SWARMOO X2 mini true wireless earphones review


In the past two years, the update speed of true wireless headphones has been quite fast. The bluetooth technology carried from the previous bluetooth 4.0 to bluetooth 5.0, and then to the latest bluetooth 5.2, greatly improves the speed and stability of signal transmission, and its sound quality is comparable to wired headphones of the same configuration. Today I got the SWARMOO X2 mini true wireless earphones for everyone to experience in advance.

| Unboxing & Appearance


The packaging box of the SWARMOO X2 mini true wireless earphones is simple and beautiful. It not only has the brand logo and model number, but also the rendering picture of the headphone appearance and the wearing effect picture.

Although the size of the box is small, the accessories in the box are relatively complete, which are the basic configuration of true wireless headphones.


SWARMOO X2 mini adopts a classic black appearance, the inner matte surface is comfortable and delicate, and the outer bright surface is smooth and beautiful. Equipped with a slender headphone handle, the bottom of the front of the headphone is the brand logo, and there is an LED indicator on the top, which is convenient for checking the current working status of the headphone.


Most in-ear headphones will have ear discomfort for a long time, and the SWARMOO X2 mini adopts a semi-in-ear design, even without eartips, it can be worn firmly, and the comfort is much better than in-ear headphones.

A single earphone weighs only 3.7g, which is almost insensible to wear. The earphone fits well with the ear, and there is no discomfort after long-term use.


The charging case has a small appearance and a frosted surface, which makes it feel comfortable and delicate. It is very light to hold in your hand and can be easily put in your pocket, so that you can take it out immediately when you want to listen to a song on the commute.

The front of the charging case has a brand logo and 4 LED indicators for easy checking of the remaining power of the charging case. At the bottom is the Type-C charging interface.

| Use experience


The SWARMOO X2 mini true wireless earphones are also equipped with a kitty stand and a sports kit. There are 4 different types of sports suits including horn eartips, non-slip eartips, sports earhooks and sports ropes, which can cope with different sports scenes.

The sports kit is made of silicone material, which is comfortable and soft to wear. Horn eartips can be used for reinforcement during running, so you don’t have to worry about earphones falling off.


SWARMOO X2 mini fits comfortably on the ears, and it is very convenient to listen to songs on the commute without loosening.

In sports, it can be worn with a sports kit, which can better ensure the stability of the earphones and avoid the earphones from falling off and damage during strenuous exercise. Go to the gym to exercise can be used with sports ear hooks.


The delay of the headphone affects the experience of playing games. SWARMOO X2 mini earphones support bluetooth 5.2, triple-click the right earphone to enter the game mode, and the delay can be reduced to 50ms. You know, the human limit reaction time is 80ms, that is to say, the human basically can’t perceive the delay of SWARMOO X2 mini.

When playing games, the picture and sound are synchronized, and the aptx-adaptive high-definition sound quality is really different from that of the mobile phone. It also uses dual-host mirroring and direct connection, and the left and right earphones are not divided into primary and secondary, and can be connected to two mobile phones respectively, which is convenient for use when going out.


The SWARMOO X2 mini has a good noise reduction effect for calls. It is equipped with Qualcomm CVC8.0 algorithm, which can intelligently recognize human voices. ENC 4-mic noise reduction, the environmental noise microphone and the human voice pickup microphone work at the same time to eliminate environmental noise, and you can maintain a clear call even when walking on a noisy subway.


SWARMOO X2 mini uses a 14.2mm biological diaphragm to make the sound more pure. It supports Qualcomm’s third-generation APTX-ADAPTIVE encoding, which can automatically adjust the bandwidth according to the environment, so that the sound quality is better.

The bass part is mellow and tense, the midrange part is transparent and warm, and the treble part is transparent and layered, as if you are in a concert. This sound quality is even better than Apple Airpods.


In order to prevent sweat during exercise from invading the earphones, SWARMOO X2 mini adopts the IPX4 waterproof level, which can avoid sweat or rain during daily exercise.

The earphone can be used for about 5 hours at a time, and the charging case can provide 4 times of charging for the earphone. The earphone has a total battery life of up to 25 hours, meeting the needs of daily travel.

| Summary

SWARMOO X2 mini true wireless earphones can not only meet the daily use of listening to music and playing games, but also make clear and smooth calls on the commute, and can also be used in outdoor sports. By matching different sports kits, it can cope with different sports scenes. The sound quality is pretty good, and the area to be improved is the lower waterproof level.


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