Anker Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earbuds teardown


Soundcore is an audio brand owned by ANKER. Its products cover TWS headsets, head-mounted headphones, noise cancelling earphones and portable bluetooth speakers. In the TWS headphone market, Soundcore’s products are relatively rich, including Liberty series, Liberty Air series and Life series.

This time we will teardown the Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earbuds. The appearance and texture are rich and superior, and it has a high degree of recognition. Functionally, it is equipped with a 11mm composite diaphragm speaker, supports hybrid ANC/transparency mode, and has three modes: commuting, indoor and outdoor. The earphone is equipped with 6 microphones to cooperate with the noise cancelling algorithm to achieve clear calls. It supports fast charging, with a single battery life of 11 hours and a comprehensive battery life of 55 hours.

The Soundcore products teardowned by 52audio include: Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, Anker SoundcoreLife P3, Anker Soundcore R100, Soundcore Life Dot 2, Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, Soundcore Liberty Air 2, Anker Soundcore LIBERTY AIR and Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro sports waterproof bluetooth headphones. Let’s take a look at the internal structure of this product.

|1. Anker Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ unboxing

The Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ packaging box continues the design of the Life series, with a light blue background, and the front shows the appearance rendering of the earbuds, the product name and a number of functional characteristics.

The back of the box shows many features of the product, including multi-mode hybrid active noise cancelling, 11mm driver, 6-Mics AI call noise cancelling, 11 hours playtime (55 hours with charging case), IPX5 waterproof, Charge 10 minutes, listen to music for 4 hours, Soundcore APP for customized EQ, etc.

The other side shows the hybrid active noise cancelling function.

In the box are earbuds, charging cable, eartips, earwings and instructions.

The charging cable uses a USB-A to Type-C interface.

4 pairs of silicone eartips and 2 pairs of silicone earwings are included, and a pair is also pre-installed on the earphones, which can meet the wearing and use needs of different groups of people.

The Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ charging case has an oval design similar to the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, but with a flip instead of a slide. The rounded body is treated with a matte process and is very comfortable to hold. The top of the fuselage is designed with the “Soundcore” brand LOGO.

The outer edge of the cockpit structure at the opening of the charging case adopts a groove design, extending from deep to shallow, which not only facilitates the opening of the cover, but also enhances the layering of the product.

There are three indicator lights in the groove on the outer edge of the cockpit, which are used to intuitively feedback the power information of the charging case.

There is a reset button at the bottom of the charging case, which is used to quickly reset the bluetooth paired device.

The Type-C charging interface is located on the back of the charging case and is protected by a dust plug.

Type-C charging interface, blue tongue.

Open the charging case cover, and the internal cockpit is also the “big factory” design of the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro, which is very convenient to pick and place. Fixed by magnetic attraction and positioning slot, it is also very stable.

Part of the parameter information printed on the inside of the box cover. charging case model: A3935, capacity: 750mAh/2.775Wh, input: 5V-0.75A, output: 5V-0.5A; headphone left ear model: A3935LT, FCC ID: 2AOKB A3935LT, right ear model: A3935RT, FCC ID: 2AOKB A3935RT, and Anker Innovations Limited information and some certification marks.

Take out the earbuds from the charging case, the internal structure of the cockpit.

A metal thimble for charging the earphone and a magnet for attaching the earphone in the cockpit.

The L/R left and right logos are engraved on the cockpit, which is convenient for users to place the headphones more accurately.

Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+

The overall appearance of Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earphones.

The Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ headphones feature a bean-shaped in-ear design. The overall appearance design is relatively unique, and the fuselage adopts a variety of different processes, which has a strong texture and recognition.

External appearance of the earbuds.

The touch area of ​​the headphone adopts a silver metal cover, and the surrounding area of ​​the cover and the Soundcore brand logo are treated with a glossy surface, which effectively improves the product texture. There is also a noise cancelling microphone opening on the cover plate to pick up external ambient noise.

The bottom of the earphone is a tail plug treated with a bright surface process, which is provided with an oval-shaped call microphone opening, and the interior is protected by a dust-proof net to prevent foreign objects from entering the cavity.

