Baseus Eli Sport 1 is equipped with a 16.2mm large dynamic driver, supports bass enhancement algorithm, and provides surging sound quality. There are also 12 built-in preset sound effects to meet different music styles. Equipped with dual-mic + AI noise cancelling algorithm, it provides high-definition voice calls. At the same time, they also supports a series of Baseus audio technologies, such as dual-channel low latency, dual-device connection, Baseus rapid charge, etc. The earphones have a single battery life of up to 7.5 hours, and the total battery life of about 30 hours.

We have also teardown the Baseus products including: Baseus AeQur G10, Baseus Bowie M3, Baseus Bowie MA10, Baseus Bowie M2s, Baseus Bowie M2, Baseus Bowie E5x, Baseus Bowie E9, Baseus Bowie E2, Baseus AirNora, Baseus Encok W01 and Baseus Encok W04 Pro. Let’s take a look at the detailed teardown report of Baseus Eli Sport 1.

01/ Baseus Eli Sport 1 Charging Case Teardown

Disassemble the charging case shell and take out the charging bin structure.

The bottom structure of the charging bin, the motherboard is fixed with screws.

The charging case has built-in lithium-ion battery model: 503040, nominal voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 600mAh 2.22Wh.

Remove the screws and remove the motherboard. There are four magnets at the bottom of the charging bin for adsorbing and fixing earphones.

The circuit on the side of the charging case motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the charging case motherboard.

INJOINIC IP5333 multi-function power management SoC integrates functions such as boost converter, lithium battery charging management, battery power indication and TYPE-C protocol, providing a complete solution for TWS charging case. IP5333 is very suitable for smart two-way communication warehouse applications that are gradually increasing in demand. It can provide a cover-opening connection function, which greatly improves the connection time experience of more than 7 seconds compared with ordinary products.

IP5333 only needs one inductor to realize charging and boosting functions. Can support low-cost inductors and capacitors. The IP5333’s synchronous boost system provides a rated output current of 1A and a conversion efficiency as high as 92%. At light load, it automatically enters sleep state and the quiescent current drops to less than 20uA. IP5333 uses switching charging technology to provide a rated 1A charging current and a charging efficiency as high as 91%.

IP5333 has built-in IC temperature protection and input voltage to intelligently adjust charging current. IP5333 has a built-in 12-bit ADC that can accurately measure battery voltage and current. Supports 1/2/3/4 LED power display. The high integration and rich functions of IP5333 require only a few peripheral components for application, effectively reducing the size of the overall solution and reducing the BOM cost.

1.0μh power inductor that works with the power management chip.

The hall element of silk screen AR3n7 is used to sense the magnetic field changes when the earphones enter and exit the compartment, and then notify the charging case MCU/earphones to pair or disconnect with the connected device.

The function button for bluetooth pairing.

Prisemi P14C5N overvoltage and overcurrent protection chip. P14C5N supports input overvoltage and undervoltage protection, and overcurrent protection after circuit startup. When the input voltage exceeds the input overvoltage protection threshold, the built-in MOSFET is turned off to disconnect the input and output.

P14C5N supports up to 30V input voltage and 3A output current. Built-in 55mΩ resistance switch tube, with 50ns ultra-fast overvoltage response time. Supports programmable over-current protection, over-voltage protection supports 4.5-16V range, and uses fixed 6.8V over-voltage protection. At the same time, the chip also has built-in overheat protection function and supports control pin control switch.

Pogo Pin connector for charging earphones.

Two LED indicators of different colors.

Tear off the battery insulation protection, and the circuit on one side of the battery protection board is equipped with a lithium battery protection IC and MOS tube, as well as a thermistor to detect the battery temperature.

Silk screen DW01A lithium battery protection IC is responsible for battery overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, etc. protection.

Silk screen 8205A MOS tube.

02/ Baseus Eli Sport 1 Earphones Teardown

Disassemble the earphones part and remove the sound cavity cover. There is a bluetooth antenna and a touch detection sensor on the inside of the cover, which are connected to the motherboard through contacts.

Internal structure of the cavity.

Unhook the connector and take out the motherboard.

The circuit on one side of the earphone motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the earphone motherboard.

Metal dome for connecting bluetooth antenna.

Actions ATS3025 bluetooth audio SoC is a single-chip SoC solution launched for the open audio OWS field. It has the characteristics of high sound quality, low latency, and low power consumption. Based on DSP+CPU dual-core heterogeneous audio processing architecture, high computing power, high memory, and efficient and developable programs, it becomes a highly integrated and high-quality bluetooth headset wearable product solution. It can bring better sound processing, better audio performance, and better call effects to terminal products, thus providing a better user experience.

LED indicator light, providing light source for the ring light.

BTB connector to connect to FPC, from OCN, model: OK-128GF006/2-35.

Silk screen 8233LF single-key touch switch IC is used for touch operation control.

Metal dome for connecting touch control sensors.

The MEMS microphone of Laser Engraving 3096 is used for voice call function pickup. There are two microphones that work together to pick up sounds and work with a noise reduction algorithm to provide clear calls.

A 32.0MHz crystal oscillator provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

WINSEMI WSDF2311B lithium battery protection IC. The WSDF2311 series is a highly integrated solution for single-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack protection. It is packaged in DFN4L-1X1 and integrates an advanced power MOSFET equivalent to 55mΩ, a ±25mV high-precision voltage detection circuit and a delay circuit – it has all the protection functions required by the battery such as overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, etc. Support 0V battery charging function. Low quiescent current, normal operating current 0.9μA, over-discharge standby current <10nA, and also supports CTL shipping mode setting.

The speaker structure inside the cavity.

Disconnect the FPC and take out the speaker.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is approximately 16.2mm.

The speaker FPC circuit.

The BTB connector that connects the FPC to the motherboard is from OCN, model: OK-128GM006/2-35.

Disassemble the end cavity of the earhook, and there is a cylindrical steel-shell battery inside.

Battery negative pole engraving model: M9295S2, nominal voltage: 3.8V, rated capacity: 65mAh, from MIC-POWER.

All components of Baseus Eli Sport 1 open-ear sports earphones.

03/ Summary

Baseus Eli Sport 1 adopts an earhook design, which does not fit into the ear canal and avoids ear swelling, squeezing, and stuffy feeling. The earhook uses titanium alloy memory steel wire, which can adapt to different ear shapes.

The charging case has a built-in 600mAh lithium battery and uses INJOINIC IP5333 multi-function power management SoC. Integrated boost converter, lithium battery charging management, battery power indicator and TYPE-C protocol and other functions – responsible for the charge and discharge management of the built-in battery, entry and exit detection, light display prompt function, providing a complete solution for charging case. Prisemi P14C5N overvoltage and overcurrent protection chip is also used to protect the downstream devices.

The earphone is equipped with a 16.2mm large dynamic driver and two MEMS microphones. The main control chip is Actions ATS3025 bluetooth audio SoC, which is a single-chip SoC solution launched for the open audio OWS field – with the characteristics of high sound quality, low latency, and low power consumption. The built-in 65mAh cylindrical steel case battery comes from MIC-POWER and is equipped with WINSEMI WSDF2311B lithium battery protection IC for charge and discharge protection.

PS: Translated from 52audio

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