of TWS headset products use Winsemi lithium battery protection chip.

For the Hall element of silk screen 8691H, the magnetic field changes when the charging case cover is opened and closed will be sensed by the Hall element, and then the charging case MCU is notified to control the pairing or disconnection of the headset with the connected device.

The positive and negative metal shrapnel on the motherboard for charging the earphones.

Two LED indicators of different colors.

|3. Honor Earbuds X2 earphones teardown

Pry open the earphone cavity along the parting line.

The speaker unit in the front cavity is fixed by glue, and is provided with a rubber ring for sealing.

A buffer pad is arranged on the battery in the rear cavity.

The speaker and the battery are respectively connected to the motherboard through wires.

The inner structure of the pressure relief hole is protected by a dust-proof net.

A magnet is fixed on the cavity wall to adsorb the charging case.

Take out the speaker unit.

The internal structure of the cavity.

The front of the speaker. Earbuds X2 uses a custom bio-diaphragm. Compared with the composite diaphragms commonly used in general entry-level products, Earbuds X2 can provide stronger toughness, better transient and dynamic realization, and a more natural and full-feeling sound.

There are two arc-shaped tuning holes around the back of the speaker. The edge is fixed by UV glue, and at the same time it has the effect of sealing.

The size of the speaker is compared with the RMB coin.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 12mm, which is at the current mid-to-upper level. The large size is matched with a biological diaphragm to further enhance the bass effect.

The earphone uses a steel shell button battery, model: ICB1054E4H, rated voltage: 3,7V, from EVE.

Insulating barley paper is pasted between the positive and negative solder joints on the back of the steel shell button battery.

Remove the earphone stem plug.

Pull out the internal motherboard unit.

The back of the motherboard is also fixed with a cover plate, the cover plate is affixed with a bluetooth antenna, touch detection patch, and the bluetooth antenna silk screen model SN-A1088-L-V10.

Separate the main board and cover.

The inner side of the cover is provided with a bluetooth antenna connected to the main board, a touch detection patch metal contact, and an acoustic structure of the microphone.

Circuit on the motherboard side.

Circuit on the other side of the motherboard.

The microphone opening on the motherboard is attached with a dust-proof net.

Touch IC with silk screen 233HS.

The metal shrapnel connecting the bluetooth antenna and the touch detection patch.

The acoustic structure of the call microphone is used to improve the radio performance.

The positive and negative metal copper pillars for charging the earphones, the charging copper pillars do not use the conventional gold plating scheme, and use a better rhodium ruthenium process.

Laser carving 1096 1371 MEMS microphone is used for voice call pickup.

BES BES2500 series bluetooth audio SoC is a new generation of BES bluetooth audio SoC, all support bluetooth 5.2, and different suffix configurations and functions are different. BES BES2500IUC/IU/IZ series, support bluetooth 5.2, ultra-low noise floor, 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH, it is a cost-effective solution.

According to 52audio, many products under brands such as Honor and OPPO have adopted the BES2500 series. True wireless headsets from brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, JBL, 1MORE, Honor, Baidu, OnePlus, Transsion, etc. have adopted a large number of BES solutions.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

Silk screen bRAX IC.

Battery protection IC with silk screen IN.

Laser carving 1096 1371’s MEMS noise reduction microphone is used for voice calls to pick up external environmental noise.

All components of Honor Earbuds X2 wireless earphones.

|4. Summary

Honor Earbuds X2 still maintains Honor’s high-quality requirements for its products. The pure white body with smooth and round processing in appearance has a very good texture performance. The overall workmanship is exquisite and the details are in place. It is a very good product in the entry-level TWS headset market. The semi-in-ear design further improves the comfort of wearing and listening compared to the previous generation.

In terms of internal structure configuration, the charging case has a built-in 500mAh lithium-ion soft-pack battery and is equipped with Winsemi WSDY06A1Y2N lithium battery protection IC. The main board adopts Type-C interface input power, adopts anti-burn port design, SinhMicro SS881A microcontroller charges the built-in battery, and can flexibly configure the charging voltage and current, and supports complete protection functions. The ETAsolutions ETA1061 synchronous boost converter boosts the built-in battery to charge the headset.

The 12mm biological diaphragm dynamic driver is used inside the earphone to ensure the sound quality performance. The EVE steel shell button battery has a higher energy density and a longer battery life than the soft pack battery used in entry-level products. It also brings better quality consistency and space compactness. With a 500mAh charging case and low system power consumption, it achieves an overall battery life of more than 28 hours, avoiding the anxiety of using TWS headsets.

On the main board of the Honor Earbuds X2, the copper column at the end is set to charge the earphone, using a better rhodium ruthenium process. The bluetooth audio SoC uses the BES BES2500IUC cost-effective solution, ultra-low noise, supports bluetooth 5.2, has 512K SRAM, 2M/4M FLASH, and supports OTA upgrades. Built-in two MEMS microphones, combined with neural network call noise reduction algorithm, intelligently filter environmental noise, to provide clear voice call effect.

Source: 52audio


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