There are various types of bluetooth headphones, wired in-ear, neck-mounted, wireless in-ear, bone conduction and over-ear headphones. If you want to say a headset that can really bring an immersive experience, it must be a over-ear wireless headphones.

As a digital blogger, I have experienced many in-ear and semi-in-ear bluetooth headsets, and I should also try the actual difference of over-ear wireless headphones.

SoundPEATS gave me an opportunity to become the first blogger of the SoundPEATS A6 evaluation on the entire network. As SoundPEATS’s first head-mounted active noise reduction headset, how does SoundPEATS A6 perform? Let’s take a look.

SoundPEATS A6 unboxing‍

The product packaging is significantly larger than ordinary in-ear headphones, but the packaging elements have not changed at all, it is still that style.

The internal items are simple but comprehensive, including storage bags, charging cables, and audio cables.

In fact, for the same brand of headphones, you can always find the same elements. In appearance, you can always see the similarities with the SoundPEATS in-ear bluetooth headphones.

With various buttons, this is also SoundPEATS’s first head-mounted headset that supports noise reduction mode.

On/off key, volume +/- key, 3.5mm interface, and separate ANC button.

The appearance is very beautiful, simple but unique. The streamlined shell and matte texture make it very comfortable to hold in your hand. SoundPEATS A6 looks large, but it can be folded and retracted, making it easy to carry around. The sponge earmuffs are also soft and comfortable. They are made of skin-friendly materials and can be worn for a long time without worrying about allergies.

Functional experience

SoundPEATS A6 is SoundPEATS’s first noise-cancelling headphones, so we should first talk about the noise-cancelling function. With dual-feed active noise reduction function, just press the ANC button to open a whole new world.

How about the noise reduction experience? Because it is a head-mounted headphone, it has a great advantage. With the noise reduction function, it can directly achieve a noise reduction depth of 38dB. No matter indoor or outdoor, the noise can be removed up to 90%. How outstanding is this degree of noise reduction? It can be compared to the Bose QuietComfort 35Ⅱ, which sells for more than $1,299.

Bluetooth 5.0, equipped with BES2300 chip, can reduce delay, reduce power consumption, and present more accurate sound dynamic effects. 40mm dynamic driver, so the bass presentation is excellent, deep and powerful, and highly sensitive presentation form.

The biggest feature of SoundPEATS A6 is that it has ANC. Put on the headphones and turn on the noise reduction mode, as if you are isolated from the world, bringing you a quiet world.

Battery life charging‍

In terms of battery life, SoundPEATS A6 shows the superiority of head-mounted headphones, with a large built-in 500mAh battery that can be used for up to 38 hours. The ANC function can be used for 28 hours without frequent charging.

In order to match a more comfortable and convenient pleasure, SoundPEATS A6 supports fast charging mode, charging for 5 minutes and listening to music for 4 hours.


This is the first head-mounted noise-canceling bluetooth headset I have used, so it is an all-round experience. In terms of function and price, it surpasses the headset of the same level. The price of SoundPEATS A6 is only about $50, but it has features that only a thousand yuan headphones have, and the price is really high. For those young people who want a high-quality experience, it may be your first choice.

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  1. I do actually have this A6 headphone, from my uncle though. I don’t know if the ANC mode is beaten up or not, but the ANC noise canceling mode doesn’t cancel out that much noise, I would say 25% of the noise outside rather than 90%.

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