At present, true wireless bluetooth headphones have gradually become the mainstream, and their portability makes everyone who has used them love them. However, its shortcomings are as obvious as its advantages, such as sound quality and unacceptably high latency. Over time, everyone was forced to accept reality and only used mobile phones to listen to songs, watch videos, and make calls. Playing games with bluetooth headsets has long become a luxury, after all, the delay is too high.

However, the pain points of the public will always be seen by those who are interested. Although the low-latency esports headset has been late, it has gradually entered the public’s field of vision. Today in this article we will talk about the newly upgraded Tezo Spark ⅱ esports true wireless bluetooth earphones, and see if it can change your stereotype of true wireless bluetooth headset.

Angular marquee design

Worthy of being the official global partner of the Premier League Wolves, Tezo Spark ⅱ, as the esports bluetooth headset, is indeed different from our common styles. Unlike those “popular Internet celebrities”, Tezo Spark ⅱ is not sleek, on the contrary, it has sharp edges and corners, and its overall temperament is a lot harder, full of fighting spirit and cyberpunk flavor, which is refreshing. Rather than saying that Tezo Spark ⅱ is a unique headset product, it is better to say that it is a must-have item for esports hipsters on the street.

The charging case made of environmentally friendly PC+ABS material is a one-piece magnetic clamshell design, and the matte surface improves both touch and texture.

The cool marquee composed of 32 miniature LED lights injects soul into the entire product, making the entire charging case full of futuristic and technological sense, which looks like a space battleship.

The lighting effect not only brings a stronger sense of ceremony at the moment of opening the cover, but also takes into account the function of status and power display. Whether it is the working status of the headset or the remaining power of the charging case, it can be seen at a glance.

Tezo Spark ⅱ earbuds are 10% smaller than the previous generation, and because of the ergonomic in-ear design and diamond-shaped thin body, they are also very comfortable to wear.

By touching us, we can not only control music and calls, but also easily switch between casual mode and game mode. Among the two modes, the casual mode focuses on the high-fidelity sound experience in a balanced state, which is more energy-efficient and efficient; the game mode focuses on ultra-low latency and surround sound to enhance the sound experience in the game scene.

The bottom of the headset is specially designed with a pickup microphone, which can help eliminate environmental noise and truly restore the sound line. Whether it is a call, a meeting or a game, it can be more comfortable. Especially in the era of the epidemic, remote conferencing and video call applications are more frequent, and better microphones are definitely a great help for us.

Tezo Spark ⅱ comes with 2 pairs of eartips in the box, because the default eartips are more suitable, I did not replace them. In fact, in real usage scenarios, Tezo Spark ⅱ is still very strong to wear, and will not easily fall during some strenuous exercises.

Many insecure friends are more worried about the loss of true wireless headphones, leading to the embarrassing situation of “one ear”. Indeed, there are many lessons learned. Today, on many social platforms, there are still many groups looking for a partner for the headset. TEZO is more intimate with a three-month breakup insurance. Even if you accidentally lose a single headset, you can contact customer service to send back the product during the warranty period for free replacement, which is very considerate.

Since Tezo Spark ⅱ supports IPX5 waterproof, sweating in sports scenes and getting in the rain on rainy days are not a big problem. However, it should be noted that the earphones cannot be directly immersed in water, and the charging case is not waterproof, so do not do too dangerous trials!

Low latency + listening to the position to improve the game experience

The best part of Tezo Spark ⅱ is certainly not the unique appearance that shines. On Tezo Spark ⅱ, the self-developed Speedy Dash connection solution made a breakthrough again, achieving smaller size and lower power consumption, while the 45ms low latency advantage inherited from the Spark generation has not fallen, far lower than SBC and AAC The two encoding formats have 200ms and 150ms delays. The insensible delay of listening and debating the position in the game becomes our “physical plug-in”, allowing us to take the lead at will and turn our advantage into a victory.

Turn on the game mode and enter the actual combat of “Game For Peace”, we found that even the very subtle footsteps in the game can be easily captured by us. In the fierce street fighting, we can always take the lead and challenge the opponents. The enemy repulses before discovering our location. In the finals, when everyone is “Voldemort” per capita, the advantage of Tezo Spark ⅱ is even more obvious. As long as someone crawls slowly in the grass, you will find the trace the first time.

Not only games, but also sound quality surprises

The Tezo Lab Acoustics Lab, which originated in London and grew up in China, gathers the industry’s technical advantages. After professional adjustment by the Tezo Lab Acoustics Innovation Team, the resolution performance of the Tezo Spark ⅱ esports true wireless bluetooth headset is fully improved, with enhanced rendering and detailed resolution. , Sound field immersion and other aspects have been greatly improved.

Here is a summary of the subjective feelings in the actual sound quality test. In the experience of 7 test songs including “渡口”, I felt that the Tezo Spark ⅱ tri-band presents a very good sense of separation, and the sound is not forward, so the sense of space is not bad, and there is enough A sense of shock. Among them, the high-frequency processing is very delicate, the details are clearly visible but not harsh; the mid-frequency vocals are warm and moist, with fewer teeth, and the recognition and reproduction of the instrument are relatively high; the low-frequency performance is quite satisfactory, with a certain degree of flexibility and extension. The earphone has a strong omnivorous nature, and popular music such as rock, ethnic, popular and small compilation of classical music can be compatible, and they are all well controlled.

Charge once and use for one week

Tezo Spark ⅱ esports earbuds adopts the design of Type-C charging interface, which means that most users do not need to carry a separate charging cable out of the house, and because it also supports wireless charging, it can also “recover blood” in a more convenient way. Get rid of the shackles of cables.

The earphone has a built-in 60mAh lithium polymer battery, and the official claimed battery life is more than 5 hours. We conducted an actual test with a more power-consuming game mode. When the phone was set to play music at 1/3 volume, Tezo Spark ⅱ completely used up the battery after 5 hours and 19 minutes. This endurance performance is enough for everyone to meet the needs of commuting and traveling. The charging case is equipped with a 400mAh battery, which can charge the headset 3 times. That is to say, when the headset and charging case are fully charged, we will have to use them for at least 20 hours to use up their power. Even a super heavy user who wears it for 3 or 4 hours a day can still use it for a whole week.


Tezo is an innovative headphone brand designed and built for young people. Its products have always been more avant-garde and individual. This is actually the innate advantage of making esports products that are also pioneering and full of individuality. After the experience, I think Tezo Spark ⅱ is indeed a very powerful esports bluetooth headphone. Tezo Spark ⅱ can not only help us cope with the daily needs of listening to music, watching movies, and making phone calls, it can also give us an unprecedented esports experience through the feature of low latency. Tezo Spark ⅱ is not limited to a certain brand and system, and can be widely compatible with IOS and Android devices.

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