U&I focuses on the bluetooth audio market. With the rapid development of TWS headphones, many unique products have been launched. It includes not only entry-level products with lightweight design and comfortable wearing, but also mid-to-high-end flagship products that support ANC/transparency mode.

Recently, U&I officially released a new generation of TWS noise cancelling headphones —— U&I Pure. In appearance, the charging case adopts a rounded square design similar to a “jewelry box” for the first time. The earphone is a handle-shaped in-ear design, the body is smooth and round, the lines are smooth, and it has a strong texture performance.

In terms of functional configuration, the U&I Pure true wireless earphones supports ANC/transparency mode/normal mode, and supports ENC dual mic call noise cancelling. Built-in φ12mm dynamic driver, using composite fiber PU+LCP diaphragm. Equipped with Realtek flagship Bluetooth V5.1 chip, supports AAC audio decoding, supports intelligent master-slave switching, and can be used in single/binaural mode.

|1. U&I Pure true wireless noise cancelling earphones unboxing

Packaging and Accessories

The U&I Pure headphones package box has a compact design with a white background and red font to highlight product information. The front has the “U&I” brand LOGO and product name, and the middle is decorated with the word “Pure” on a large area.

The back of the box shows the overall appearance design of the product, and the background uses its brand extension symbol “U” logo, which makes the rendering of the headphone more spatial and three-dimensional.

The side is designed with U&I brand slogan “Happy U and I”.

Open the box, the inner earphones are placed in the sponge, which plays a good protective role and avoids damage during transportation. Headphone accessories are placed separately in the box. There is also a protective film on the box to prevent scratches.

The contents of the box include headphones, charging cables, silicone eartips and instructions.

The charging cable uses a USB-A to Type-C interface, which is common with the current mainstream charging cables for Android phones. Two pairs of silicone eartips of different sizes, one pair is default on the earphones, a total of three specifications are used for personalized wearing needs. Choosing the most suitable eartips can bring the best noise cancelling and audio experience.


Design and Comfort

U&I Pure charging case adopts a new rounded square design with exquisite workmanship and thick texture. The body is smooth and round, and the grip is very comfortable. The top is designed with U&I brand LOGO.

The charging case cover has a chamfered design around it, showing a waistline to enhance the sense of hierarchy. The front opening is designed with a groove for easy opening, and the four indicators below are used to more intuitively feedback the remaining power information of the charging case.

The Type-C charging interface is located on the back of the charging case. The back of the charging case has some parameter information of the product, including model: BS313GC-1, input: 5V-500mAh, output: 5V-260mAh, charging case battery capacity: 400mAh, made in China, etc.

Open the charging case, place the earphones in left and right order, and take them out in order to wear them without adjustment. The internal structure has a matte finish for better stain and abrasion resistance.

The L/R logo is engraved on the left and right sides of the earphone cockpit, which is convenient for users to quickly distinguish.

The U&I Pure earbuds feature a handle-like angled in-ear design. There is not much embellishment on the appearance, the overall design is simple, the body lines are round and smooth, and the texture is consistent with the charging case.

According to the official website, the in-ear curve and angle of the earphones have been verified by a large number of blind tests, so as to achieve the best in-ear shape.

Wearing effect, the earphone curve fits closely with the auricle, and the silicone eartips that closely fit the ear canal really bring a very comfortable and stable wearing experience. And the oblique in-ear design when wearing, the earphone handle will lean to the inside, it is not easy to fall off when wearing, and it is more beautiful.

The noise cancelling microphone opening of the headphone is located on the top of the headphones, and the internal dust net is protected.

At the bottom of the earphone handle is the call microphone, which is used to pick up the voice of the call. There is also an indicator light next to it, which feeds back the status of the headphone through lights of different colors.

The metal contacts for charging the earphones are located on the inside of the earphone handle, and the L/R logo is designed in the middle.

The inner side of the earphone is provided with a tuning hole, which is located in the groove, which is used to keep the air circulation in the sound cavity. The headphone outlet is protected by a white fine dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the sound cavity.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of U&I Pure true wireless noise cancelling earphones is about 54.6g. The weight of the two earphones is about 9.2g, and the light body provides a more comfortable wearing experience.

The most prominent feature of the U&I Pure true wireless noise cancelling headphones design is the improved texture. The whole machine has exquisite workmanship, ivory white color matching with smooth body lines, and the look and feel is simple and fashionable. The earphone adopts a handle-shaped oblique in-ear design, which fits closely with the ear structure when worn, providing an excellent comfortable wearing experience and wearing aesthetics.


|2. U&I Pure true wireless noise cancelling earphones review

Interactive experience

In terms of connection experience, U&I Pure headphones automatically turn on and enter the pairing state when the cover is opened. Search “U&I Pure” on the mobile phone to perform pairing and connection. Once paired, it will automatically reconnect after opening the cover. The Realtek flagship Bluetooth V5.1 chip is equipped to provide it with a stable connection experience. Supports intelligent master-slave switching, and can be used in single/binaural mode.

