1MORE EVO Earbuds Review: Achieve Comprehensive Self-transcendence



The 1MORE EVO, released three years later, can already be regarded as a noise cancelling true wireless earbuds that has achieved comprehensive self-transcendence. No matter in terms of ease of use, noise cancelling experience or sound quality, it has reached the product strength of the first echelon. Of course, the most important thing is that 1MORE EVO has a higher cost performance.

1MORE EVO Specifications:

  • Bluetooth 5.2 with LDAC
  • -42dB smart noise cancelling
  • 5.5-8 hours of playback (ANC ON/OFF)
  • Hybrid architecture HiFi sound quality
  • Dual device connection
  • 3D ceramic look
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • $170 – Check latest price on: AliExpress (1MORE Official Store), Amazon US, other Amazon countries, Banggood

Appearance Design


In terms of appearance design, the 1MORE EVO has not changed much from the previous 1MORE true wireless noise cancelling earbuds, but there are some differences in the details. 1MORE EVO still uses a rounded and long charging case design. The material of the charging case is still the same as the previous generation, but the 1MORE EVO charging case is more matte and frosted than the previous generation. At the same time, the wear resistance of the charging case has also been further improved.

And the “1MORE” logo on the top of the charging case has also been changed from the previous dark tone to the current rose gold color. Let the look and feel of the entire charging case change from the low-key and introverted of the previous generation to the current low-key luxury.


After opening the charging case cover, you can see the bluetooth reset button. This design can reduce the probability of accidental touch to a certain extent, and the left and right earbuds are on both sides of the button. 1MORE EVO earbuds still continues the classic light luxury design language of the previous generation, but instead of using the carbon fiber textured panel of the previous generation, 3D ceramic materials are used instead.


Black with rose gold earphone looks very noble and elegant. Coupled with the drop-shaped streamlined body, the 1MORE EVO has a rounded feel and soft lines. 1MORE EVO adopts ergonomic design, and the weight of a single earbud is only 5.7g, even if it is worn for a long time, the feeling of pressing the ear will not be very obvious.

Noise Cancelling Function

I think the most anticipated part of 1MORE EVO is the noise cancelling part. The previous generation of products had a very good performance in noise cancelling, and the new 1MORE EVO has made a new breakthrough in the noise cancelling experience, so I also specifically mentioned this part. This earbuds adopts 1MORE’s exclusive QuietMax noise cancelling technology. The earbuds adopts the “feedforward + feedback” dual-mic active noise cancelling technology, which integrates the smart algorithm to achieve accurate and instantaneous noise cancellation. The noise cancelling depth can reach 42dB. In addition, the noise cancelling performance of this earbuds has also passed the certification and filing of the State Administration for Market Regulation, and has also been certified by the internationally renowned testing agency SGS.


After the theoretical knowledge is finished, it is time to look at the actual performance. According to official data, the noise cancelling depth of 1MORE EVO can reach -42dB. As far as daily commuting is concerned, such a noise cancelling depth is sufficient to cope with such complex noise environments as in subways, buses and other scenarios. This earbuds can eliminate some low-frequency noise to the greatest extent after turning on the noise cancelling mode. After I switched to “deep noise cancelling” mode in the subway car, it was enough for me to enjoy the music with peace of mind. In some quiet places such as offices and coffee shops, using the “comfortable noise cancelling” mode is enough to keep both ears quiet and focus on your own business.

1MORE EVO has built-in multiple noise cancelling modes and transparency modes. This earbuds supports a variety of modes such as depth, comfort, wind noise resistance, vocal transparency, and ambient transparency. Maybe when you see so many modes, you don’t know how to choose, don’t be afraid, 1MORE EVO can automatically help you choose. 1MORE EVO innovatively added an intelligent dynamic noise cancelling mode, earbuds can intelligently match the scene, and automatically select a suitable noise cancelling mode that can make the user’s ears feel the most comfortable. The addition of the new intelligent dynamic noise cancelling allows users to not need to manually switch the noise cancelling mode frequently, and any scene can bring a comfortable noise cancelling experience.

Battery Life & Calling


In terms of battery life, the battery life of 1MORE EVO has been greatly improved compared to the previous generation. When the noise cancelling mode is turned on, a single earphone can last up to 5.5 hours, and when used with the charging case, the battery life can reach 20 hours. After turning off noise canceling, the comprehensive battery life can reach 28 hours. In addition, 1MORE EVO also supports “15 minutes of charging, 4 hours of use”. Not only that, this earbuds also supports Qi wireless charging, allowing users to truly experience the convenience of wireless.

Voice calls are still a basic function of high-frequency daily use of true wireless headphones. 1MORE EVO is not only equipped with six microphones, but also applies the deep neural network (DNN) intelligent noise cancelling algorithm, which can recognize and learn the human voice in real time. Using multi-microphone digital signal processing algorithms, separate human voices and ambient noise, and intelligently enhance human voices. For daily use, especially in noisy environments such as subway and bus traffic, this earbuds can also provide clear and natural calls.

Sound Quality of 1MORE EVO

In terms of sound quality, 1MORE EVO can be said to have been fully upgraded. In my opinion, the hardware and software configuration of this earbuds can even be described as “HiFi”. 1MORE EVO adopts the common dynamic+armature structure. The earphone sound unit consists of a diamond-like diaphragm dynamic and a low-distortion armature unit. In addition to supporting basic audio transmission formats such as aptX, this earbuds also supports the LDAC high-definition audio bluetooth transmission protocol, and 1MORE EVO has also obtained Hi-Res Wireless certification.


After my experience in the past few days, I found that the sound quality of 1MORE EVO is indeed very good. The tri-bands of this earbuds work well together, and there will be no “short boards” that will affect the overall sound quality performance. I am very satisfied with the texture and atmosphere of the low frequency of 1MORE EVO. This is a full and bouncy low frequency that sounds very comfortable. However, the extension depth of the low frequency is still slightly worse.

The vocal performance in the mid-frequency part is clear and clean, and has a certain rendering power, which is very suitable for listening to some pan-pop music. The high frequency of this earbuds is clear but not distorted, and the extension is satisfactory. The lines of the sound are detailed and clear, and you can listen to some classical string music.

APP & Accessories

If you don’t like the original tuning style of Grammy Award-winning recording master Luca Bignardi, 1MORE has also prepared SoundID for you to conduct a personalized listening curve test through the 1MORE MUSIC APP. Match the style that meets your personal listening preferences, and experience a “customized” music style anytime, anywhere.


1MORE EVO’s accessories are not rich, similar to other brands’ tws. Only 4 pairs of eartips, Type-C cable and manual.

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