TOZO is a 3C digital accessory brand, which is mainly engaged in true wireless earphones, mobile power banks, chargers, mobile phone protective cases, etc. It has good sales in overseas markets. There are currently five true wireless earphones on TOZO’s official website, with prices ranging from $22.99 to $65.99, and its official website also sells silicone eartips, simple TWS earphones charging bases, separate charging cases and other items separately, and the consideration is more comprehensive.

Today 52audio will teardown the TOZO T12 true wireless bluetooth earphones. Its charging case has an LED power display and supports wireless charging; the earphones has a built-in bluetooth 5.0 chip, supports touch, and has a waterproof level of IPX8. The battery life is about 5 Hours, the charging case provides an additional 18 hours of battery life. Let’s take a look at the detailed dismantling report.

| 1. TOZO T12 charging case teardown

After the previous unboxing, we have a comprehensive understanding of the design of the TOZO T12 true wireless bluetooth earphones, and know that the charging case supports wireless charging. Let’s take a look at its wired charging power management system and wireless charging through disassembly. What chips are used in the power management system.

Pry open the charging cockpit, the shell is fixed by multiple physical buckles.

The soft pack battery is pasted on the motherboard, and the motherboard is fixed on the inside of the charging cockpit by screws.

The PCBA where the charging interface is located and the wireless charging receiving coil are fixed on the bottom of the charging case by a plastic bracket, and are connected to the main board through multiple wires.

Take out the plastic bracket at the bottom of the charging case. This bracket also serves to fix the soft pack battery.

The charging case is relatively thick.

The charging cockpit shell has two round magnets to adsorb the lid, and two bar magnets to fix the earphones.

Battery display area.

The shell of the charging cockpit is in a semi-transparent state, which is convenient for transparent display of electricity.

Internal circuit of charging case. The wires of the battery and power input are connected to the motherboard through the connector.

The power input circuit has a wireless charging receiving coil and a USB Type-C interface.

PCBA side circuit.

Circuit on the other side of PCBA.

USB Type-C interface, the shell is welded and fixed with a metal frame.

Wireless charging receiving coil.

COPO CP2022 is a single-chip, advanced, flexible, secondary-side wireless charging and transmission chip that can provide up to 3W of power for portable applications. It has the advantages of high integration, high efficiency, and low power consumption. It is in line with Qi V1.2.4 standard. The outside of the chip is the resonant capacitor and filter capacitor for wireless charging and receiving.

According to 52audio, the COPO wireless charging and receiving solution has been widely adopted by TWS earphones of OPPO, Edifier, Baseus, Sabbat, realme, omthing, iWALK and other brands.

Charging case motherboard circuit.

The other side of the motherboard circuit.

Connector interface.

ETAsolutions ETA9697 ultra-low power dual-channel PMU, in ESOP8 package: integrated 16V withstand voltage linear charger and 5V synchronous boost converter. 5V boost normally open, power consumption is as low as 1.7uA, can support 0.4A maximum boost output, and can switch 5V output by controlling the ENBST pin.

ETAsolutions ETA9697 has a built-in 1.4MHz switching frequency and can use a small 2.2uH inductor. It is an ideal two-in-one solution for bluetooth charging bins.

According to 52audio, audio products of well-known brands including Edifier, 1MORE, Xiaomi, realme, Baidu, Motorola, JVC, Jiss, Panasonic, JBL, etc. have adopted a large number of power management chips from ETAsolutions.

2R2 inductor used to charge and discharge the battery.

The charging case uses a soft pack battery, the model is M902030, the rated voltage is 3.7V, and the rated capacity is 500mAh/1.85Wh.

The pogo Pin that charges the earphones has a rubber pad at the bottom to protect it from dust and water.

The MCU of silk screen 001 Q2016 is responsible for charging case functions such as power display and indicator control.

charging case digital display module.

No. CYJ0720, the supplier is Shenzhen OBOO Technology Co., Ltd.

Two LED indicators, the outer ring is wrapped with foam to reduce light leakage.

| 2. TOZO T12 earbuds teardown

Let’s continue to disassemble the earphone part of TOZO T12. The earphone is a bean-type in-ear design. The outer shell is bright and supports touch.

Hidden earphones indicator light.

Inside the earphone, the area where the charging contacts are located is slightly concave. The TOZO brand name is on the top and the L/R logo is on the bottom.

