Foreword: As an authentic EDC enthusiast, even if I haven’t played in the past two years, I still buy one or two of things I like occasionally. But this time I’m not sharing products like cold metal toys or stone-carved Wenwan bracelets, but not the HiVi AW-76 true wireless bluetooth earbuds that a friend recently gave.

The most special feature of this headset is the charging case made of solid wood. There are three types of black walnut, yellow rosewood, and zebra wood. The one in my hand is black walnut. Of course, as a headset product, in addition to the personality charging case, I also like the HiVi brand. After all, it is one of the top HiFi active speaker brands in China. It has good acoustic design experience, and the sound quality and workmanship are not bad.

| First impression

The packaging of HiVi AW-76 is relatively large, and the design style feels retro rather than fashionable. The front is the real shot of the product, and the back is the product specification introduction. Its main features are: using Bluetooth 5.0 technology, frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, 16Ω impedance, and distortion ≤5%@100Hz~8kHz.

This introduction is the introduction of traditional audio products. It supports apt-X, ACC wireless transmission protocol, IPX5 waterproof, supports single ear independent use, and has a battery life of up to 5 + 25 hours.

This approach has even been applied to the internal design. The black walnut inner box is the company’s slogan “Thirty years ago, because of love, today’s HiVi has been achieved. Time will not fail the ambitions of the journey.” Then, under the transparent PC film, only the paper material and the ugly eartips package can be seen.

| Detailed features

The Hivi AW-76 charging case is made of black walnut wood with a black lining, and the whole is round and smooth polished with fine sandpaper, giving people the feeling of a newbie wooden bracelet.

There is an indicator light with a swan pattern in the middle of the front, which can be changed to ice blue, orange, and red, indicating high, medium and low power levels respectively.

On the back is a type-C charging port on the symmetrical position of the swan pattern, which supports positive and negative blind insertion, and comes with a 50cm short cable.

The size of the charging box is 72 * 39 * 42mm, and the total weight including the headphones is 68.5g. Inside is a 700mAh battery, which can charge the headphones 5 times separately, and supports fast charging of the headphones. It can be charged for 2 hours in 10 minutes, and the total battery life can reach 5 + 25 hours.

As the main body of the earphone, it also adopts a completely symmetrical TWS design regardless of main and auxiliary. The back shell of the earphone is treated with a starlight metallic paint. The center of the back is a physical button with an ice blue color-changing swan pattern, with a gold-plated decorative ring on the edge. Dragging the small tail is a pickup microphone. The opening is slightly larger than that of common wireless headphones, and there is also a metal dust-proof net inside.

The front of the earphone is matt black, and the whole side looks a bit like “thin shoes”, and the sound guide tube is in-ear design.

HiVi AW-76 uses a 6mm dynamic driver designed by itself, the diaphragm is made of special polymer material, and the frequency response can reach 20Hz~20kHz. This point can also be ground from the design of the sound guide tube, because the sound guide tubes are separate cavities inserted into the headphones, rather than the integrated structure of the common bluetooth headphones.

In terms of weight, the weight of a small earbud 5g is also considered a relatively lightweight design, because the weight of the existing lightweight earphone is generally 4~5g, the conventional one is 6~7g, and the individual overweight can reach more than 8g. The design of 4~5g is recognized to be more convenient for commuting and sports.

| Use experience

HiVi AW-76 earbuds supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, built-in LDS antenna, wireless pairing is fast, and the left and right ear connections are more stable. This is worthy of recognition. After the pairing is successful, the next time you use the cover to connect, the actual test is generally completed in 2 to 3 seconds, that is, the headphones can be used normally when you take out the headphones and wear it on your ears, so there is no need to wait.

In terms of operation logic, there are three operation modes: double-click and long-press, which are relatively easy to master. In music mode, play and pause step by step; long press to switch songs (the next song on the left earphone, the previous song on the right earphone); double-click the left earphone to wake up the voice assistant, double-click the right earphone to enter the breathing light mode. In the call mode, aim to answer, hang up, long press to reject, long press the right earphone to switch to the phone to answer. The function of volume adjustment, but also saves too many one-key functions, and the cost of learning and adapting time.

HiVi AW-76 earphone buttons are relatively hard, the key travel is very short, it is not easy to misuse it, but it is not suitable for blind operation that does not listen to the sound at all. Fortunately, the earphones have long and short beeps, so you can intervene as you wish, and the experience is not bad. In addition, the ice-blue indicator light can be set on and off. When it is used at night, the blue light flashes and flashes, which is a little emotional.

The headphones also supports a transparent mode, this mode is actually fine, even if you actually experience it, the design of the headphones is fairly reasonable, and it is more reliable than the semi-in-ear alignment, and the complication is not obvious, and it lasts for 2 hours. Will not feel uncomfortable. In my actual test, there is still a significant difference between turning on and off. I personally predict that there will be a 3dB enhanced environmental sound effect. When crossing the street, long press anyone. If you meet an acquaintance while listening to a song on the subway or bus, you can also turn on this feature to chat directly , No need to take off the headphones.

Relatively speaking, comfortable adjustment, this headphones has two sets of three pairs of silicone earplugs, memory foam earplugs, silicone ears are high-elastic, you can hear the sound quality more transparent; memory foam earplugs have good physical sound insulation and are more suitable for noisy environments use.

Finally, let’s talk about the sound quality. I have listened to a lot of songs with HiVi AW-76 earbuds. The overall feeling is: this headphones has a better tri-band equalization and good resolution. It gives people a kind of listening to music. A more real sense of the scene, no reverberation with over-modified bass, and a certain sense of uplift in the treble, sharp and not harsh.

This design makes me feel a little familiar with HiFiMAN true wireless headphones. Even if you listen to a symphony like “Ala Turka”, you can still listen to it, and it will not be completely uninterpretable. But for obedient people who like the metallic feel of super bass, it may be a little flat, because the tone is a little pure and cold, and the sense of alignment is not very strong, but the vocal performance is okay, and the vocals will always feel floating In the background music, this kind of performance is actually a bit similar to the performance of the moving iron unit. I am curious how HiVi can play the dynamics out of the frequency response ductility of the moving iron, making the small in-ear headphones also very durable.

According to the battery life, I haven’t paid attention to it. It has been a full week of commuting to work with a full battery, and there is no battery emergency. There are friends who like him more seriously. Look at other people’s comments to find the answer.

In short, the HiVi AW-76 has pure sound quality, and it feels good to listen to light music and is very durable. The earphones are placed comfortably, the distortion effect is not obvious, supports single-ear use, and can also monitor the ambient sound function, and the experience is better when commuting or running. Of course, it is more special that it uses a solid wood charging box with a special design that can be used as a small thing to carry every day. This is also the first thing it attracts.

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