Haylou X1 Pro Review: Fully Upgraded, New Appearance


Haylou X1 Pro

Haylou X1 Pro does not feel much improved in noise cancelling. It can only be said that it is in line with the effect of this price, but it is also better than many noise cancelling headphones of the same price. Other aspects can basically be said to be a comprehensive upgrade. The battery life, sound quality, appearance and materials have all improved a lot, just like remaking a series, so I still recommend it.

Accessories & Specifications

Haylou X1 Pro

The accessories of Haylou X1 Pro are still 3 pairs of silicone eartips and Type-C cable, which are not much different from other brands of TWS earbuds accessories.

Haylou X1 Pro Specifications:

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with ACC
  • 35dB ANC noise cancelling depth
  • 5-9 hours playback of earbuds (ANC ON/OFF)
  • 22-40 hours of charging case (ANC ON/OFF)
  • 8mm biological diaphragm dynamic driver
  • $50 – Check latest price on: AliExpress, Banggood

Appearance Design

Haylou X1 Pro

The appearance of the charging case has been greatly adjusted, which can be said to be completely upgraded. Haylou X1 Pro upgrades the charging case to a capsule shape, which is more technological. However, the clamshell design seems to be a bit loose, and it is not easy to open the lid with one hand, which needs attention.

Haylou X1 Pro

The side of the charging case is a multi-function button, and the bottom is a Type-C charging port. The charging case uses a matte material, and the matte material itself is not easy to leave fingerprints, and in the actual experience, it feels lower than the fingerprint retention rate of the previous generation.

Haylou X1 Pro

The Haylou X1 Pro earbuds use an in-ear structure that makes the overall fit of the earbuds very close to the auricle. It is very stable when worn, and the earphones will not fall easily even when doing strenuous exercise. The headphone handle, inspired by the design of the piano keys, is slightly different from the previous generation in design, but the texture is still good.

Noise Cancelling & Battery Life

Haylou X1 Pro

In terms of noise cancelling, Haylou X1 Pro uses Hybrid ANC technology, which can pick up two noise sources from the outside world and the inside of the ear, so that more noise can be canceled. The noise cancelling depth can reach up to 35dB, and it has three scene modes: noise cancelling, transparent and standard. After actually experiencing it, the noise cancelling mode does have a significant noise reduction effect, and the noisy human voice outside the window and the noise of the vehicle are obviously weakened.

The battery life has also been optimized a lot. The normal mode has a single battery life of up to 9 hours, with the charging case up to 40 hours, and still has 5/22 hours of battery life when the ANC mode is turned on. Compared with Haylou X1‘s 30 hours and 22 hours, it has improved a lot.

Sound Quality of Haylou X1 Pro

In terms of sound quality, Haylou X1 Pro has a well-tuned acoustic system and is equipped with ACC audio decoding. When playing songs, the tri-band performance is balanced. The low frequency extension is deep enough to be suitable for listening to pop music. At the same time, its analytical power is also good, retaining a lot of details. The experience of drum instruments is very good and has an immersive feeling.

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