aigo EROS T10 true wireless headphones review


It can be said that the hybrid driver headset is well known in the HiFi circle, and basically all enthusiasts know it. The headphones with this structure are deeply loved by HiF enthusiasts because they can simultaneously occupy the advantage of dynamic low frequency and the advantage of armature high frequency. Although the headphones with this unit structure are basically wired HiFi headphones. Recently, aigo, a headset brand loved by enthusiasts, launched its first true wireless HiFi headset equipped with Knowles hybrid driver: EROS T10. As the first batch of users who discovered and tried this headset, I was really shocked by its sound.

aigo EROS T10

Unboxing: Business styling with extraordinary texture

From a personal aesthetic point of view, the charging case of aigo EROS T10 earphones fits my taste very well. First of all, it is not an imitation of “AirPods charging case” that gives people visual fatigue, but a unique business style. Maybe it’s not everyone’s favorite to show it to others, but at least everyone won’t find it vulgar.

aigo EROS T10 aigo EROS T10

The aigo EROS T10 charging case adopts Tpye-C interface design, which is the same as that of mainstream mobile phones. In addition, EROS T10 earphones support IPX5 waterproof performance, more effective waterproof.

aigo EROS T10 aigo EROS T10

EROS T10 is equipped with Qualcomm QCC bluetooth 5.0 chip and supports bluetooth lossless apt-X encoding. There are four noise-reduction microphones inside the headset, and the ninth-generation CVC call noise-reduction technology can effectively reduce environmental noise, enhance human voice, and bring clear call effects. In actual use, even if EROS T10 is in a noisy street, the other party still cannot feel any noisy sound.

aigo EROS T10 aigo EROS T10

We know that aigo EROS T10 uses the Knowles hybrid driver structure. As for the cost of adopting this structure, everyone must be very worried about the battery life of the EROS T10 headset. In actual use, use this headset to listen to music at 30% volume in a quiet environment. It can bring a single battery life of about 8 hours. When used in conjunction with charging case, it can provide three additional battery life for the headset. The total battery life is 8+24 hours. When used outdoors, in order to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, most users will turn up the volume. After I adjust the volume to 60%, the single battery life can reach about 5 hours, so if you commute normally, you don’t need to worry about its battery life.

Introduction to subjective listening

The sound performance of aigo EROS T10 headphones really shocked me. For a thousand yuan level true wireless earphone, the sound adjustment of EROS T10 is very attractive. The low frequency has quality, strong control, the middle and high frequency details are clear, and the sound image is silky. It can be said that the price is around one thousand yuan. This kind of sound is hard to find in HiFi headphones.

aigo EROS T10

In the performance of popular music (reference track: InTheEnd-Linkin Park, カタオモイ-エメ)

The low frequency of aigo EROS T10 earphones can bring a very powerful texture to the performance of pop music. If you like the solid and powerful low frequency shock, then EROS T10 will definitely not let you down. In terms of mid-to-high frequency performance, this headset has outstanding vocals, complete sound and image of musical instruments, and high presentation of sound details. I think it is very appropriate to use “silky and smooth” to represent its sound experience.

In the performance of classical music (reference piece: Schubert-Der Tod und das Mädchen, Alexander Pavlovsky)

Compared with pop music, aigo EROS T10 is still outstanding in classical music performance. The biggest advantage of EROS T10 in the performance of classical music is that its sound line is very clear and the various instruments in the sound field have good separation. In addition, while retaining the high-quality playback level, the dynamic performance of the EROS T10 earphones is still not weakened, which is very unexpected to me.

As a national brand, aigo EROS T10 true wireless earphones can be described as “a blockbuster” in terms of sound performance. If you want to buy a true wireless headset product that does not compromise on sound quality and portability, EROS T10 is a product I definitely recommend everyone to try.


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