The operation control adopts the touch control scheme. Supports single-click, double-click, triple-click, and long-press modes to distinguish between left and right earphones. The overall rich control options provide a very convenient user experience, and you can perform multi-functional interactions without taking out your mobile phone.

  • Double-tap L or R to play/pause music
  • Triple-tap R to next song
  • Triple-tap L to previous song
  • Long press L 2s to wake the voice assistant
  • Long press R to switch noise cancelling model


Noise cancelling experience

In terms of noise cancelling experience, U&I Pure true wireless earphones support ANC/transparency mode and ENC dual mic call noise cancelling to meet the usage experience in different scenarios.

The ANC function adopts the DSP digital noise cancelling solution, which picks up the ambient noise in real time through the noise cancelling microphone, analyzes the audio information with the ANC software algorithm, and sends out reverse sound waves through the speaker to achieve accurate noise cancelling effect.

In use, the physical noise cancelling effect brought by active noise cancelling and closely fitted eartips has a very obvious inhibitory effect on medium and low frequency steady-state noise. The moment the active noise cancelling is turned on in the office, the humming sound of the air conditioner is stopped on the spot. For streets and subways with complex sound information, it can also greatly reduce the impact of external sounds and provide a more tranquil music experience.

The transparency mode also picks up external sounds through the noise cancelling microphone, and after algorithm processing, compensates the sound heard by the human ear wearing headphones through the speaker. After U&I Pure turns on the transparency mode, the listening effect achieved by the superposition of the two sounds is natural and comfortable, and it can be seamlessly connected with the external sound without removing the headphones.

The advantages of the noise cancelling function are mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, it can present clear audio effects to the person talking to it. On the other hand, it enhances its own privacy. U&I Pure earbuds has a built-in dual microphone unit to achieve more accurate sound pickup, and with the ENC call noise cancelling algorithm, it can effectively reduce the environmental noise during the call and ensure the effect of clear voice calls.


Sound quality of U&I Pure

At present, the in-ear headphones on the market can better demonstrate the bass effect due to the way of listening deep into the ear canal, so large-sized units are no longer used in the application of units. But also because of this, the sound field effect of the audio is also limited.

While U&I Pure earphones adopt the in-ear method, they are still equipped with a 12mm dynamic driver, and use a composite fiber PU+LCP diaphragm to further improve the response and strengthen the flexibility of the diaphragm. In the music experience, the most notable features are the low frequency shock and the wide sound field. The audio performance is powerful and crisp, the bass is natural and full, and the mid- and high-frequency vocals are clear and loud.

In addition, the U&I Pure true wireless earbuds also supports AAC high-definition audio decoding. When used with iPhone and other mobile phones that also support AAC codec, it can also provide richer audio details through higher bit rate transmission.


Charging and Battery life

In terms of charging, the U&I Pure true wireless noise cancelling earbuds adopts the Type-C charging interface, which is compatible with the current mainstream Android mobile phone charging cables, and does not require additional charging equipment when going out. It also supports wireless charging, providing a more convenient charging method.

In terms of battery life, the official data shows that the music playback time is more than 3.5 hours at 50% volume, and the charging case can also charge the earphones 2-3 times. In the actual experience, the volume of the office scene only needs 30%-40% to be very loud, and the battery life can be further improved.

|3. Summary

The latest generation of U&I’s TWS noise cancelling headphones has been improved in many ways. First of all, it adopts a new design in terms of appearance, the overall workmanship is exquisite, the body is smooth, round and thick, and it has a strong texture performance. The handle-shaped in-ear headphones are round and smooth, and fit closely with the ear. With a light body, they provide a very comfortable and beautiful wearing effect.

Secondly, in terms of functional experience, U&I Pure has a convenient and stable connection experience. Two-way transmission, single and binaural modes can be switched at will. The multi-functional touch solution can realize various controls without taking out the mobile phone for daily use. It also supports voice wake-up for more convenient operations through voice.

Noise cancelling is the main function of this product, which supports ANC/transparency mode and ENC dual-mic call noise cancelling function. In the process of use, it can effectively reduce the impact of ambient sound, providing a quieter music experience and clearer call effects. The battery life is where this product is relatively average, but based on the convenient charging method, it can also meet the needs of daily use.

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