Apple AirPods Max head-mounted noise reduction headphones have been released for some time. With their unique design, excellent workmanship and high prices, they have attracted the attention of a large number of media, consumers and third-party accessory manufacturers.

Many third-party accessories for Apple AirPods Max headsets have appeared on the market, such as protective case, protective cover, and headset stands. This time I will introduce a creative bracket product specially designed by Benks for AirPods Max headset.

Simple packaging box, split packaging

The Benks headset stand packaging box is relatively simple, with a white background. You can see the overall appearance of the secondary nails from the front of the box.

Product features printed on the side graphics: Stable support, Non-slip care, Fit & Non-deformed.

There is product information on the back label, product name: desktop headset stand, product model: L40, material: PC+ABS+silicone+iron, size: 245 x 118 x 114 (mm), weight: 360g±10g, product color: silver white , Brand Owner: Shenzhen BENKS Technology Co., Ltd.

The headset stand and the base are placed separately in the box, and are equipped with wrenches and screws.

Align the support rod with the hole and put it in.

Then tighten the screw with a wrench to fix it.

The overall appearance of the Benks Airpods Max desktop headset stand.

Simple style, inclined design for full protection

The side of the bracket presents an oblique angle. Make the headset hang vertically when placed to prevent contact and wear with the rod body.

The headset support adopts a U-shaped curved surface design, which is very similar to the curvature of Apple Airpods Max, so that the force on the headset is evenly placed and prevents deformation.

The top of the support is also provided with a milky white silicone pad to prevent the headset canopy from being scratched.

The bottom support is silver-white color matching and matte processing.

The support member and the support rod are very firmly connected and cannot be rotated or removed. The metal rod is treated by electroplating process, and the paint will not fall off or oxidize after a long time.

After the metal rod is fixed to the base, it fits tightly, and it is also very stable.

The white panel on the top of the base is sprayed with Benks brand LOGO.

The base adopts the same silver-white frame as the support, with a metallic texture. It is equipped with a whole surface of silicone anti-skid pad, which increases friction, makes it more stable, and does not damage the desktop.

Close fit, stable placement

After reading the overall design, let’s use the Apple Airpods Max headset to actually use it to see the effect!

Place the overall effect of Apple Airpods Max.

The support surface of the stand fits perfectly with Apple Airpods Max.

The overall canopy of the Apple Airpods Max headset can be uniformly stressed without any stretching or deformation.

Due to the inclined surface design, the headset sags naturally after being placed, and does not touch any part of the rod body, which prevents the headset from wearing.

Even if the headset is fixed to the horizontal position when worn, it will not touch the shaft.

It can be easily placed anywhere on the office desk, reducing the space used for headset placement, and the possible damage to placing the headset on the desktop.

The overall placement effect is like an ornament, and it does not produce a very abrupt feeling.

Although the height of the Benks desktop headset bracket and the curvature of the supporting surface are specially built for Apple Airpods Max, many other head-mounted headphone products can also be used very well.

The placement effect of other brands of head-mounted headphone is shown in Figure 1.

The placement effect of other brands of head-mounted headphone is shown in Figure 2.

The placement effect of other brands of head-mounted headphone is shown in Figure 3.


The Benks desktop headset stand is very simple and fashionable in appearance design, and the silver-white color matching is very high-end. The metal-like processing of the supporting surface, the frame of the base, and the atomization of the base panel all enhance the texture of this product. With the electroplated shiny metal rod, the overall placement effect can be easily integrated into various scenes.

In use, the Benks desktop headset stand adopts a unique tilt angle design, the headset will not touch any position of the rod body when it is placed, so as to prevent the headset from wearing and scratching.

The U-shaped arc support specially created for Apple Airpods Max headset canopy fits closely with the headset, which can well disperse the force of the headset when it sags and prevent the headset from being suspended for a long time. And set up high-quality silicone contact surface to protect the canopy to prevent damage.

For other brands of headset, the Benks desktop headset stand is highly suitable for most products, and the U-shaped curved surface support can also play a role in dispersing to a certain extent, and it can also be used normally.

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