Beats Studio Buds TWS earbuds news, bean-shaped in-ear design, support active noise reduction


Recently, the media broke the news that Apple’s Beats brand new TWS true wireless headphone was discovered from the iOS/tvOS 14.6 beta. Compared with the previous generations of Beats, the new product has had a great change in design.

Beats Studio Buds

From the exposed pictures, it can be seen that the charging case of Beats’ new TWS headset adopts an oval design similar to AirPods Pro in appearance. The charging case is printed with the classic “b” LOGO of Beats, and there is a status indicator below.

The earphones abandon the sports hanging ear style of the previous generation and adopt a bean-shaped in-ear design with a very compact appearance. The oval back panel is also printed with the “b” brand LOGO.

Beats Studio Buds

It is learned from other news that this product may be named Beats Studio Buds true wireless headphones, it will also be equipped with Apple’s custom chip, and has added active noise reduction.

Beats Studio Buds

Subsequently, the media exposed the dynamic picture of this product to better show the product design information. It can be seen from the figure that the headset has a “T” shape, and the back panel and the body of the headset are treated with different bright surfaces, and the overall look and feel is very unique.

Beats Studio Buds

Beats launched its first TWS headset Beats Powerbeats PRO true wireless sports headset in 2019, and subsequently released a number of new color schemes and joint models. The overall design is very simple and stylish. The configuration is equipped with Apple H1 chip to support the Apple ecosystem.

As a product that focuses on sports, Beats Powerbeats PRO adopts an ear-hanging design, and both the charging case and the appearance volume are very large compared to the current mainstream products. Compared with Beats Studio Buds, the compact body is more suitable for daily use and wear.

Apple AirPods series of new TWS headsets have not been released as scheduled many times. Currently, Apple’s TWS headsets are all products for 2019. Recently, Apple’s streaming media platform Apple Music has ushered in many major updates. Therefore, it is unavoidable to look forward to what upgrades will be brought about by Apple’s subsequent TWS headphones.


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