The appearance of the inside of the earphone. The front cavity is treated with the same glossy process as the tail plug, which is smooth and round to improve wearing comfort.

Three golden dots, on both sides are the metal contacts for charging the earphones, and in the middle are the magnets used to adsorb the cockpit. Designed with grooves to improve the stability of the fixing.

There is a hole for the indicator light on the side of the earphone, which is used to feedback the bluetooth pairing status of the earphone.

The silicone earwings are engraved with the L/R logo, as well as the sizes of S, M, and L.

Remove the earwings from the earbuds, the positioning posts used to secure the earwings.

The sound outlet of the earphone is provided with a golden screw cover, and there is a finer dust filter inside, and an inward noise cancelling microphone is fixed in the cavity to pick up the noise inside the ear canal.

The earphone tuning hole is used to ensure the air circulation in the sound cavity and improve the acoustic performance.

After actual measurement, the overall weight of Anker Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling headphones is about 68.0g.

A single earphone weighs about 6.4g.

Use a portable power tester to test the wired charging of the Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earbuds, and the charging power is about 1.98W.

|2. Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ charging case teardown

Through unpacking, we can understand Soundcore’s unique understanding of product design. Enter the teardown section below to see the internal workmanship and configuration information of this product.

The bottom cover of the charging case is fixed with a snap, and the cavity can be pryed open by releasing the snap.

The inner structure of the bottom cover of the charging case, the middle function button is provided with a buffer structure, and the surrounding shell is reinforced by muscles and bones to reduce the risk of damage.

The bottom structure of the cockpit, the main board is fixed on the bracket and the cockpit by screws, and the battery unit is fixed by screws under the bracket.

There are battery wires and an FPC cable connected to the motherboard.

Pick up the cable connector, remove the screws and remove the motherboard, the bottom structure of the cockpit.

Remove the screws and brackets, and remove the battery and motherboard.

The bottom structure of the cockpit has a magnet to absorb the earphones in the middle, and a light guide structure with three indicator lights in the middle position below.

The indicator light guide structure, the outer black rubber package prevents light leakage, and the inner part is a transparent light guide column.

The main components inside the charging case.

FPC cable circuit, with Hall element at the end, used for automatic connection function when the cover is opened.

The hall element of the silk-screen AT 0m is used to sense the magnetic field changes when the charging case cover is opened and closed, and then notify the charging case MCU and earphones to pair or disconnect from the connected device.

Inside the charging case, a cylindrical high-capacity lithium-ion soft pack battery is used, model: VDL13450, capacity: 750mAh/2.775Wh, voltage 3.7V.

The tabs on one end of the battery are spot welded.

The positive and negative tabs at the other end are welded on the circuit protection board.

The small board is provided with a battery and circuit protection IC.

The circuit on one side of the charging case motherboard.

The circuit on the other side of the charging case motherboard.

Type-C socket for charging the built-in battery of the charging case.

Pogo Pin connector for charging earphones.

ZIF connector for connecting Hall element FPC cable.

Silkscreen EC04 V021 microcontroller for charging case control.

The LPSemi LP5305 overvoltage and overcurrent protection IC also supports front-end protection of lithium battery chargers, disconnecting the charger input when the battery is overvoltage, providing complete and comprehensive protection functions.

According to 52audio, a large number of audio products of Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, Transsion, MEIZU, Lenovo, Edifier, 1MORE, QCY, Baidu, JBL, Marshall and other brands have adopted the LPSemi power management solution.

LPSemi LP5305 details.

TPS SY8801 TWS headphone charging case SOC, specially designed for TWS headphone charging case, based on the design of ensuring safety and high reliability (supports 28V input withstand voltage, built-in full-function charging and discharging overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit) protection and other functions), and also integrates the I2C communication function and the internal communication isolation function. Through the I2C interface, the MCU of the system can read and configure the internal functions of the power supply and the parameters of battery charge and discharge management, and easily realize such as NTC protection, segmental adjustment of battery current, TWS earphones in and out of the warehouse, and the power output is automatically turned on. and other functions.

