There are friends around who want to buy cheap true wireless earphones, and they pay more attention to the chips used in the earphones, and specify true wireless earphones with Qualcomm QC3020 or QC3040 chips. During 11.11, I saw that SoundPEATS TrueAir2 had a special offer, so I recommended a friend to buy it. It can be compared with the JEET Air Plus I am using. The earphones uses a Qualcomm QC3020 chip.

The receiving hand can see an “S” logo on the front of the earphones box, which is very similar to the icon of Superman.

The selling point noted on the back of the earphones box: Qualcomm QC3040 chip, support Qualcomm aptX, 25 hours of playback.

There are two paper cards, basically you can’t read them.

Manuals in multiple languages.

A relatively short USB-A to USB Type-C charging cable.

The SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 earphone is a plastic earphone box with a matte matte texture.

The earphone box of SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 has a charging indicator and a USB Type-C charging port at the rear.

Open the charging case of SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 and you can see the flashing indicator light at the end of the earphone handle.

Take out the earphones to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode.

On the earphones, you can see that the touch operations are all in the metal “S” logo area.

The charging contacts are on the inside of the earphones.

There are dust nets at the sound hole on the front and side of the earphone.

There is a significant difference in the volume of the earphone box between SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 and JEET Air Plus.

Both earphones boxes use USBType-C charging ports.

It is a pity that neither earphones box supports wireless charging, which is a pity.

JEET Air Plus is an in-ear moving iron earphones, while SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 is a semi-in-ear dynamic earphones.

SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 and JEET Air Plus support high-quality audio aptX encoding.

The sound of a call with SOUNDPEATS TrueAir 2 is very clear, and there is no problem with using the earphones while walking with the phone.
to sum up

Friends bought this SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 earphones because they are fancy TWS earphones with the most cost-effective Qualcomm QC3040 chip. The appearance is also beautiful. The semi-in-ear shell material is matte matte texture, which can effectively prevent the absorption of grease.

1. Japanese brands are relatively delicate in workmanship accuracy.
2. Qualcomm QC3040 chip and USB Type-C charging port are used, and there are 4 colors to choose from.

1. There is a lack of supporting App, and there is no animation display effect of the pop-up window.
2. There is no built-in sensor, and it does not support automatic suspension of music playback when the earphones is taken off.

Check the SOUNDPEATS TrueAir2 price:

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