DJI Mic 2 review: Comprehensive upgrade compared to DJI Mic

Based on the good reputation of the previous model, DJI Mic 2 has further optimized the user experience and expanded the product coverage. It’s not so much a product as it is a convenient and easy-to-use wireless recording solution.

DJI Mic 2 specs and features:
  • Scroll wheel + touch screen design
  • 32-bit float internal recording
  • Support intelligent noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth wireless direct connection
  • Camera gain configuration presets
  • $349 – Check latest price on Amazon US, Amazon Germany, other Amazon countries or AliExpress

Appearance Design

Left: DJI Mic; Right: DJI Mic 2

The overall design has not changed much compared to DJI MIC, but there ae many changes in details. The charging case has been changed from the striped decoration of the previous generation to a gray matte texture, making the visual effect more simple and business-like. Compared with the magnetic lid of the previous model, DJI Mic 2 adds a new physical buckle to avoid being squeezed in the backpack and causing the accessories to fall.

The receiver and transmitters have changed a lot – from the striped texture appearance to a black transparent shell, through which the internal circuit and chip design can be seen.

Transmitter (Left: DJI Mic; Right: DJI Mic 2)

Also, the pickup area at the top of the transmitter is significantly larger than that of DJI MIC, which will significantly improve the sound pickup effect.

Receiver (Left: DJI Mic; Right: DJI Mic 2)

The size of the receiver has been reduced compared to the previous model, but the body accommodates a touch screen + scroll wheel interaction method, which is very convenient to use.

New Experience of DJI MIC 2

DJI Mic is actually very good in terms of product form. In most aspects, DJI Mic 2 retains the convenient and easy-to-use design of the previous model, and has upgraded some functions on this basis.

1. Scroll Wheel

The interactive solution on DJI Mic’s RX is the touch screen, which is actually a good solution – intuitive and fast. Compared with the interaction of adjusting parameters through two buttons, it can be said to be a leap forward.

However, this solution still has shortcomings. There is no problem in operating through touch, which is intuitive and convenient, but it is indeed difficult to achieve accuracy – especially for users with thicker fingers.

DJI Mic 2 adds a scroll wheel to the touch screen, further improving the interactive experience. This wheel can perform two operations: clicking and scrolling. Clicking can take over operations that originally require clicking, while scrolling can take over operations that require horizontal sliding on the touch screen – such as gain amplitude, monitoring volume adjustment, etc. For operations that require vertical sliding, such as opening the menu (vertical sliding) and returning to the previous level (vertical sliding up), they are still completed on the screen.

This interaction logic is very easy to use, because horizontal sliding operations usually require numerical adjustments, fingers will block the screen during touch operations, and the accuracy is not easy to master. The vertical sliding operation of DJI Mic 2 does not require accuracy.

2. Bluetooth Direct Connection

In DJI Mic 2, TX has added the function of directly connecting to a mobile phone. Coupled with the 8GB storage, 6 hours of battery life and internal recording function, I am willing to take it with me even when I have no shooting plans. After all, it has the functions of a recording pen and a wireless microphone – with a data cable, it can even be used temporarily as a USB flash drive.

For some non-professional video creation enthusiasts who like to shoot vlogs with their mobile phones, you don’t even need to buy an RX; just a TX can bring completely different audio quality and fun to your shooting.

3. Better Sound – Smart, Clear and Pure

Compared with DJI Mic’s 114dB maximum sound pressure, DJI Mic 2 supports a maximum sound pressure of 120dB, and has further improved the sound collection – the sound is brighter and closer to real vocals, without giving people a dry feeling.

On the other hand, DJI Mic 2 also adds a new intelligent noise cancellation function. When recording audio, the ambient noise and noise floor are lower, making the vocals more prominent. When I use it outdoors in complex environments, they can ensure the effectiveness of recording without sounding very confusing.

It should be noted that when the TX is connected to a mobile phone via bluetooth, the intelligent noise cancellation function cannot be enabled. However, in most scenarios, the DJI Mic 2’s sound pickup effect is excellent enough even without intelligent noise cancellation.

Functions inherited from DJI Mic

In addition to the new functions, DJI Mic 2 has also undergone certain upgrades regardless of the functions of the previous model.

1. Battery Life

Compared with DJI Mic, the battery life of TX has been increased from 5.5 hours to 6 hours, which can meet the needs of half a day of video creation. The battery life of the charging case has been increased by 3 hours to 18 hours.

2. Internal Recording

Internal recording can be said to be a function that is used very frequently in daily life. Whether it is used as a recording pen or as a wireless microphone to record backup audio, the internal recording function is indispensable. Based on the previous model, DJI Mic 2 has been upgraded with 32-bit float internal recording, which brings greater operating space in the later stage and further ensures the effectiveness of recording.

3. Others

In addition, the useful functions on DJI Mic are also continued on Mic 2. For example, the preset gain of different camera models, multi-level gain control, -6dB safety track, and magnetic modules all make DJI Mic 2 easier to use and become even better.


For professional users, 32-bit float recording, safe track recording, multi-level gain control, and more – meet the audio capture quality and effectiveness in various creative scenarios. The 250-meter stable wireless transmission and 18 hours of battery life also allow creators to create in more scenarios without being limited by audio collection.

For non-professional users, the bluetooth direct connection to mobile phones and internal recording of TX also greatly improve the convenience and ease of use of DJI Mic 2 in daily use. The built-in RX gain setting allows non-professional creators who are new to wireless microphones to quickly get started.

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