Cleer ALLY PLUS II Review: Excellent noise cancellation with a sophisticated look


Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

Cleer ALLY PLUS II earbuds give you more than the basic features of regular true wireless. For example, private listening test, adaptive noise cancellation adjustment, “transparency mode” for outdoor use and other distinctive and practical functions. In terms of tuning, it is also more adaptable to the expression of various music types through the HiFi balanced style.

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Accessories & Specifications

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

All accessories of Cleer ALLY PLUS II include: charging cable, user manual, round eartips*4, angled eartips*3. Compared with the standard accessories of conventional headphones, ALLY PLUS II has 3 more pairs of angled eartips, which are suitable for a wider audience.

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Specifications:

  • -34dB hybrid ANC
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with aptX Adaptive
  • 11 hours of playback (earbuds)
  • 33 hours of playback (charging case)
  • 10mm graphene dynamic driver
  • IPX4 water & sweat resistant
  • Support wireless charging

Appearance Design & Comfort

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

The Cleer ALLY PLUS II charging case is designed with a small square box, with rounded edges and a metallic coating on the surface, which is very textured both in terms of vision and feel. On the back of the charging box is the Type-C charging interface, which supports the fast charging protocol. It can be used for about 1 hour after charging for 5 minutes, and it also supports QI wireless charging, which is more user-friendly to use.

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

The appearance design of Cleer ALLY PLUS II earbuds is different from the earphones on the market, which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people today. The metallic feeling is relatively strong, the round headphone cavity is relatively large, and there are rose gold decorative strips on the outside, which looks very textured.

Although the earbud is large, it is lighter than the mainstream brand earphones, weighing only 6.8g. The filter also has a certain deflection angle, which is more suitable for the pinna, and there is basically no discomfort when wearing it. And its panel part is relatively large, in addition to showing individual style, more importantly, the larger the touch area. After the actual experience, not only the accuracy is higher, but the sensitivity feedback is also very fast, and there will be no touch latency.

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

There is a black dot on the inside of the earbuds for a sensor to identify the wearing status, which can automatically pause when you take off the headphones, and automatically resume playing when you put on the headphones. It not only supports various music apps, but also applies to watching videos, so that you don’t miss every detail of music and videos.

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

In terms of wearing, the size of the earphone cavity is also reasonably controlled, and there will be no swelling in the ear when placed in the ear, and the outer cavity of the in-ear part can just support the ear. At the same time Cleer ALLY PLUS II has two types of eartips. In addition to the general round eartips, there are also upgraded angled eartips, which can evenly disperse the pressure on the ear canal and increase the stability of the earbuds. If you are using headphones in a sports scene, I personally recommend replacing the angled eartips. Although the earbuds are not very full after being placed in the ear, they are very stable and will not fall off even when jumping.

aptX Adaptive & Call Noise Cancellation

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

Cleer ALLY PLUS II is equipped with Qualcomm QCC5141, supports the industry-leading Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio technology, and can bring CD-level lossless sound quality experience. Not only that, taking into account the different needs of users for audio experience in different application scenarios, aptX Adaptive technology can also automatically adjust to different modes based on the user’s usage scenarios. Users can freely switch between different scenes without any operation, and enjoy the top wireless listening experience at all times.

For example, when users listen to music, aptX Adaptive can adaptively switch to high-quality music playback mode, allowing users to listen to all the details of the music. When users play games, aptX Adaptive can adaptively switch to low-latency mode. When the user is making a voice call, aptX Adaptive can adaptively switch to the high-resolution voice call mode, perfectly restoring the clear human voice.

For voice call scenarios, Cleer ALLY PLUS II earbuds support Qualcomm’s 8th generation cVc echo cancellation and noise cancellation technology, and have 3 built-in microphones, which can achieve accurate voice recognition and noise cancellation. Even in noisy environments, both parties on the call can enjoy a clear and pure voice experience. I measured a call with a friend, and the call effect is no different from calling directly with the phone’s microphone. There is no need to raise my voice deliberately, the other party can clearly hear what I am expressing.

