FIIL T2 Pro true wireless active noise cancelling earbuds review


I believe that many friends will feel the noise of the ambient sound when they commute to work on the bus or subway. Generally, they will take out their earphones and wear them at this time. Among them, there are many small partners who hope to more effectively isolate external sounds. At this time, noise-canceling headphones have become their best choice.

First, the noise-cancelling headphones can shield yourself from interference and immerse yourself in your own space. Secondly, the sound quality of noise-canceling headphones is basically not bad, which can be said to be more suitable for enjoying music.


As a headphone brand FIIL that focuses on high-quality music, everyone knows that it was founded by musician Wang Feng. Since the first product, it has won unanimous praise from the market and consumers. For example, their new FIIL T2 Pro launched on October 20 is also a TWS headset that focuses on noise cancelling. Compared with FIIL T1 Pro, it not only supports richer noise adjustment modes (new: open, wind mode). In terms of noise cancelling in calls, a single headset has built-in 3 microphones, and allows one-key switching between dual devices, and the upgrade rate is still very considerable.

So today we are going to talk about this new FIIL T2 Pro, and see what its actual noise cancelling effect is. Is the price of $62 worth buying?


The outer packaging of FIIL T2 Pro still uses FIIL’s gift box layered packaging design, and the basic product information and selling points are basically printed on it. After opening the package, you can see the FIIL T2 Pro charging case, USB-C charging cable, 4 pairs of eartips of different sizes (including those on the earphones), and 3 pairs of earwings of different sizes (including those on the earphones).


In terms of appearance, FIIL T2 Pro is more sleek, smoother and smaller than the previous generation T1 Pro charging case, and it is also closer to the alias of “music capsule”, and continues the classic titanium empty gray color matching + matte material shell processing of FIIL headphones. Switching between two completely different styles, a mature business style and an open-minded youth style, driving a variety of scenarios is also a skill that a workplace worker possesses.


The total weight of FIIL T2 Pro is 29.5g. Compared with the 33g of the previous generation FIIL T1 Pro, it has undergone a size reduction. The compact body will not feel cumbersome even if you put it in your trouser pocket. The charging cover is equipped with a magnetic suction function, and the charging case can be opened by gently pushing up with one hand. Then there are FIIL T2 Pro earbuds, which are also firmly attached to the charging case by magnetic attraction.


Take out the FIIL T2 Pro, the weight of a single earbud is about 4.4g, and it is also very light when placed in the same type of noise cancelling earphone. Moreover, the front touch area uses the same titanium empty gray + frosted treatment as the charging case, and the same capsule design. Compared with the FIIL T1 Pro’s dual-material mirror treatment, the FIIL T2 Pro has a higher degree of integration and a better appearance. It’s likable. On the back are the magnetic charging contacts connected to the charging compartment, and the L/R logo next to it makes it easy for users to distinguish the left and right ears.


Thanks to the sleek design, FIIL T2 Pro fits the ears when worn, but does not give people the feeling of forcibly supporting it. The light weight is a guarantee for long-term wearing, whether it is commuting or intense exercise, it can be perfectly adapted. The capacitive touch area supports a variety of gesture operations, and the operations of the left and right earphones are different. For example, double-clicking the left earphone is to play/pause, double-clicking the right earphone is to answer/hang up the call, etc. It seems that the cost of learning is a bit high, but all gesture operations can be easily completed after familiarization.


FIIL T2 Pro, as a true wireless earbuds, naturally also supports Hall switches. Simply put, after the first pairing is successful, the next time you only need to open the upper cover of the charging case, you can directly connect to the phone without re-pairing.

In addition, FIIL T2 Pro supports one-key switching between dual devices. After the headset is connected to the two devices for the first time, you don’t need to take off the headset when switching. You can freely switch between the two devices after you press and hold the earbud for 4 seconds. Connecting to mobile phones and computers can be said to be no delay in work and life. This is also a new feature that FIIL T1 Pro does not have.

Of course, if you want to fully grasp the features of FIIL T2 Pro, you also need to download FIIL+ APP from the app store. After successfully connecting the headset, you can view the current power of the earbuds and charging case, and you can also turn on different modes and functions. The low-latency mode, which is of great help to game users, can only be turned on through FIIL+ APP, and some functions of the touch area can also be customized.


Active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones are not uncommon, but what is the special selling point of FIIL T2 Pro, that is, MAF multi-scene noise adjustment. As the name suggests, it achieves the result of isolating different sounds by switching between different scene modes. There are four modes: noise cancelling, simultaneous listening, wind and open.

If you are commuting to get off work or in a busy city, turning on the noise cancelling mode can eliminate all environmental noises and immerse you in your own world. While in the office, you always need to pay attention to the dialogue between leaders and colleagues. At this time, the simultaneous listening mode allows you to eliminate noise while retaining the human voice. There is also a wind mode that effectively shields wind noise in windy weather, and an open mode that allows users to pay attention to safety. As the core technology of FIIL T2 Pro, MAF noise cancelling mode is naturally richer than FIIL T1 Pro, and switching is more free.


In actual use, after FIIL T2 Pro turns on the noise cancelling mode, the distracting noise during commuting is gone, and the sound of fast keyboard typing at work is also greatly reduced, and the mood becomes calmer and more focused on entertainment and At work.

In terms of sound quality, the titanium-plated high-density composite diaphragm unit used in FIIL T2 Pro, under the professional tuning of the FIIL team, gives people a very durable feeling. The three-frequency performance is balanced, and it has an excellent separation degree for pop music and opera with more prominent vocals, and the three-dimensional sense of different instruments can also be played well. Of course, FIIL+ APP also provides 3+2+10 preset sound effects for users to choose, and also supports custom sound effects adjustment.


In terms of battery life, the FIIL T2 Pro is fully charged and used in noise cancelling mode, and you can listen to music for about 4 hours. Turn off the noise cancelling mode for about 6 hours of battery life. Under normal circumstances, it is completely sufficient whether it is to deal with commuting to and from get off work or to pass the time when traveling in transportation. The charging case can charge the earbuds 3.5 times on this basis, and a total battery life of 24 hours is enough to cope with most usage scenarios.

In addition, FIIL T2 Pro is also a relatively rare true wireless headset that supports wireless charging among headsets at the same price. For those who like wireless desktops, there is another reason to consider buying.


Personally, I still really like this new FIIL T2 Pro. It has ANC function, FIIL’s original multi-scene MAF noise cancelling, ENC three-mic call noise cancelling, long-lasting battery life and rare wireless charging at the same price, dual-device one-key switching and other features.

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  1. As of now iOS is not supported but full touch controls and various settings can be achieved by setting headset via an android phone. It retains the settings for use on iOS devices. Cheers!


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