With the increasing popularity of mobile phones nowadays, bluetooth headsets have become a must-have item for many mobile phone users. Whether it is daily life or work and entertainment, you can easily see the bluetooth headset. But for many bluetooth headset novices, choosing a bluetooth headset is a headache. Facing the dazzling array of bluetooth headset brands on the market, how should we choose?

This article brings you a cost-effective and affordable bluetooth headset, which is today’s protagonist wiwu Airbuds 3SE bluetooth earphones. The overall design style of wiwu Airbuds 3SE is relatively simple, with a white design. Although this headset is cheap but not inferior in quality, the outer packaging is simple and low-key, and the headset rendering and model are printed on the front. Attentive friends can find a headset protective cover and wireless charging icon under the box. That’s right, wiwu Airbuds 3SE supports wireless charging and is equipped with a headset protective cover.


Open the outer packaging box of wiwu Airbuds 3SE. There is a paper film inside the outer packaging box to protect the earphones, with the words “Hello” printed in multiple languages. The moment you open the box is still very mysterious.

Remove the film and take out the items in the box, including charging case (including earphones), lightning charging cable, manual and earphone protective cover.

The design of wiwu Airbuds 3SE earhones is a bit similar to AirPods Pro. The same semi-in-ear design is adopted, and the earphone handle is also slightly shorter, which is more comfortable and stable when worn. Compared with other earphones with long ear handles on the market, the design of wiwu Airbuds 3SE not only guarantees the comfort of wearing, but also improves the appearance of wearing it to a higher level.

Detail experience

First, let’s take a look at the wiwu Airbuds 3SE charging case. The charging case is a bit similar to a square design. The four corners are all rounded, and the overall appearance is relatively smooth. The design of the charging case is also relatively small, weighing about 30g, which is convenient for traveling and carrying.

The charging interface of the charging case uses the same lightning charging interface as AirPods Pro. The advantage of using the lightning charging interface is that you can take an Apple mobile phone’s charging cable and charge it, and you don’t need to take the extra charging cable when you go out. And it can still support wireless charging, which is very convenient.

Open the charging case and see wiwu Airbuds 3SE earphones erected in the charging compartment. The design of wiwu Airbuds 3SE earphones gave me the first impression that it is compact. The weight of a single headset is only about 3g. What is this concept? You must know that a piece of A4 paper weighs 4g. Wiwu Airbuds 3SE is lighter than a piece of A4 paper. It may be one of the lightest bluetooth headsets on the market.

Use experience

In terms of configuration, Wiwu Airbuds 3SE uses a bluetooth 5.1 chip. While ensuring stable audio transmission, the connection distance of the bluetooth headset has also been greatly increased, with the longest connection distance up to 10 meters. After several days of actual measurement, it was found that wiwu Airbuds 3SE can also ensure a stable connection at a distance of 10 meters without any disconnection.

Wiwu Airbuds 3SE supports single earphone and dual earphone mode, free switching, fast connection. And wiwu Airbuds 3SE is also equipped with a Hall switch. When the user connects to the mobile phone for the first time, the next time the charging case cover is opened, it will automatically connect to the mobile phone.

The control of Wiwu Airbuds 3SE is similar to that of AirPods Pro. They all realize previous/next, answer/hang up calls, and wake up the Siri voice assistant by pinching the handle of the headset.

Music experience

Wiwu Airbuds 3SE adopts a design style that fits the contour of the ear, and the earphone handle is shorter. The advantage of this design is that the sound can be subtly delivered to the wearer’s ears, and it can also prevent sound leakage, which is more important when listening to songs.

Let’s talk about the real listening experience of Wiwu Airbuds 3SE. After listening to Eason Chan’s “一丝不挂”, I think the tri-band of Wiwu Airbuds 3SE is more balanced. Although the performance of the treble part is relatively average, the performance of the mid-bass frequency range is still relatively good, and there is no bottom noise when listening to the song. The rhythm of the mid-bass is also very strong, and when you close your eyes and listen to the song, you feel like you are in a concert. Wiwu Airbuds 3SE is completely OK for daily listening to popular songs or answering phone calls.

Battery life

Wiwu Airbuds 3SE true wireless headphones have a single battery life of about 6 hours. The charging case is equipped with a large battery capacity of 240 mAh, and the battery life can reach 30 hours when used with the charging case. For people who often go out, this kind of long battery life bluetooth headset is quite suitable, and there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of the headset running out of power when going out.


In general, the overall experience of Wiwu Airbuds 3SE true wireless bluetooth earbuds is quite good. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the sound quality is not bad. If you want to buy a cheap bluetooth headset for listening to music or making calls, Wiwu Airbuds 3SE is still recommended.

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