In the era of technology, as mobile phone manufacturers gradually cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, it can be said that everyone has bluetooth earphones. However, the market for bluetooth earphones has different levels of product quality. Not only should we consider cost performance, but also want Better sound quality, then you have to be careful when you buy it. Today, I recommend a hundred-yuan bluetooth earphones. It not only has true wireless, but also carries a high configuration of dynamic+armature.

This bluetooth earphones is called TRN T300. Although the brand name may not have been heard by many people, it does not affect the nature of its support for TWS.

The packaging of the TRN bluetooth earphones is very simple. This time I got the model of TRN-T300. The packaging is still very simple. You can see the product rendering and product name on the packaging box.

Unlike other bluetooth earphones, the back of TRN’s packaging box only briefly lists the place of origin of the product, and there are no extra product functional parameters, as if it gives a simple beauty.

TRN-T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts a clamshell packaging design, open the box, you can see the TRN true wireless bluetooth earphones, the charging case is very industrial style, giving a sense of solidity.

The TRN-T300 charging case adopts a magnetic design. The earphone can be charged by putting the earphones into the charging case. The charging case also provides a battery indicator. It is very convenient for users to check the battery level at any time and charge the charging case in advance. Sudden “power failure” during the journey.

The charging case of TRN T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones not only supports wireless charging, but also can be charged using the Type-C interface. The earphones can last up to 72 hours with the charging case, which can meet the needs of daily commuting or business trips. Accompanied by music.

TRN-T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones uses Qualcomm QCC3046 chip, a new generation of bluetooth 5.2 technology, and supports a transmission radius of about 10m, making the connection more stable and allowing music to go online.

The weight of a single TRN-T300 earphone is only 5g, which is as light as a piece of A4 paper, coupled with a mini body, it will not make the ears feel heavy when worn.

TRN-T300 earphones support the function of connecting when the cover is opened. The earphones that have been paired with the device can be connected instantly every time the box is opened.

TRN-T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones abandons the traditional forwarding bluetooth technology. The left and right earphones use Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring mirroring connection technology. The main and auxiliary earphones can transmit simultaneously, providing more stable wireless signal transmission and seamless master-slave role switching. It is more comfortable when using scene switching between single ear and both ears.

TRN T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones adopts a new high-definition audio decoding technology, supports traditional ACC/SBC audio formats, and also supports aptx high-definition sound quality transmission, up to 1.5 times the amount of information, and presents more sound details. It can also bring a further wireless audio experience in multiple application scenarios such as voice calls and video games.

TRN-T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones uses two 30019 high frequency armature drivers and 8mm dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver. The combination of dynamic+armature shows accurate image positioning. When listening to songs, you can clearly feel more details, smooth mid-frequency, rich low-frequency details, and highly restored sound texture.

The CVC noise reduction effect of the TRN-T300 is still very good. On the daily commute, noisy human voices and car horns seem to be blocked. TRN-T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones also supports IPX5 waterproof, meeting the needs of life waterproof, usually sweating during exercise or traveling in rain will not affect our wearing and use.

In terms of sound quality, the overall performance of the TRN T300 true wireless bluetooth earphones is not bad. It restores more sound details and gives you a CD-level sound quality experience. Its bass is thick and flexible, the midrange is smooth, and the treble is clear and crisp. The excitement makes you immersed in the ocean of music, but can’t extricate yourself.

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