The integrated internal communication isolation module of TPS SY8801 greatly optimizes the functional design of the smart TWS charging compartment. No complicated peripheral circuits are required, and the MCU can be realized by connecting and controlling the SY8801. It can not only realize the function of charging the earphones, but also transmit data through the POGO PIN of the power supply connected to the earphone, including uploading the power of the charging bin, clearing the pairing of the earphone in the charging bin, restoring the factory settings, and upgrading the headphone software.

According to 52audio, the TPS power management chip has been adopted by Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, Transsion, 1MORE, Baidu, Edifier, JBL, HARMAN, Lenovo and other brands.

A sponge pad is arranged on the periphery of the function button, which separates the main board from the shell and plays a buffering role.

|3. Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ earbuds teardown

Go to the earbuds teardown section. Pry open the back cover of the earbuds, the microphone is fixed on the inside of the cover, and is connected to the motherboard through a cable.

The inner structure of the cover is provided with a small plastic frame, and the microphone is fixed inside the cover using silicone.

Remove the microphone and plastic from the cover.

The inner structure of the cover plate.

The LDS laser bluetooth antenna and touch detection contacts are printed on the plastic frame.

Laser carving M4 19194’s MEMS feed-forward noise cancelling microphone is used for noise cancelling function to pick up external ambient noise.

The microphone pickup hole is provided with a rubber acoustic structure to improve the sound collection performance.

Metal shrapnel on the motherboard for connecting the bluetooth antenna.

A pogo pin connector for connecting touch detection contacts.

Touch detection IC for silkscreen LWT4.

Take out the motherboard, there is a shielding sticker on the back. A shielding sticker is also attached to the battery inside the cavity.

The internal component cables in the front cavity are connected to the motherboard through BTB connectors.

Pick apart the connector and remove the motherboard.

Peel off the shielding sticker, the circuit inside the motherboard.

BTB connector receptacle for connecting components inside the front chamber.

Integrated lithium battery protection IC with silkscreen 0x At.

Two LED indicators of different colors are used to feedback the status of the earphone.

The main control of the earphone adopts the WUQI WQ7033A chip. The WQ7033 series supports Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode and supports the new generation of bluetooth audio technology standard LE Audio. Integrated high-performance dual RISC-V CPU, HiFi 5 DSP and NPU, the ultra-low power consumption design provides the earphone with 11 hours of long-lasting battery life.

In other functions, WQ7033A supports FF+FB mixed ANC function and transparency mode. Support multi-Mic hybrid noise cancelling, AI NN network intelligent call noise cancelling, can achieve high-definition call experience in complex environments. Support VAD voice wake-up. It also has rich interfaces, integrated charging management system, etc.

WUQI WQ7033A system and software architecture diagram.

The 16.000MHZ crystal oscillator provides the clock for the bluetooth chip.

The periphery of the main control chip is equipped with three Scientic SDHL1608F4R7MT full magnetic shielding precision winding inductors. Inductance value: 4.7μH±20%, DC resistance: 700mΩ±10%, saturation current: 450mA, temperature rise current: 400mA, used to power the internal circuit of the bluetooth chip.

SDHL1608F4R7MT is one of SDHL1608 series. Adopt 0603 (Inch size) SMD package, with 1μH to 22μH standard gear sensitivity optional, small volume and high current, suitable for TWS bluetooth headphones, IOT IoT devices, smart watches, bracelets, communication modules, facial recognition modules group applications.

SDHL series precision wire wound inductors adopt a fully magnetic shielding structure to reduce radiation and interference to the surrounding area, and can optimize the noise floor and pop sound of TWS earphones. The copper wire is wrapped. In special cases, when the inductive whistle occurs, the wrapping layer can suppress the vibration of the copper wire, thereby optimizing the inductive whistling phenomenon.

