Microsoft’s April launch event revealed new products, Surface Headphones 2+ head-mounted headphones may be released together


There is news recently that Microsoft will release Surface Laptop 4 in April, with dual versions of Intel and AMD. The whistleblower revealed that Microsoft will also release an upgraded version of the Surface Headphones 2 headset this month, which is expected to be named Surface Headphones 2+.

According to reports, the headset will be geared towards corporate users, does not support bluetooth, only uses a wired connection, and only has a black version. In addition, the headset will be sold separately with earmuffs.

Surface Headphones 2+

In terms of sound quality, the headset will not be much different from the released Surface Headphones 2.

Classroom Pen 2

It is understood that Microsoft will also release a webcam by then, the expected release date is mid-April, and the previously released Education Pen Classroom Pen 2 will also be shipped this month.


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