Baseus Bowie E5 uses Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which has lower sound quality loss and stronger anti-interference ability. Supports multipoint connections, low-latency mode and dual-mic call noise cancellation. The earbud has a single battery life of up to 6 hours, and a total battery life of about 25 hours. Support fast charging function, charging in 10 minutes and playing music for 2 hours.

We have also teardown the Baseus products including: Baseus AeQur G10, Baseus Bowie M3, Baseus Bowie MA10, Baseus Bowie M2s, Baseus Bowie M2, Baseus Bowie E5X, Baseus Bowie E9, Baseus Bowie E2, Baseus AirNora, Baseus Encok W01, Baseus Encok W04 Pro and more. Let’s take a look at the detailed teardown report of Baseus Bowie E5.

01/ Baseus Bowie E5 Charging Case Teardown

Disassemble the charging case shell and take out the charging bin structure.

The structure on one side of the charging bin – the mainboard is vertically fixed on the charging bin, and a small board for charging earbuds is set perpendicular to the mainboard.

The structure on the other side of the charging bin fixes the battery and FPC through a bracket.

Remove all components at the bottom of the charging bin.

The bottom structure of the charging bin is equipped with two magnets for adsorbing and fixing earbuds. The sectors on both sides are light guide pillar structures for indicator lights.

The charging case has a built-in lithium-ion battery, model: WEL 801435, nominal voltage: 3.7V, rated capacity: 330mAh 1.22Wh, from WEL.

The circuit on one side of the battery protection board is equipped with DW01AT lithium battery protection IC and 8205A MOS transistor – responsible for battery overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, etc. protection.

The circuit on the side of the charging case motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the charging case motherboard.

Metal dome connector for charging earbuds.

INJOINIC IP5518V is a multi-functional power management SoC integrating 5V boost converter, lithium battery charging management, and battery power indicator, providing a complete power solution for TWS charging case. The high integration and rich functions of IP5518V require only a few peripheral components for application, effectively reducing the size of the overall solution and reducing the BOM cost.

IP5518V has a voltage resistance of 30V, provides intelligent two-way communication compartment applications, and can provide open-cover connection functions.

IP5518V has a built-in 5V output, synchronous rectification boost DC-DC and built-in power tube, which provides a maximum output current of 300mA and a boost efficiency as high as 93%. The switching frequency of the DC-DC converter is 1.5MHz, which can support low-cost inductors and capacitors. The linear charging of IP5518V provides a maximum charging current of 500mA, and the maximum charging current can be flexibly configured. Built-in IC temperature and input voltage intelligently adjust charging current function.

IP5518V can detect that the earbuds are placed in the charging bin and automatically enter charging mode. The earbuds automatically enter sleep state after being fully charged, and the quiescent current can be reduced to a minimum of 20uA. The earphone full and saturated current can be flexibly customized, and the full current detection accuracy is as high as 1mA. IP5518V has a built-in MCU, which can flexibly customize 4/3/2/1 LED or 188 digital tube power display. Built-in 12bit ADC can accurately calculate battery power.

2.2μH power inductor works with the power management chip.

The motherboard connects to the FPC’s ZIF connector.

The bluetooth pairing function button on the FPC is connected to two indicator lights on both sides of the FPC through ZIF connectors.

The silk-printed “AR3W7” Hall element at the end of the FPC is used to sense the magnetic field changes of the earbuds, and then notify the charging case MCU and earbuds to pair or disconnect from the connected device.

LED indicator light provides light source for the lights on the charging bin.

02/ Baseus Bowie E5 Earbuds Teardown

Remove the earbud stem back cover. A touch detection patch is fixed inside the cover.

The internal structure of the earbud stem cavity – the mainboard unit is fixed through positioning posts, and there is an FPC on the left connected through a ZIF connector.

Take out the motherboard unit. There is a charging connector at the right end of the cavity, and the microphone pickup hole is protected by a dust filter.

The circuit on one side of the earbud motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the earbud motherboard.

The metal dome to which the charging contacts are connected.

Lasdiao C 3E crystal oscillator is used to provide clock, specification: 24.000MHz.

Silk screen SN 2320 IC.

WINSEMI WSDF2311B lithium battery protection IC. The WSDF2311 series is a highly integrated solution for single-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer rechargeable battery pack protection. Integrated advanced power MOSFET, high-precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit – with overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit and other protection functions required by the battery. And the power consumption is very low when working, and it also supports CTL shipping mode setting.

Laser-engraved 3452 2381 MEMS microphone is used for voice call function pickup.

Bluetooth antenna for transmitting and receiving wireless signals.

Bluetrum BT8922D bluetooth audio SoC uses 40nm ULP process and has a built-in 32-bit high-performance RISC-V CPU. Supports DSP instructions and neural network accelerators, and has built-in multi-core architecture to effectively reduce power consumption. It has a built-in 2MB Flash storage unit and supports FOTA. End users can upgrade the headset firmware through the APP. Built-in GPIO pins can be flexibly programmed to pull up or pull down. Support GPIO wake-up or interrupt. Built-in high-performance bluetooth radio frequency circuit, the wireless receiving sensitivity reaches -94dBm, and the transmitting power is greater than 10dBm, which can meet different product designs and antenna structures.

BT8922D supports Sound+ MIC DNN call algorithm to provide users with a clear call experience. Support Bluetooth 5.4 dual-mode, integrated voltage reduction and lithium battery charging functions. Built-in low-power touch buttons help achieve a streamlined earphone design.

Metal dome for connecting touch detection patches.

Connect the ZIF connector to the FPC.

Disassemble the sound cavity and fix the battery inside the back cavity. Magnets are provided on the cavity wall for adsorption and fixation with the charging case. There is a speaker inside the front cavity.

Take out the battery and wrap it with high-temperature insulating tape for protection.

Tear off the insulating tape and you will find the steel-cased button battery built into the earbuds. Model: M1040S2, nominal voltage: 3.85V, energy: 0.135Wh, from MIC-POWER.

Take out the speaker. The speaker uses a PEEK+PU composite diaphragm and is designed with electroplating color technology.

There are tuning holes around the back of the speaker, which are protected by a silk screen to improve audio performance.

After actual measurement, the speaker diameter is about 12mm.

All components of Baseus Bowie E5 true wireless earphones.

03/ Summary

Baseus Bowie E5 incorporates transparent elements into the design, presenting a unique visual effect. The round charging case adopts a translucent frosted shell, which is compact and lightweight. The earbuds use the transparent front cavity and translucent earbud stem cover design, which is highly recognizable and very light and comfortable to wear.

The charging case has a built-in 330mAh lithium battery. The motherboard uses a Type-C interface for input power, and the INJOINIC IP5518V multi-function power management SoC is responsible for charge and discharge management. At the same time, it supports intelligent two-way communication, independent detection of earbuds, battery power indicator, etc. – a single chip provides support for various functions of the charging case.

The earbud head is equipped with a 12mm PEEK+PU composite diaphragm dynamic driver and a MIC-POWER 0.135Wh steel case button battery, which is connected to the motherboard inside the earbud stem through FPC and ZIF connectors. The motherboard uses WINSEMI WSDF2311B lithium battery protection IC to protect battery charge and discharge. Bluetrum BT8922D bluetooth audio SoC is responsible for wireless connectivity and audio data processing. There is a built-in MEMS microphone for voice call function pickup.

PS: Translated from 52audio

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