Apple used an AirPods Max to put an end to the new product in 2020. There are also many questions to be answered around the $549 worth of it.

When communicating with Japanese media a few days ago, Apple’s Vice President of Industrial Design Evans Hankey, Vice President of Product Marketing Bob Borchers, and Industrial Designer Eugene Whang shared their views.

Previously, a former Apple designer who claimed to be involved in the AirPods Max project revealed that this headset was developed four years ago. Hanky ​​did not clearly affirm this, but he said that for Apple, there is only one chance to launch products in a new field, and we hope to do our best.

Hanky ​​revealed that AirPods Max has iterated hundreds of plans internally, and finally has the mass production model that everyone has seen. Interaction schemes that include full touch control have been tried, but in the end they switched to a physical crown similar to Apple Watch.

Apple mentioned that they are also very careful in the use of materials. For example, aluminum is a material that the team is very familiar with, and the earmuffs are pure soft fabrics, not “fake” materials such as artificial leather.

There is also the controversial smart headset case, Whang explained, the main consideration is to save space and facilitate the user to carry. As for the protective cover that is not all-inclusive design, that is, the head beam is partially exposed, Whang said that first of all, the head beam is very strong, so everyone can rest assured. Secondly, the exposed head beam can be regarded as a handle in the bag, which is convenient for users to take out easily.

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