Noise cancellation in all fields, calmly cope with wearing in various scenarios

Cleer ALLY PLUS II earbuds use Qualcomm adaptive active noise reduction technology, which can bring -34dB noise cancellation depth and effectively filter out external noise. Not only that, Qualcomm adaptive ANC technology can also perform dynamic intelligent noise cancellation according to the usage scene. That is, according to the external scene and usage environment, the noise cancellation parameters of the ear filter are dynamically adjusted to automatically adapt to the best noise cancellation effect. I found three scenes of subway, roadside, and office to describe the experience to my friends.

Scenario 1 (Subway): The subway is a very noisy environment. There are not only working noises when the subway is running, but also chatting sounds between passengers. At this point, after I opened the Cleer ALLY PLUS II, I found that the running noise of the subway was significantly reduced, and it was hardly noticeable. At the same time, the voices of nearby people are also weakened. If you start listening to music, the ambient noise around you can easily be ignored. However, the information broadcast by the station is still clearly identifiable, so don’t worry about missing the station.

Scenario 2 (roadside): I chose a roadside near the company. The environment here is noticeably less of the constant running noise of public transport, and more of footsteps, conversations and car horns. After wearing headphones, you can feel the reduction of ambient noise, and the gap with over-ear headphones is not very large.

Scenario 3 (office): The test environment is in the office. I think the effect of noise cancellation is very obvious, which can filter out most of the noise in the working environment. After turning on 40% of the music volume, it is very easy to mask vocals and other noises, creating a quiet office environment. However, the sound of typing on the keyboard can still be heard a little.

Custom noise cancellation operation

Through the experience of the above three scenes, the effect of turning on ANC in Cleer ALLY PLUS II is very good. Comparing the AirPods Pro, I found that the Cleer ALLY PLUS II earbuds have indeed put a lot of effort into the noise cancellation performance, whether it is the elimination of low-frequency noise or the reduction of high-frequency noise.

Of course, ALLY PLUS II not only has excellent active noise cancellation performance, but can also perform 10-level dynamic intelligent noise cancellation adjustment through the exclusive APP. According to the external scene and usage environment, dynamically adjust the noise cancellation parameters of the ear filter to automatically adapt to the best noise cancellation effect. This function is very different from the transparency mode of true wireless bluetooth headphones on the market. It can set the environmental noise cancellation level according to individual needs. For example, when I cross the road, adjusting the ambient sound level to level 6 can ensure that I can hear the sound of the driving car and enjoy the wonderful music at the same time.

Sound Quality of Cleer ALLY PLUS II

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

The earbuds use a 10mm grophene dynamic driver, and the distortion rate is as low as about 1%. With dynamic EQ sound quality equalization technology, it can highly restore the clear and surging field-level sound quality. At the same time, aptX Adaptive provides a fully immersive experience that adjusts to what’s playing on the user’s device. Whether it is video, music or games, it can restore good sound.

My first impression of the Cleer ALLY PLUS II is that the handling of details is very reliable, and there is no obvious sibilance problem. The overall tone is lively and brisk, and the transient speed is relatively strong. When the pop music is played back, there is a strong sense of power.

In the low frequency part, this earbuds brought me more surprises. The first is that its low frequency is not hypertrophy, the extension depth is relatively deep, and it has excellent focusing ability. This kind of low frequency that is not fat and not greasy but high quality is relatively rare in many true wireless. In addition, the intermediate frequency is relatively close to the ear, and the high frequency brightness is also sufficient, and there is no obvious sense of lack. The main thing is transparency, which can make any style of music appear more expressive and powerful. The overall style is the tuning taste of the popular style, with a certain degree of stimulation.

Battery Life & Game Latency

Cleer ALLY PLUS II Earbuds

The earbud uses Qualcomm’s flagship ultra-low-power bluetooth audio SoC and integrates Bluetooth 5.2 version. A single full charge can play music continuously for up to 11 hours, and you can still play music for 10 hours with noise cancellation turned on. With a charging case, it can provide up to 33 hours of battery life.

For me who likes mobile games, an excellent wireless bluetooth headphones, only the sound quality and noise cancellation can not fully meet my daily needs, and the low latency of games is also one of the factors I consider. Cleer ALLY PLUS II uses binaural mirror connection technology with Bluetooth 5.2, and the latency control is very good. I tried Game For Peace a few times, and neither the footsteps of enemies nor the sound of gunfire in the distance were noticeably latencyed. Personally, I did not feel any latency subjectively, and it was no different from the sound played directly by the mobile phone.

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