The special use environment of outdoor activities makes the ALICE friends have more considerations when choosing speakers. The characteristics of “portability, sturdiness, long battery life, and good sound quality” are the first choice when purchasing products. We have recently paid attention to such a portable outdoor speaker designed for outdoor use —— DUVOSS D1. The DUVOSS D1 speaker pursues the concept of ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 16.5mm, redefining the thickness of ultra-thin outdoor speakers, but can deliver a shocking music experience. At the same time, the size of 16.5mm is also thinner than similar speaker products. The use of aluminum alloy material allows users to enjoy both ultra-thin portable and anti-drop and waterproof outdoors.

The appearance design of the DUVOSS speaker is similar to that of a mobile phone, and the dense speaker openings on the top make it easier for the sound to come out. The use of aluminum alloy material makes the product light in weight and more resistant to drop and corrosion. The overall style of the product adopts a tough line design, which is more suitable for outdoor use scenarios.

Ultra-thin is the main idea of ​​DUVOSS D1 speaker design. The thickness of DUVOSS D1 reaches an ultra-thin thickness of 16.5mm when the same type of products are generally 20mm, which is thinner than ordinary power banks.

In order to make the product more portable and beautiful, DUVOSS D1 supports wearing a shell. There are buckles on the shell, which are convenient to install on bags and other outgoing luggage.

There is a desktop bracket on the back of the speaker shell, which can easily set up the speaker on any plane for better sound output.

DUVOSS D1 also comes with magnetic stickers. After installing the magnetic sticker on the back of the speaker, the speaker can be placed vertically on the glass. In terms of waterproofing, DUVOSS D1 supports IP67 waterproofing, so it is not afraid of rain and dew when going out.

The ultra-thin thickness of the DUVOSS D1 speaker makes it less burdensome to wear when going out. You can put the speaker in your pocket and go straight to camping or outdoor activities. With a compact size and a desktop stand and magnetic stickers on the back, the speaker can also be transformed into an indoor desktop stand or a bathroom music player.

Among similar products, DUVOSS speaker is ultra-thin and can bring consumers a cohesive sound quality. After all, the sound quality of a speaker depends on its speaker design, acoustic structure design and other factors. The DUVOSS D1 speaker has built-in speakers independently developed by 2 brands in terms of sound quality. The two devices support combined stereo surround sound and automatically distinguish left and right channels. Seeing this, I think my friends can guess that the sound quality of this speaker is not simple. Looking forward to our test sound quality data?

How does the DUVOSS D1 speaker perform in actual use? Whether the self-developed speaker can release its full performance in such a thin volume, we will conduct a detailed evaluation in the near future, so stay tuned.

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