Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD TWS Earbuds Officially Released: Using traditional tuning methods to provide a HIFI-level listening experience


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The popularity of TWS earbuds has attracted many brands to join the market, including mobile phone brands, traditional audio brands, new audio brands, e-commerce and Internet brands. The product design is unique, and the functions are rich and diverse, which meets the personalized choices of different consumers. Among them, traditional brand audio manufacturers are mostly positioned in the high-end market based on the user accumulation of audio technology and their products.

On May 10, Beyerdynamic, a traditional German audio manufacturer, has officially launched its first true wireless earbuds, FREE BYRD, after more than two years of research and development. Equipped with 10mm dynamic driver, it adopts traditional tuning method, supports Qualcomm aptX Adaptive protocol, ANC/transparency mode, 4-mic call noise cancelling, and has a long-lasting battery life of 11 hours.

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD true wireless earbuds are available in black and gray. The charging case is an oval design with upper and lower planes, and the earbuds have a bean-shaped in-ear design. The Beyerdynamic LOGO strip decoration on the back of earbud effectively enhances product texture and recognition. The lightweight body and the curved design that fits the ear canal enhance the comfortable and stable wearing effect.

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD provides a HIFI-level listening experience in terms of sound quality. The earbuds are equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver developed by Beyerdynamic, with a unique acoustic cavity design, which presents a strong and full low frequency and a transparent and bright high frequency effect. Support Qualcomm aptX Adaptive audio decoding, providing richer detailed performance. It also applies traditional tuning technology, which can better restore the real sound effect.

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD earbuds support hybrid active noise cancelling function to effectively shield ambient noise. And based on Beyerdynamic dynamic technology, it provides an immersive HIFI sound quality experience in noise cancelling mode. It also supports transparency mode, which can be quickly switched through the touch panel, so that you can clearly listen to the outside world without removing the earbuds.

In terms of calls, the Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD earbuds have built-in 4 microphone units, with Qualcomm dual-microphone CVC noise cancelling algorithm, to provide clear voice calls. It supports voice assistants and has been officially certified by Google and Apple. Clearly pick up voice commands for more convenient voice control.

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD

The Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD wireless connection supports Bluetooth 5.2, which achieves a more stable connection through stronger anti-interference ability. It also supports low-latency mode, providing a game and movie viewing experience with synchronized sound and picture. Through the Beyerdynamic MIY APP, you can personalize the sound effects, perform custom settings and other extended functions.

Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD

In terms of battery life, Beyerdynamic FREE BYRD supports a single 11-hour long battery life, and the charging case can also provide about 20 hours of extra power. And supports wireless charging and fast charging functions, fast charging for 10 minutes, can be used continuously for 70 minutes.

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