The shielding layer of SDHL series precision wire-wound inductors is made of materials with enhanced magnetic permeability, which enhances the performance of the inductors, and at the same time tightens the magnetic lines of force, so that the bottom of the inductors can be routed. There is no exposed copper wire at the bottom, which can avoid high-temperature solder paste sputtering in the process of patch production, thereby improving the quality control of batch products.

According to 52audio, Scientic responded to three models and dozens of high-quality inductor products launched in the TWS earphone market. At present, TWS headset products such as OnePlus Buds Z2, QCY T17, and LOOP-T6 smart headphones have adopted Scientific full magnetic shielding precision winding inductors.

Scientic SDHL1608 series fully magnetic shielded precision wirewound inductor details.

Remove the tail plug at the bottom of the earphone.

The tail plug intercom microphone is coated with a large amount of red glue to improve the radio performance.

The internal structure of the front cavity of the earphone, the battery is also pasted with a black shielding sticker, and the side of the cavity is provided with a small power input board.

Peel off the shield sticker and you can see the soft-pack button battery used inside the earphone. The square transparent part under the battery is the indicator light guide structure.

Remove the sound tube in the front cavity of the earphone, and a ZIF connector is provided on the back of the speaker unit to connect to the cable.

Pick up the connector and take out the cable, battery and power input board in the cavity.

The FPC cable circuit in the earphone, one end is connected to the speaker, the other end is connected to the motherboard, and the battery is welded on the cable.

The circuit inside the FPC cable.

The metal copper posts and magnets on the headphone power input small board.

The internal structure of the cavity is provided with magnets on the side for adsorbing the charging case cockpit.

The soft-pack button battery inside the earphone is model 1254, with a voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 0.204Wh.

A QR code is silk-screened on the back of the battery for product traceability.

Remove the speaker, the front of the unit. Use a composite fiber diaphragm to provide more powerful audio effects.

On the back of the speaker unit, there is a cable on the side to connect to the inward microphone.

The inward-facing microphone structure under the speaker is fixed inside the cavity.

Take out the inward noise cancelling microphone.

The internal structure of the cavity is protected by a fine dust-proof net inside the tuning hole.

The MEMS back-feed noise cancelling microphone of the Laser Engraving M7 18H30 is sealed and fixed with a large amount of glue, which is used for the noise cancelling function to pick up the noise inside the ear canal.

Open the cable, the T-iron on the back of the speaker, and the information “211061” is printed on the silk screen.

After actual measurement, the speaker size is about 11mm.

All components of Anker Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earbuds.

|4. Summary

Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ true wireless noise cancelling earbuds have an oval-shaped charging case in appearance, matte material, round body and comfortable grip. The earphone is a bean-shaped in-ear design, and the body adopts a variety of different processes, which has a strong texture and recognition. The headphone is equipped with multiple pairs of silicone eartips and earwings of different sizes to provide a comfortable and stable wearing effect.

The internal structure of the Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ is complex and orderly, and the materials are abundant. The charging case has a built-in 750mAh large-capacity battery, adopts TPS SY8801 TWS earphone charging box SOC, supports 28V input voltage, built-in full-featured charging and discharging overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short circuit protection and other functions, and also integrates I2C communication function and internal communication isolation function. LPS LP5305 overvoltage and overcurrent protection IC for charger front-end protection. A single-chip microcomputer is used to control other functions of the charging case.

The internal structure of the earphone is clear, and all components are connected through an FPC cable. The earphone is equipped with a 11mm dynamic driver and a 0.204Wh soft pack button battery. A single earphone has 3 built-in MEMS microphones for voice calls and noise cancelling function pickup. The main control chip is WUQI WQ7033A ultra-low power bluetooth audio SoC, supports Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode, built-in HiFi 5 DSP and NPU, supports FF+FB hybrid ANC and multi-Mic AI call noise cancelling. The periphery is equipped with three Scientic SDHL1608F4R7MT all-ceramic shielded precision wire wound inductors, which are used for different voltage step-down power supply inside the bluetooth chip. The 11-hour long battery life and AI ENC noise cancelling also make the Soundcore LIFE A2 NC+ highly anticipated in the market.

Source: 52audio

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