The pressure relief hole on the top of the earphones.

The pickup hole of the call microphone at the bottom of the earphones.

The fine dust-proof net at the sound hole prevents foreign matter from entering.

There is coded information near the sound hole, 20200615, which may be the production date.

The shell curve at the ear of the earphone improves the wearing comfort.

Remove the earphone cover along the parting line.

Inside the shell, there is a conductive cloth for sensing touch operation, and the shell is fixed by three plastic posts.

There is a piece of insulating paper on the outside of the main board, which separates the main board circuit and the metalized cotton for insulation protection.

The internal components of the charging case are fixed on a plastic middle frame.

The internal structure of the sound cavity.

Take out the speaker unit, the inside is the diaphragm and the coil, and there is a metal protective cover outside.

The other side of the speaker unit.

The size of the speaker unit is approximately 9.9 mm.

The internal circuit of the earphone, the plastic bracket shell has product model T12 and L/R logos, and the battery and speaker unit are connected to the motherboard through wires.

There is also insulation paper inside the bracket and cushioning foam to protect the battery.

The Pogo Pin, which charges the earphone battery, also has a rubber pad at the bottom to prevent dust and water.

The other side of the small board.

Charging case motherboard circuit.

The other side of the motherboard circuit.

TOZO T12 true wireless bluetooth earphones uses PixArt PAU1603FB-S1 bluetooth audio SoC, supports bluetooth 5.0 EDR / BLE dual-mode, uses QFN-40 5x5mm package, and is suitable for TWS earphones.

PixArt PAU1603FB-S1 supports SBC / mSBC, AAC, built-in 10-band equalizer; supports dual microphone noise reduction; built-in lithium-ion battery charger, charging current up to 400mA. Its patented GeendRadio™ stereo (GRS) technology has the characteristics of fast switching, low latency, low radiation, low power consumption and anti-interference.

According to 52audio, many products including QCY, iWALK, Razer, Edifier, JOWAY and other brands have adopted the PixArt solution.

The external step-down inductor of the main control chip.

SMD ceramic bluetooth antenna for signal transmission.

A non-standard IC.

The touch IC of silk screen 233A0B is used to detect touch operation.

Contact the copper pillar of the conductive cloth.

Two LED indicators.

The MEMS microphone of LaserDiao 9A64 GA06 is used for call sound pickup.

The crystal oscillator that provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

The earphones uses a soft pack battery, model M501015, with a rated voltage of 3.7V and a rated capacity of 50mAh/0.185Wh.

All components of TOZO T12 true wireless bluetooth earphones.

|3. Summary

TOZO T12 true wireless bluetooth earphones are mainly black, using the contrast of bright and matte to increase the sense of design, the overall style is relatively simple, and most TWS earphones for overseas markets are like this.

The cockpit shell of the TOZO T12 charging case is translucent. There is an OBOO battery display inside. When using it, you can see the battery power of the digital charging case and the battery power of the left and right earphones displayed in the bar. It is not easy to see under strong light. , The advantage is that it looks more beautiful; the charging case supports wireless charging function, COPO CP2022 is responsible for wireless charging reception, supports Qi standard, and the output power can reach 3W; the charging interface is USB Type-C, and ETAsolutions ETA9697 is responsible for input protection and battery charging and discharging. The capacity of the soft pack battery is 500mAh; there is also an MCU on the circuit responsible for charging case functions such as power display and indicator control. The internal wires use connector plugs, which is convenient for production and assembly.

In the earphone part, TOZO T12 bluetooth master chip is PixArt PAU1603, supports bluetooth 5.0 EDR/BLE dual mode, supports AAC/SBC encoding, built-in lithium-ion battery charger, patented GeendRadio™ stereo (GRS) connection technology, TWS gaming earphones This kind of product is used more; the earphone transmits the signal through the chip ceramic bluetooth antenna, the soft-pack battery capacity is 50mAh, a MEMS microphone is used for call pickup, the dynamic speaker size is about 10mm; the earphone supports touch, made of conductive cloth and touch IC implementation.

Source: 52audio

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I had to take mine apart to fix a magnet after I dropped my case 1 time too many. This helped a lot just for peace of mind as i pried things apart, but it was also nice to see where some of the brackets were.

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