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Apple’s audio brand Beats today launched its new true wireless noise-canceling headset Beats Studio Buds worldwide. This is the second true wireless Bluetooth headset currently launched by Beats and the first true wireless headset that supports ANC active noise reduction. , The product price is 149.99 US dollars.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

The acoustic upgrade is a highlight of Beats Studio Buds. The headset uses a new 8.2mm diameter “dual-element diaphragm driver unit”, adopts a dual-chamber acoustic design to improve sound quality, and adds a pair of Apple Music spatial audio and Duo Compared with the support of panoramic sound, the sound quality performance is worth looking forward to.

Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-canceling earphones have a stylish and compact appearance. The weight of a single headset is as light as 5g. Active noise reduction, transparent mode, call noise reduction, Siri voice wake-up, search and other functions are all available, and the Android mobile terminal is equipped with a new version Apple Music, Beats app will also have a complete functional experience.

Why did Apple launch a true wireless noise-cancelling headset at this time? What are the specific features of Beats Studio Buds? Let’s take a look at the detailed interpretation.

| 1. The appearance is small and exquisite, and the color matching is rich. The joint name is the “unique skill”

Apple Beats Studio Buds

The headphones of Beats Studio Buds adopt a bean-shaped in-ear design. The outer shell of the headphones is relatively slender, like a headphone handle, with the Beats brand logo on the bottom. The weight of a single headset is about 5g, which is between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.​

However, Beats Studio Buds still does not support touch control function. The Logo position on the earphone shell is a multi-function “b” button, which supports single-click and double-click. Long press can switch between noise reduction mode and transparent mode.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

Since the volume of the headset itself is relatively small, such a headset handle design is easy to take and wear. At the same time, it can be seen that the sound cavity of the earphone is shaped like an ellipse, which should be to better adapt to the contour of the ear canal and improve the stability of wearing. There are two charging contacts on the inside of the headset, no optical sensor, and no in-ear detection function.

Beats Studio Buds earphones have a strong appearance and are IPX4 waterproof and sweat resistant. They are easy to wear for sports people and can also cope with some humid environments.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

The design of Beats Studio Buds charging case is also very rounded. Compared with AirPods Pro charging case, the edge curvature is larger, the body is thinner, and the surface of the shell is matte. The front of the charging case has the Beats brand logo, and the quick pairing button is on the internal cockpit.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

In terms of color matching, Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise reduction earphones are available in white, black and Beats classic red.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

Different from the AirPods series product line, Beats’ audio products pay more attention to colorful appearance and fashionable trend elements in design, which has won the love of many young people. Take Powerbeats Pro true wireless sports headphones as an example. Beats has launched a number of bright colors for it, as well as Fragment Design special editions and Zhuting customized models.

From the perspective of the product life cycle, Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling earphones may also launch a special version in the future. If you have patience, you can wait for a while.

| 2. Keep Apple’s features and extend an olive branch to Android users

①. Support ANC and dual-mic call noise reduction

Apple Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds supports active noise reduction and call noise reduction. Through multiple sets of real shots, we noticed that there are pickup holes on the top and bottom of the earphone cavity. According to the official publicity, the call noise reduction uses dual beamforming microphones. The external noise is well suppressed. I speculate that its active noise reduction function is likely to use a hybrid noise reduction scheme, and you can look forward to the subsequent disassembly of the headset.

According to media reports, the Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling earphones are not equipped with Apple’s self-developed H1 chip. During the noise reduction process, the headset chip can be dynamically adjusted according to the surrounding environment to continuously eliminate external noise and perform better. Earlier news broke that MediaTek’s Airoha technology has entered the Beats headset supply chain, and now it seems to have a certain degree of credibility.

Beats Studio Buds supports transparent mode. The outgoing microphone will mix the returned ambient sound and the music you are listening to, creating a natural “empty” listening experience. AirPods Pro does a very good job in this regard. I don’t know Beats Studio. Can Buds continue; the headset can switch between noise reduction mode and transparent mode by long pressing the function button. It seems that there is no “noise reduction off” mode.

