DUNU ZEN PRO ECLIPSE Dynamic Monitor Earbuds Review



At that time, many enthusiasts joked that we felt that “ZEN”, a mid-to-high-end product, sounded better than the flagship product “LUNA” of the same brand. Just last year, DUNU updated this product, the appearance has not changed much, but the overall progress is not small.


  • SENSITIVITY: 112 ± 1 dB at 1 kHz
  • IMPEDANCE: 16 Ω at 1 kHz

Appearance Design & Accessories

For DUNU Zen PRO, the first impression of this product must be very “heavy hand”. Although it is a small earbuds, the texture and weight are still very online. And this feeling comes more from its five-axis CNC-cut stainless steel cavity, and the effect of the round mirror surface is extremely textured. Although it is easier to collect fingerprints, in terms of feel and texture, it is really the level of flagship headphones.


The earphone cavity is connected by the MMCX interface standard, and the headphone cable can be seen to be a very strong cable. It is equipped with an 8-stranded Furukawa single crystal copper silver-plated cable, and the DUNU patented Q-Lock Plus interchangeable plug system is used in the section connecting the audio source. The package also comes with 3.5mm TRS single-ended, 2.5mm TRRS balanced and 4.4mm TRRRS balanced connectors, which can be easily used no matter what kind of audio source the user is. In addition to the three interchangeable plugs, a 6.35mm adapter and an aircraft adapter are also included in the accessories, so that users can easily use the headphone in any scenario.


In terms of other accessories, a leather earbud storage bag, 10 pairs of eartips of four materials, a cleaning brush and a cable clip are also included. Luxurious accessories allow users to better store and use this mid-to-high-end headphones.

Introduction to Reference Equipment

For this mid-to-high-end dynamic earbuds, the main reference audio sources are three. They are the FiiO M15 audio player, the AUNE S6 desktop decoder and amp all-in-one machine, and the SSL2 sound card.


The songs I listen to are mainly classical music, but also some pop music and vocal records. However, the main listening experience of this article is mainly aimed at the classical music perspective that I am more accustomed to evaluating equipment.

In terms of interface, the main reference comes from the 4.4mm balanced plug, which is the sound performance in the case of balanced driving. The eartips use the official standard “balanced” eartips, which should also be the official eartips for sound adjustment.

The best interpretation of energy and atmosphere

For the DUNU Zen PRO product, my impression of sound is not DUNU at all, of course, this does not prevent me from liking this product very much. As I said before, my impression of DUNU is that it is a style that focuses more on the transparency and details of the mid and high frequencies in terms of sound style. In the “ZEN” product line, they are not such a sound style at all, but pay more attention to the thickness of the sound in the mid-low frequency. And I was pleasantly surprised that DUNU did not give up their pursuit of high-quality mid-to-high frequency on this product. So it became a more comprehensive product and more to my liking.


First of all, we have to admit that for the current headphone market, more details, brighter and clearer mid-to-high frequency, in a sense, this is the general direction of the current headphone product development, which is not a problem. It’s just that for many users who have more requirements for low frequency, or for users who value low frequency performance, it becomes not so easy to choose a product. And DUNU Zen PRO undoubtedly makes up for the vacancy in this price range or becomes one of the new options.

For the performance of music, the overall style of DUNU Zen PRO is more balanced than the previous generation. The former DUNU Zen was a bit warmer in overall style and had more low-frequency quantity. The Zen PRO has become more balanced, the distribution of the three frequencies is more balanced, and the low frequency atmosphere and dynamic energy are well maintained.


Whether it is a piano solo, or a large-scale symphony or concerto, the low-frequency atmosphere can be fully expressed and highlighted. And the clear and beautiful timbre of the middle and high frequency strings and wind instruments can also be beautifully restored. Compared with the previous generation DUNU Zen, the improvement is very obvious. For the performance of the image, the position of the musical instrument is also very clear, and the user can still feel the position of each group of instruments. Although it is not an extremely accurate image, this does not prevent it from being natural and realistic.

For the interpretation of pop music, the huge low frequency quantity of synthesizers in modern pop music will not “collapse” the excellent low frequency performance of DUNU Zen PRO. It still allows users to be bombarded by low frequencies, while controlling the shielding of low frequencies for mid and high frequencies, maintaining excellent mid and high frequency transparency, and maintaining a high level of vocal imaging.


DUNU Zen PRO may not be the kind of new product that will continue to fall in love with DUNU fans and followers. But for many who don’t know much about DUNU before, or are not interested in the products before DUNU like me, then Zen PRO may be a product worth trying and buying. After all, in this era of increasingly similar aesthetics, Zen PRO is one of the few excellent products that catches my eye.

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