Today’s TWS headphones, like smart phones, have entered the dilemma of “same appearance”. To be able to use them and have a high degree of recognition among the crowd, it depends on whether major manufacturers work hard. The SoundPEATS Sonic true wireless bluetooth earphones that I recommend to you today is a unique product. Its unique appearance design has a high degree of recognition, and it also has a good performance in terms of sound quality.

In fact, I prefer the LOGO of SoundPEATS, the shield is wrapped with the letter S, and the color of Sonic is mainly silver gray. Let’s take a look at this bluetooth earphones.

The appearance of SoundPEATS Sonic earphones is “enlarged” on the cover, which looks like a shield, coupled with a sense of fashionable colors, the overall style is quite anime. The front of the exterior is designed with a white background, the center is the big picture of the product, the product logo is centered on the top, and the bottom three main function points: Snapdragon QCC3040 chip, supports aptx-adaptive, supports both Android and ios models, and can be fully charged once Use 35 hours.

The packaging of the earphone box is small and concise. After opening, there are charging case and left and right earphones, type-c data cable, two pairs of silicone earmuffs of different sizes, manual, customer service card, product LOGO upgrade card.

The earphone charging case looks very beautiful. The soundpeats brand logo is on the top. The charging case is larger than the airpods pro, but it is lighter in weight. The charging case made of plastic is not prone to fingerprints and scratches.

At the bottom of the charging case is some information about the charging case.

On the back are status indicators and type-c sockets. Many charging cases of bluetooth earphones use type-c sockets because they support blind plugging and the charging speed is faster.

The beauty of the color and texture of the charging case continues to the earphones. Especially the shield with S is very unique in shape, more three-dimensional in the earphones, and it is unforgettable.

Open the charging case, the color of the SoundPEATS Sonic earphones are the same as that of the charging case. They are mainly silver and gold. The LOGO is in the middle of the shield. There is also a status indicator in the charging case, which will light up when the lid is opened.

The first time you take out the earphones, you will find that the S logo on the earphones will glow, changing between the two colors of white and yellow. This is a reminder that the earphones should use bluetooth to connect to the device. After the phone is connected to bluetooth for the first time, the logo of the earphones will turn into a pure white glow.

Continue to look at the back of the SoundPEATS Sonic earphones. It is the charging contact, and the earphones direction logo of R and L. R represents the right earphones and L represents the left earphones. The bottom of the earphones has a curvature. It can be seen that it is based on the curvature of the ear Designed.

There is a noise reduction hole on the side of the earphone.

The light-emitting logo part of the earphones is also a button design that can be pressed as a physical button.

The function of the button can also satisfy the interaction design between us and the mobile phone. The function of pressing the button once can realize play/pause and answer/hang up according to the usage scenario;

Long press for 1.5 seconds to reject the call;

While listening to a song, long press the left/right earphone for 1.5 seconds is previous/next;

Double-click the left/right headphone button to be volume-/volume+;

Tap the right earphone three times wake the voice assistant, the ios system mobile phone I use can wake up siri;

Tap the left earphone three times to enter game mode.

Built-in aptx-adaptive audio decoding technology and monster-bass bass enhancement technology. Among them, aptX-adaptive audio decoding technology supports aptX HD sound quality up to 420kbps and aptX Classic sound quality up to 279kbps. And research shows that there is almost no gap with wired 24bit/96kHz. In terms of sound quality, SoundPEATS Sonic can bring lossless sound quality comparable to CD-level. Monster-bass bass enhancement technology enhances low-frequency extension and makes music more dynamic.

In terms of battery life, the battery life of a single SoundPEATS Sonic earphone is 15 hours, and the charging case can charge the earphones 1.5 times, which is enough for a day. The charging case with the TYPE-C interface has a good charging speed.

Summary: Unique design and low latency are a major selling point of SoundPEATS Sonic earphones. Qualcomm QCC3040, aptX-Adaptive decoding, Monster-bass bass enhancement, 65ms low latency, etc., have created the preferred method of wireless listening to music that modern people expect . For users looking for earphones that can provide the best wireless sound quality and performance at an affordable price, the SoundPEATS Sonic true wireless bluetooth earphones is undoubtedly the best choice.

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