Haylou X1 dual noise-cancelling bluetooth headset review: the first choice for young people


Bluetooth headphones are indispensable in our lives, especially young people. When going out, we can see young people wearing bluetooth headsets everywhere. First of all, it is very convenient to use, and secondly, the sound will not disturb others when playing on the phone, and finally it can effectively alleviate some embarrassing situations.

Nowadays, low-end true wireless bluetooth earbuds are beginning to be equipped with active noise reduction, which is good for our consumers. Today I bring you Haylou X1 dual noise-cancelling bluetooth earbuds review.

Haylou X1

In terms of appearance, Haylou X1 uses a black design, and the front is relatively simple and only has a brand logo. What I am more satisfied with is that the material is frosted, the texture is good, and it is not easy to stain fingerprints. The shape of the earphone handle is unique, like the black and white keys of a piano, and the exterior has an anti-oxidation vacuum coating process, which is not easy to scratch and wear. The earphones are in-ear, with an ergonomic cavity design and comfortable to wear.

Haylou X1 Haylou X1

Almost all current bluetooth headsets use Type-C charging ports, and Haylou X1 is no exception. However, there are relatively few bluetooth headsets equipped with wireless charging on the market, and the common ones are in some high-end headsets. The Haylou X1 is standard and deserves praise. In terms of battery life, the total battery life in music mode is about 30 hours, and when the active noise reduction mode is turned on, the battery life is about 20 hours, which can basically meet our daily use needs. If your phone supports wireless reverse charging, you can also provide temporary power for the headset.

Haylou X1

In fact, I personally prefer Haylou X1 because of its linkage with Xiaoai APP. If your mobile phone is a Xiaomi mobile phone, then after turning on the bluetooth pairing successfully, the pop-up window will pop up automatically when you turn on the headset. We can see the charging case and the remaining power of the headset through the pop-up window.

In more settings, we can set some settings for the headset, such as control settings, playback settings, smart scene settings, and so on. If it is a headset of another brand, you can also download the Xiaoai APP to realize these cool functions.

Haylou X1 Haylou X1

After introducing the small highlights, let’s talk about the core function of Haylou X1 “dual noise reduction”——active noise reduction + six-mic call noise reduction. Haylou X1 adopts hybrid active noise reduction technology, the depth of noise reduction can reach -35dB.

There are three options for noise reduction mode, standard mode, and transparent mode, which can be changed through the touch area on the headset or adjusted through the notification bar (this time the test phone is a Xiaomi phone). Recently, the MIUI development version is testing the function of the MIUI widget. After connecting the headset, the widget automatically switches the headset connection screen. In the past few days, I personally think it is still very good.

Haylou X1 Haylou X1

In the actual experience, there will be a prompt sound when the noise reduction is turned on and off, and the noise reduction mode is switched. The noise reduction mode of Haylou X1 has obvious effect perception in vehicles or noisy environments. In terms of call noise reduction, Haylou X1 uses three high-definition microphone arrays on the left and right, coupled with the AI ​​neural noise reduction algorithm, and high-definition calls can also be achieved at the bus station.

Haylou X1

In terms of sound quality, Haylou X1 uses a high-performance biological diaphragm dynamic, Bluetooth 5.2 connection, and supports AAC HD decoding. During the period of use, I think that although this headset has some common problems with noise-canceling headphones and insufficient high-frequency realization, its performance in vocal music is still remarkable. When testing the low-frequency performance of the headphones, the extension of the three drums in front of the song 《渡口》 is still good.

When listening to “Hotel California”, the sound of music, cheers, and applause appeared at the same time for one minute, which was a great test for the headphones. Haylou X1 can also stand the test, and the sound field of the headset is still good. In terms of latency, Haylou X1 has a dedicated low-latency game mode, with dual-channel transmission and system-level full-link optimization, I personally feel that the control is good when playing games.

Haylou X1 Haylou X1

Haylou X1 is an entry-level noise-cancelling bluetooth headset, although it has some shortcomings, but its configuration is still sufficient. At the same time, the experience price of less than $45 also fulfills the original intention of “the first noise-reducing bluetooth headset for young people”.

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