②. Dual element diaphragm drive unit

Apple Beats Studio Buds

In terms of acoustic configuration, Beats Studio Buds uses a “dual-element diaphragm drive unit” with a diameter of 8.2mm. The official explanation is that the middle of the unit is a rigid piston, and the outside is surrounded by a flexible diaphragm to bring a strong and balanced sound effect. Coupled with the dual-chamber acoustic design, it has excellent stereo separation effect and low harmonic distortion, making the sound loud and clear, while ensuring a pure noise reduction effect.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

The “dual-element diaphragm drive unit” in the promotional video, how can the specific structure look forward to the subsequent disassembly of the headset.

③. Support spatial audio and Dolby Atmos

Apple Beats Studio Buds

After Apple launched the new version of Apple Music and iOS 15 operating system, it has subdivided the spatial audio function. Apple Music’s Dolby Atmos is a branch of spatial audio, which can create the feeling of musical instruments surrounding the surroundings. We understand Beats Studio Buds will support this feature.

Apple Beats Studio Buds

Different from the spatial audio function of Apple Music, Apple also supports a spatial audio function called “Dynamic Head Tracking” when playing videos. It needs to rely on the acceleration sensor and gyroscope in the headset to track the head movement. For true wireless headsets For the time being, only AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are supported. Can Beats Studio Buds support it? You can look forward to the follow-up headphone review and teardown.

④. Siri can be awakened by voice, and it supports “search” function

Apple Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling headphones support an always-on voice assistant. You don’t need to control by buttons. Just call out “hei, Siri” to activate the voice assistant on the mobile phone, and you can directly say the command, saving one step. It currently supports this There are still relatively few TWS headsets with this function.

​In addition, the Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-canceling headphones also support the “find” function on Apple devices, which helps users find the missing ones by using the last known location (when paired via Bluetooth) or playing sound (when nearby) headset. It seems that the new “Find” function of iOS 15 is not yet supported, and it is impossible to use Apple’s “Find” network to remotely track devices.

⑤. More convenient for non-iPhone users

Apple Beats Studio Buds

We have noticed that Apple’s newly released Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling headphones are more friendly to non-iPhone users in terms of experience, which is reflected in the following aspects:

The first is that the Beats Studio Buds charging case uses a USB Type-C charging interface. For non-Apple users, a separate Lightning interface charging cable is no longer needed.

Secondly, Beats Studio Buds not only supports iOS pop-ups and quick pairing, the headset also supports the Fast Pair Bluetooth headset connection specification of the Android system, and can also be quickly paired with Android phones (need to support Google Fast Pair) to easily establish a Bluetooth connection.

The third is the software level. Android phones download the Beats app, and you can use Beats Studio Buds’ functions to set up, view device status (such as battery level), and update firmware, which is not much different from the iOS side. And Apple Music will also provide lossless audio and Dolby Atmos functions on multiple platforms in the future.

It is reported that Apple’s “Find” function will also release a separate Android version of the app to enhance the cross-platform user experience of using Apple AirTag, AirPods Pro, computers and other devices.

⑥. Charging and battery life

Apple Beats Studio Buds

In terms of battery life, the Beats Studio Buds can play music for up to 5 hours (AAC encoding, 50% volume) when the active noise reduction or transparent mode is turned on, and the charging case has a total battery life of 15 hours; the noise reduction is turned off Under the circumstances, the continuous music playback time of Beats Studio Buds can be up to 8 hours, and the charging case supports two additional charging, with a total battery life of about 24 hours, and does not support wireless charging.

Beats Studio Buds earphones support Fast Fuel flash charging technology, charge for 5 minutes, that is, you can play continuously for 1 hour. When the earphones are exhausted, they can quickly “recover blood” and continue to use them.


The launch of Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise-cancelling headphones once again demonstrated Apple’s precise “knife method.”

​The colorful appearance and customized acoustic units are not available in the AirPods series, while the compact size and ANC function are not available in Powerbeats Pro. However, compared with these two products, Beats Studio Buds lacks the multi-device automatic switching function between Apple devices, which has a certain impact on users who use Apple’s series of products. There are also some reductions in hardware and functions. Fortunately, the voice There is no big gap in the experience of waking up Siri, spatial audio, and search functions.

For non-iPhone users or consumers with multiple mobile platforms, Beats Studio Buds is supported by Apple’s strong brand influence, and is in line with mainstream TWS headset products on the market in terms of charging interface, software adaptation and functional experience. It also provides a new choice for Apple users who are tired of the design of the AirPods series. What is your impression of the Beats Studio Buds product?


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