Edifier W280NB review: sports headphones that can reduce noise


As a self-media expert, it can be said that the headset does not leave the body. Whether at home or out, I will wear the bluetooth headset to listen to music, and relax as much as I want in my own world. Occasionally, when you need to answer the phone, you can better protect your privacy by wearing headphones.

When it comes to bluetooth headphones, what kind of headset is right for you? Putting aside the shackles of wired headsets, wireless bluetooth headsets have gradually become mainstream products. I finally chose this Edifier W280NB after screening. Neck Hanging is designed for unfettered comfort, fast charging, good waterproof effect, great sound quality, the price is only 200 RMB, and it supports active noise reduction, and the price is outstanding. Let’s take a look at this headset!

Edifier W280NB

Exquisite packaging, quality assurance

The Edifier brand was established earlier, with accurate product positioning and quality control in place. The outer packaging is refreshing, clear at a glance, the EDIFIER logo is located in the upper left corner, and the product image is centered to highlight the theme.

Edifier W280NB

Edifier W280NB headphone adopts an ergonomic arch neck brace design. The material is soft and elastic TPU material, the surface is treated with skin-like quality, it is not sticky to fingerprints, and it feels as smooth as a baby’s skin. It is especially suitable for long-term wear in sports and fitness.

The accessories are all basic configuration, but come with 3 different sizes of eartips and 4 pairs of earwings. These accessories have an antibacterial rate of greater than 99.8%, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria in the ear canal, and take care of the ears and headphones in every possible way.

Rich functions and sophisticated design

Edifier W280NB

We all hate noise in our lives. Especially in the noisy subway, beside the big loudspeakers in the square, there is a lot of people, everyone wants to have their own quiet environment. Edifier W280NB headphone use active noise reduction technology, which can block noisy sounds with one click. Put on the earphones to find your own private environment and enjoy the wonderful music to your heart’s content.

If necessary, you can also turn on the environmental monitoring mode to sense the external environment in real time, making travel safer.

Edifier W280NB

Have you ever had such an experience, answering a phone call on a noisy road, and you can’t hear what the other person is saying.

At this time, you need a bluetooth headset that can clearly transmit the voice of the other party. The Edifier W280NB headphone cooperates with AI call noise reduction technology to filter environmental noise, so that the clearest and cleanest human voice can be transmitted to each other, just like a face-to-face conversation.

Edifier W280NB

Different from other in-ear bluetooth headsets, the Edifier W280NB neck-mounted headphone is equipped with a composite diaphragm and an independently configured 8mm large unit after sound quality adjustments, and with multiple adjustments made by engineers, it presents more sound details.

Edifier W280NB

Edifier W280NB uses the BES2300 bluetooth 5.0 chip, which has the advantages of stable signal, fast transmission, and a very smooth experience when listening to music. You must know that such a configuration is only available for headphones above 500 RMB. The characteristics are low delay, strong anti-interference, and the compatibility of the supported SBC decoding scheme is relatively good.

Edifier W280NB

Of course, this product can also download the APP for smart management on the phone, and customize the EQ mode through the EDIFIER CONNECT APP. Classical, pop, rock, and classical four EQ modes can create your own music effects.

Especially in the game EQ mode, the delay can be optimized to 80ms, the special game sound effects, the footsteps at low frequencies enhance early response, and the gun sounds at high frequencies enhance accurate positioning, and the timely response turns passive to active, which greatly enhances the pleasure of the game.

In terms of quality, there is another very important item, especially for those who exercise outdoors. How can we prevent the intrusion of sweat and rain? , A good headset must be able to withstand the erosion of sweat and rain. Edifier W280NB has IP55 dust and water resistance, adopts sophisticated injection technology to prevent perspiration from entering the structure gap, and has nano-coated insulation and corrosion resistance, so you can enjoy without restraint.

It is worth mentioning that the neckband design of the Edifier W280NB headphone is very user-friendly. I like to put it on my neck after exercise. The material is delicate and has no cumbersome feeling.

Use experience

Edifier W280NB

The sound quality of a high-quality earphone is an indispensable part. Thanks to the polymer composite diaphragm and 8mm dynamic driver, the music performance is vivid and the details are in place. The high frequency is transparent and gorgeous, the middle frequency is solid and thick, and the low frequency is sonorous and powerful. The human voice is transparent and bright, very contagious.

Edifier W280NB is the main sport, which is still a bit insufficient for people who pursue high music quality, but for ordinary consumption, the functionality is really more than enough.

In summary, this affordable Edifier W280NB does have a good performance, high-value, high-quality, strong noise reduction, coupled with IPX55 waterproof level, custom EQ mode and other rich functions. You can experience music immersively, and you can also enhance the fun of the game. With its excellent musical performance and comfortable wearing feeling, I believe you who like sports will love this good product.

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